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Personally, I have had great success in the creation of specific rules regarding the bid for each
soci marketer review . By tracking the actual cost per conversion, not only cost per click, I discovered that a viable
bidding strategy for is to be in the third position of the inorganic search result.
The reason for not being in the top 1 or 2 is that you then tend to get many clicks from people who
don’t read the ad so carefully (cold traffic!). At the same time, if you are on place 5-10, you get much
fewer clicks since people go to another site before reading your ad. And if you are not on the first page
at all, you typically don’t get any traffic at all.
You cannot force Google to place you in the position you want to be. You can only influence the
platform’s decision by how much you bid (max CPC,) and this changes all the time (since other
advertisers are bidding for the same keywords.) It would, hence, take constant updates of your bids if
you want to optimize and stay in position 3 (or any other performance metric) for each keyword. But
by using the following automated rules, the system will handle this automatically:

The logic behind these rules is:
1. The first rule increases the bid for each keyword that has dropped to a position below 5.
2. The second rule decreases the bid for each keyword that has a better position than 3.
How much to increase/decrease the bids calls for some experimentation. It is also wise to set a cap
(maximum bid) you are willing to pay (based on your break-even cost per conversion) and hence,
keywords that are too expensive at the moment will automatically not show.
Tip #11: Put on the Autopilot bidding per keyword to save lots of time
Whether you apply the Autopilot based on position or any other metric (e.g., average CPC) depends on
your business model, and it needs to be analyzed. Either way, placing your bid choices on autopilot is a

great way to daily optimize your campaigns that does not need your constant attention.
Remember what we discussed earlier (in tip # 7) of how to conclude your maximum CPC based on
what gross margin you get from each sale.
By applying your maximum CPC in autopilot mode, you don’t need to worry so much about exceeding
your daily budget.
It is instead better to put a high daily budget, and let the maximum 
soci marketer review for each keyword set the cap.
This way you don’t risk losing any potential customers since your ads stop showing once your daily
budget is reached.
Tip #12: Release the budget once the business case is proven
Going beyond AdWords
Google has >80% market share among search engines9. Therefore, I have so far discussed only
opportunities that Google provides.
But once you have ongoing campaigns successfully running on Google, it is time to also consider other
search engines. The good news is that the second largest search engine Microsoft’s Bing and the third
largest search engine Yahoo have joined forces and enable you to advertise on both via one platform:
Bing Ads.
Even better news is that Bing/Yahoo have realized that they will never be number one and therefore
have applied a very pragmatic strategy to get at least some piece of the cake: automated
incorporation of your Google AdWords account into Bing Ads!
Tip #13: Automatically transfer your Google campaign to Bing/Yahoo
Google AdWords and Bing Ads are not corresponding 100%, but still you can sync both systems at least
90% automatically! This means that you can start up a Bing Ads account and have all your Google ads
showing on Bing/Yahoo directly (requires approximately one hour of work.) This will enable you to
reach approximately 10% more audience which will vary according to market shares per country and
will enable lower bids for the same positions (because of less competition) hence, lower cost per
conversion compared to Google.
Even though Google today has over 80% market share, this has not always been the case, and it has
varied a lot among different markets. For example, Yahoo has traditionally had a much bigger market
share in USA than in Europe. Emerging markets, like Russia and China, have alternative search engines
challenging Google domestically10.
Tip #14: Stay up to date with search market shares and trends while you grow
This means that it makes sense to stay up-to-date with search engine trends and market shares while

you grow, i.e., with new markets. It can also be worth it to investigate the position of the local yellow
pages’ companies in your specific market. As a 
soci marketer review, the more “local” your business is, the
more interesting it can be to use search engine marketing from yellow pages companies.
In summary, Paid search traffic enables you to target a broad scope of keywords (in a structure that
works best for you) and to give direct effect, but it also has many pitfalls to avoid.
To be successful you shall:
First, focus on Google AdWords, since Google has > 80% market share
First, focus only on Search marketing and save Display marketing for later
Find your strategic keywords
Adapt your campaigns, ads and your website structure based on these keywords
Conclude your maximum Cost Per Click, based on your conversion rate and gross margin
Put on the autopilot, to save lots of time and automatically optimize your profit
Test and improve your ads, using A/B-tests, Ad extensions and Remarketing campaigns
Move your campaigns to Bing/Yahoo and local search engines, once AdWords is optimized
In the next chapter, we will discuss how to rank high organically on Google without paying! This
practice is obviously more attractive than paying per click, but it requires much more time and fragile
The reason this book handles Paid search traffic before Organic search traffic is that the paid one is the
fastest one to start testing the business idea. If you can prove the business case when paying for
traffic, you have a great potential of future profits and achievement of a top10 organic ranking. But if
you cannot prove the business case with paid search traffic, you have most likely entered a niche that
is too competitive. In such a case, it will not make sense to spend time and effort to achieve organic


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