SiteSync Review – Backup your site in a few clicks

SiteSync Review – Backup your site in a few clicks

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Step 1: Get Shopify Click get started. You can start with the $29 a month version, (first month is free thru that link) Get Shopify Here We are going to be using Shopify, if you aren't on there already it is a MUST have. This is the best platform on the market. It has the best apps, customer service and is the most user friendly E-commerce platform.

You can be up and running in minutes using this. You can set up everything thru sitesync review including payment gateways. Step 2: Once you are signed up with Shopify, Login, then at the very bottom on the left hand side you are going to click on APPS. Step 3: Next, click on “Visit Shopify App Store.” Step 5: We are going to be using an App that is made just for Shopify called Printify.

These guys are amazing, what you are going to be able to do is create hundreds or thousands of products, all loaded into your store within minutes. All with pricing, color variations, everything. Once an order comes in, it will notify Printify automatically, they will get the order, create your product and ship it for you, you do NOTHING.

It's an awesome App and dropshipper that I have been using for a long time with zero complaints from my customers. Once in the App store, do a search for “Printify”, once the results come up click on the Printify App. (notice the 5 star reviews also) Step 5: You will then land on the Printify App page, click “GET.”

Step 6: Next go back to your home page, then at the bottom again click on “APPS”, then you will see your Printify App available, click on that. Step 7: What we want to do next is get ideas for the images for the hundreds of thousands of products Printify will create for you. You just need one design to start out with, from that one design Printify will create hundreds of products from this one design for you.

A great place to get ideas is Pinterest. Choose a market that has a huge passion behind it. This can be anything from hunting, cats, dogs, hamsters, gardening, volleyball, basketball, checkers etc. There are thousands of areas to choose from, easy to pick one, how about start with one you love? Myself, my favorite dog is a Siberian Husky.

So what you can do is go to Pinterest, then type in your keyword of what you are looking for a design idea for here. You will then get a list of popular pictures. Once you get one you like go to the next step. Step 8: We want someone to take our idea from the picture and turn it into a unique design. NEVER just take an image off of Pinterest or anywhere else unless you have 100% rights to use it.

That is why we are going to get a design created for us for around $5-10 and it will be unique and ours to own and sell. Our design is going to be used on T-shirts, Hoodies, Coffee Mugs, Phone cases and more. Give the pic to the designer in Fiverr and tell him you want something similar to your sitesync review, but NOT an exact copy, it must be unique.

You will notice in the search bar I just typed, “T-shirt Design” and you will find TONS of designers. Make SURE you only pick someone who has many good reviews on them. You see the first one, this guy had over 1,000 reviews and only costs $5 for the design. Find one you like and you can get your design within the same day with some of them.

Step 9: Once you get the design back, on the home page of Shopify, click on Apps again, then Click on Printify. Here you are going to select the products you want to sell in your store that they will create for you. They create tons of pages in your store so you don't have to go do them one by one.

You can select just T-Shirts, or all of their products on the left if you want to. Once you click on each one, like Tshirts, you can then go in and select the style for each one you want to sell. Do this for all of them that you are selling, mugs, phone cases etc.

Once done you can save this option so you won't have to go in each time to do it then next design that you do. Step 10: After you have selected all your products, you will see them populate at the bottom. Then click, “Add Selected.” Step 11: 1.Next you're going to upload the design that you got from Fiverr. 2. You will see the products you selected on the left populated with your design. 3.

Click edit details next. ++You can change the size of your design by clicking on “Design” if it's not fitting the way you want it to++ Step 12: Next you are going to Add a Title, Description and Tags to them. Step 13: Scroll down some and you will see the pricing options. 1. Cost is how much the product is going to cost you. 2.

Retail Price will be how much you will sell it for. 3. Profit is how much you will make on each product. 4. Profit margin is the percentage of profit you make per product. They have all of these preset already, you don't have to touch them if you don't want to. Most of them are set at a good margin already, you can always up it 5% or so if you feel it warrants it. 5. Click Save Step 14: Next click on “Sell on Shopify.”

Step 15: Time to create a collection, what this is going to do is create a collection page on your store. This will be a page that has all the products on one page. It will also create individual pages for each product also. Add the Collection title and description. Click “Create Collection.” Step 16: Once it's done go to the home page in Shopify then click on “Products.” Step 17: Next click on “Collections.”

You will then see your collection in their, click on that. Step 19: This will take you to the Collection page. You can send traffic direct to this page, once they land here they will see all the different products you have to offer for your design. From here they can then click on the product, then see all of the variations and colors for that one.

You can also drive traffic straight to the actual product page, both have worked very well for me. Step 20: If you click on one of the products, you can see that everything is already populated for us by Printify, from the pricing, Color options and sizes. There will also be all of the colors you selected to sell below in thumbnails also.

Step 21: Fini shed! You know how the EXACT sitesync review I have set up in my store that handles my dropshipping on auto. You'll be notified when an order comes in, but there is NO fulfilling you have to do, you do not have to touch anything. Have your Paypal or credit on file in your profile, Printify will take out their charge for the actual product and you keep the rest automatically.

They will then build, create and ship the product directly to your customer for you. You do not have to copy and paste their info, click anything or do anything. Just send traffic to your store and Printify does everything else for you. So in review, go to Pinterest for ideas, go to Fiverr to get the design made, upload your image to Printify, set the pricing and descriptions, when order comes in, everything is automated from that point on. Now all you need is traffic to your store.

Not only does this make your filling on auto, but let's say you got just one shirt designed which is good, but now when people buy the shirt, they might also buy the matching phone cover, laptop case and more with it. Buy have more options your average order will increase massively, for me once I started having more products in my store my average order increased by over 300%! This is an awesome method and I've made TONS of sales from using Printify as my creator and dropshipper.

Seeeee ya!

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