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Backlinks through Your Own Blog Backlinking comes part and parcel with a strategy that I teach. When you build your own authority video blog and you embed your YouTube video on your video blog, you can create a high-quality backlink to your own video on YouTube.
For example, my own blog right now,, is a page rank five social sales system review. Every time I have a new YouTube video, I embed that video on my site. Then, it automatically creates a page rank five back-link back to my YouTube video, which immediately gives YouTube and Google the signal that this video is important.
Optimizing Video Blog Posts Often I have the exact same keyword phrase on my title for my video blog post as the title on YouTube. It seems to help make both your video on your video blog and your video on YouTube (the same video) rank better in Google. So I have cases where I’ll have two video thumbnail results on the first page of Google. Another thing that I do for each video is I have a very small, very brief two or three paragraph little introduction that’s unique content about the video. After the video, I always list the full transcript of the video as well.
Captions The obvious reason to have captions is for people who have a hearing disability, so they can follow along by reading what I’m saying. Also, people who might be at the office and want to turn down the sound can still follow along. Some people just like reading the text in any case while listening to and watching the video as well. It just reinforces the content. So, all those things are pretty cool. But there’s another reason that I use it for on top of all of those reasons, and that’s for search engine optimization.
Automatic Captions YouTube creates captions in any case. They have a voice recognition algorithm that tries to figure out what you’re saying. Now, if you’re American, that’s fine. But if you’re a South-African-Kiwi-Australian like me with a weird accent, the automatic captioning doesn’t really work. It comes up with some really strange suggestions.
Upload Your Own Captions It’s really simple: YouTube gives you that option just to upload a text file of your transcript. They then figure out where the 
social sales system review needs to go and when. It’s pretty clever. But what’s really awesome about uploading your own text file is that the text file that you upload gets indexed by YouTube and Google. So, all of that text becomes searchable by YouTube and Google. So there are some pretty cool SEO benefits,
especially for the long term. My gut feeling is that manually created caption files will become more and more important as time goes by, so you might as well do it. Apparently, the automated captions don’t get indexed.
THE VIDEO ADVANTAGE I’ve been involved in a number of promotions now where I’ve competed with other promoters who had email lists far greater than I had. I’ve out-performed them with my much smaller audience. I think the reason for that is because I have a high level of engagement with my audience.
Engagement The main advantage for me with video is the connection it helps me make with my audience. I just went out to Los Angeles about a month ago and spoke at a BlogWorld Expo event. There were about like 4,000 people there. Just amazing. A ton of people came up to me and said, “Gideon, you know, I’ve been watching your videos for two years and I just really feel like I know you. You’re like my friend.” I hadn’t met these people. I’d never seen these people, never talked to them, but they felt like they knew me because they had watched my videos. That results in a very high level of engagement from my audience.
Preference People seem to be more keen to watch videos than read text. For something like 70% of people, their first learning mode is visual. That means that 70% of people, potentially, would be more interested in watching a video than reading the text on your blog. So, you’ve got access to a really wide audience. Especially if you have engaging content, people would much rather watch a movie than read a book.
Persuasion When you’re reading a text-based site, for all you know the owner could have paid a copy writer $10,000 bucks to write a bunch of text and then put their name on it. But if you’re on video presenting an idea yourself, people can see and hear the words coming from your mouth. So the trust level is much higher because intuitively, subconsciously, people know that the words are coming from your own mouth. It creates a stronger authority and credibility.
Conversion When you get that engagement with your audience through video, it automatically increases your conversion rates.
Gideon’s System for Selling I have two levels of free, before I introduce people to any of my products or more sales messages. The first level of free is my videos on 
social sales system review. This is where people can watch my videos and they don’t have to opt-in for the content. They can decide to subscribe if they want to, but they don’t have to. The second level of my free stuff is where they have to come to my website. They have to give me their email address to be able to get access to more advanced stuff, like my 92-page report. Now, by the time they get into my business funnel by giving me their contact details, they’ve already seen two or three of my videos. So they already feel like they know, like, and trust me. So, since they trust me because of the process that they’ve come through, their chance of taking action is much greater. Video just lends itself so well to help you increase those conversion rates.
INFLUENCE A wonderful book to read is Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. He talks about the six weapons of influence, which you can use for good purposes to help people to take a certain action.
I will give you a quick summary, but I really recommend that you read the book as well, as it’s just excellent. It’s the most important business book that I’ve ever read and I’ve read a ton of books.

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