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Let’s move on to lucky number 13. Now, what I’m about to tell you isn’t going to be sexy. When I first say it, it’s going to sound like something that you wouldn’t give a second thought to, but if you just take a few seconds to ponder this and let it sink into your head, you’ll see why it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to your social stores review with subject lines. Tip #13 is to “write it early”. And what I mean by that is to write your subject line BEFORE you write the message itself. Pay attention here, because this is absolutely critical. Write your subject line BEFORE you write the email message itself.
What tends to happen is this: Folks spend 90% of their time carefully crafting their email message and they’ve got it all just perfect and then moments before they blast it out to their list, they spend 30 seconds writing a subject line. What a monumental mistake! Your subject line is your HEADLINE. You wouldn’t spend days crafting a salesletter and then throw in just any ol’ headline at the top would you? Of course not. Your subject line is your headline. Write it first. Spend as much – if not more – time on it than on your email message itself. It’s that important.
In fact listen closely – in fact, if your subject line isn’t a winner then your subscribers
won’t even read that carefully crafted email message of yours! Do you see what I’m saying here? Are you hearing me? You are absolutely wasting money if you spit and polish your email message until it shines and then throw out some penny ante subject line. It’s like serving a filet mignon on a garbage can lid. Nobody’s gonna take a bite. If you don’t write it first, at least, at least spend an ample amount of time on it. However long you spend on the copy of the email message itself, spend at least that long on the subject line.
Pop quiz: Out of ALL of the emails your subscriber will EVER receive from you, which one are they most likely to read? Come on, think about it for just a minute. Out of all of the emails your subscriber will EVER receive from you, which one are they most likely to read? You guessed it – your VERY FIRST message. That brings us to tip #14, which is toMake the most of your ‘welcome’ message”. If there is ONE email that you can almost guarantee subscribers will read, it is that initial message they receive upon joining your list. You know the one, “Hey Henry, thanks for joining My list – here is the information you requested, here is lesson one, blah, blah, blah”.
Your subscribers are their hottest towards you right then. They are excited about you.
They’ve made the conscious decision to join your list and they are anticipating that first
email from you. Don’t waste that moment! While you certainly don’t want to scare off your 
social stores review  by immediately bombarding them with a bunch of “in your face” offers, it IS a perfect time to coax them towards your most desired result.
Offer them a discount.
Invite them to join your affiliate program.
Give them an article to distribute.
Ask them to answer a survey.
Gather additional information about them.
Offer them an affiliate incentive.
Give them an additional freebie.
Invite them into your mastermind group.
Give them a 24 hour only offer. There are lots of things you can do right there in that “welcome” message. Fire away. They are warm towards you. They are most likely to do something that is beneficial to you (and them) right there at that moment. Don’t let them cool off. Take action. Get them to take action.

Up next, tip #15, is to “ask a curiosity-building question”. That is, use your subject line to ask a question that can only be answered by reading your email. The question should pique your subscribers’ curiosity while at the same time pointing them to the body of your email for more details. Some examples include...
Have you been blacklisted? Check here...
Are you using this traffic tool?
Is your computer safe? Check this...
How physically fit are you? Take the test...
Did you forget to renew your insurance?
Vacation Checklist: Done all 22 things? Questions have long been a mainstay in headlines, and they serve as great subject lines IF you strategically use them to l-e-a-d your subscriber to r-e-a-d your emails. There are four simple keys...
Key 01: Answered only upon investigation. Your subscriber must be required to open your email and actually read your message in order to answer the question asked.
Key 02: Targeted for subscriber interest. Go after those things that MOST interest your subscribers. Again, survey them to determine what they most want and then structure your question to push that hot button. If I have a marketing list, I could use “Are you
using this traffic tool”, “are you using this email tool”, “are you using this affiliate tool” or “are you using this keyword tool” among many others. Knowing which of those my subscribers most want makes it much more effective in using the question.
Key 03: Hinted at a solution inside. If you ask a question, you should always hint at a solution that you’ll be revealing in the text of your email message. Include short endings like:
Check this...
Take the test ...

Checklist inside...
Find Out...
Key 04: Related to the content of your message. Whatever you do, make certain that what you include in your email message MATCHES up with the subject line. If you ask a 
social stores review , offer a way for them to determine an answer. Use tests, checklists, research, lists, and so forth to allow subscribers the opportunity to answer your question ...and, of course, provide them with some offer that ties in so you can make a profit. Again, a great way to get folks to OPEN YOUR EMAILS and investigate further.

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