Smart Video Review – Serious money in a few minutes

Smart Video Review – Serious money in a few minutes

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Notice that I included ?tid=BING, that way when there is a smart video review I’ll know it came fromBing.In the premium video version of this course where I take a campaign from scratch to live, Ishow you how to use lots of keywords and how to setup the tracking with Prosper202 so that itworks with the jump page and tracks your conversions inside Prosper. Applicable only if youwant to scale up and go with lots of keywords.Here’s the link to the premium video walkthrough version in case you missed it. Click HereThat’s all you have to do. Upload this to your server and link to it from your landing page’s callto action button. The jump page will do the rest.

KeywordsThe absolute most profitable keywords of all are the actual product name and website URLitself for practically any product sold online.People learn about products from all sorts of places and in the case of Clickbank products, it’susually from seeing a banner ad or receiving an email or reading a blog post somewhere.When they are ready to buy there is only one place to go and that’s the products website.Obviously not all people who type in the name of a product are doing so in order to buy it butenough are.I discovered this a long time ago and it still holds true. The actual product name of any product,it’s model number or the website URL are absolutely the most profitable, highest convertingkeywords for any product.It’s so much the case that if you go to somewhere like Commission Junction most merchantsdon’t allow you to bid on those keywords.With Clickbank though, I’ve never seen a vendor that cared one way or the other. A sale is asale and that’s all they really care about, at least from what I’ve experienced.So putting together a campaign for Fat Diminisher the keyword list would look like this:Fat DiminisherFatdiminisherfatdiminisher.comWes Virgin (the creator of the product)

That will be our basic keyword list.Now to expand it, we need to add some buyer keyword modifiersBuycheapCoupondiscountdealgood pricelowest priceoffersaletechniquewhere to buycoupon codepromopromo codespecialTo make your list of keywords, use this free tool called your base keywords in the first column. Your modifiers in the second and then click submit.In the next section on Bing ad setup I’ll show you which selections to use.

Bing Ads Campaign Setup Walkthrough1. Create campaign > search and content campaign

2. Campaign settings ( for countries I’ve selected all English speaking countries US, UK,Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Canada,Australia. (Some of these aren’t native English speakers but most residents do speak itas a second language)

3. Create an Ad Lookup the product in Bing and find the top 2 ads. Model yours aftertheirs. Notice that the use numbers and symbols throughout. These are proven toincrease clicks on your smart video review. Also since your landing page is all about a BIG discount, youwant your ad to match up with your landing page.

4. Enter your keywords The keywords are going to be a combination of the product namevariations, URL of the product and buyer keyword modifiers. I only use phrase and exactmatch. Go to and enter the product name keywords inthe first column and the modifiers in the second and check quotes, brackets and reversewords then click combine.

5. Copy/paste all the keywords generated into the left column and click add, then save.6. Leave the default search and network bids the same. In advanced settings click addistribution. Uncheck content network and change all search networks to Bing, AOL andYahoo only and click save at the bottom.

7. Go back to campaigns and click the one you just made then click on the ad group, thiswill bring up the keywords we just entered. Select all by selecting the top check box.Click on edit > change current bids and set it to $1.00. This is a good starting point asproduct name keywords tend to be higher priced. The daily spend is limited to $25 soyou won’t get wiped out if something goes wrong. Probably the opposite will happenand you may have to raise your bids on some of them. Click save8. Wait at least 3 days for your ads to start showing up and getting impressions.9. After a week or so you should start seeing quality score information for your keywords.Delete any that are below 5.

That’s all there really is to it. Make your landing pages for each of the top products inClickbank, run ads on Bing to them using the product name and URL as your keywordsand then send them to the Clickbank checkout page.It really does work that easy and the proof other than me saying so is that others haveand are doing this exact same thing.Of course the obvious question is “what about all that competition?”Yes there is that…on the top, top products but as you go down the list, you’ll find thereis little to no competition at all.In fact you can sign up for Clickbank alerts for new products, relisted products etc… The alerts look like this and you can click on each.

This way it’s easy to stay ahead of any competition and grab the low hanging fruitbefore anyone else does.If you don’t want to mess around with getting your own landing page template made,I’m selling the exact one I use along with the exact “jump script page” that I use.They are html but are very easy to edit with an html editor, I use Dreamweaver, and youcan bang them out once you get the hang of it in about 10 to 15 minutes tops.I personally made about 300 of them banging them out all day long for a couple weeks.Kind of sucks while you’re doing that mindless work but once they are done, they’redone and you can just throw up the smart video review.

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