Shot Messenger Review – The Most Powerful Software for Automating Your Facebook Messenger

Shot Messenger Review – The Most Powerful Software for Automating Your Facebook Messenger

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You can see from the screenshot that there are several groups related to internet marketing and many of them have thousands of members. Some of these guoups are “open” and you can join them right away while some are “closed” and you’ll need to send ‘Add” request to their shot messenger review/moderators before you are added to the group and can make posts.
Once you have found the groups on your chosen niche join as many as you like(The more you jon and post,the more money you’ll make). I have found that these private groups send more targeted traffic than the public
ones. I have also noticed one thing that the groups having a few thousand members are the best ones to join.If you join groups with too many members,your posts will easily get buried under the heap of posts made by other members and if you join the groups with very few members,your posts will not get the required exposure.

There are two ways to get traffic via Facebook groups:
i)Join Already Established Groups:
As Facebook has already evolved to an enormous degree,you’ll hardly find any topic under the Sun which doesn’t has at least a few already frequented groups. Just search for keywords related to your niche and join a few groups containing at least a few thousand members. The working of these groups too is very similar to online forums and regular participation and positive interaction with other members will yield you great
dividends. In the beginning you should refrain from any promotion.First relationship building then subtle promotion.
ii)Form Your Own Group:
Joining others’ groups is a great idea but your own group provide you the ultimate Freedom and leverage.
Before you create your own group,it is essential that you have at least a few hundred interested friends.
You can gain the required no. by manually adding people (interested in your subject).When sending friend requests,you should avoid overkill.Just a couple hundred friend requests per day are sufficient. To start with,I would say 2,000-3,000 friends are ideal.You’ll notice that not all of them join your group,but a significant portion will be coming to participate in your group.

A research shows that an average Facebook user has 100 friends.Once your group is buzzing,your initial members will be inviting their friends to join your group and same will go on. If proper initial momentum is provided,you should have no problem in getting a big five to six figure group within a couple of weeks.There have been instances when groups have grown to several million members within a single week. Once you have your own established shot messenger review,everything should work pretty smoothtly. Here you should strictly refrain from spamming.Try to contribute as much as you can and establish your reputation as an expert in the field.Please note that members of these tightly focused communities closely follow the advices of each other.So you’ll be having excellent chances of other members following your recommendations if they perceive you as an authority.
Instead of direct promotion,I would advise you to first get these prospects on your mailing list by offering a valuable freebie . Once you get them in your list,you can promote them unlimited number of offers in the follow ups. Properly utilized these groups alone can provide you with all the leads and sales you need .According to my experience,spending 1 -2 hours per day on these groups will bring you enough traffic to start the ball rolling. Making as high as $500/day while driving all the traffic from Facebook Groups is not a very difficult goal and you can even outsource all the posting work. Just find a couple of workers on BestJobs or ODesk ,hire
them and train them according to the requirements of your niche. Let’s discuss about our next traffic source

ii)The Forum Marketing Goldmine
There are literally millions of online forums in any popular niche.These forums get extremely targeted traffic.Many of these forums have millions of Registered members and a lot of these members visit the forum on a daily basis. Forum marketing is one of the easiest ways to get targeted traffic.If you are just starting out or you are on a shoestring budget,forum marketing is probably the best way to start making a full time income on the internet.
More accomplished marketers use forum marketing (by using outsourcers) to expand their reach and increase their brand recognition,while at the same time adding hot leads in their mailing lists. Forum traffic is one of the highest converting types of online traffic…The social proof and open interactions allow the savvy marketers to generate massive ROI on their efforts…There are several CPA networks who have built $50 Million Plus a
year businesses by using internet marketing forums to recruit their affiliates, generate social proofs and cement their place as trustworthy middlemen. In signatures you should always use Hyperlinking instead of putting naked
links.Hyperlinks provide you an opportunity to insert your main keyword and let the ranking of your site soar in the search results.Also,such links allow you to presell your prospects a bit before they go to your link.
A hyperlink is basically a line of text containing the link to your site underneath.Many newbies don’t know how to create “Hyperlinks”,so I am giving a short tutorial below:
Just register in a forum of your choice,login and go to your “control panel”,there you’ll see an option named “Edit Signatures”,

click on that link and you’ll see a box where you have to insert the text.Include your main keyword at least once(if you are trying to sell a product then it should be your product name,after you have wriiten the text,highlight it Just try to contribute in a positive way and include a compelling signature with your posts.
With a few days of participation,you’ll build enough no. of posts to send you at least 100 visitors per day(Remember,forum marketing produces residual traffic).. Forum marketing is not something that takes hours of time.Just spend half an hour everyday.This participation will not only get you instant traffic,it’ll establish you as an expert in your niche and get you customers and JV partners(if you are in IM niche) effortlessly.
Besides generating traffic this way,you can re-direct traffic from these forums in another way too.
Most of these forums allow you to place your banners and text links for a definite amount of fees.
Once you determine that a particular forum is sending you a lot of productive leads,you can negotiate with forum administrators about the placement of your advertisement. In most cases,you should get your banner placed in a high traffic sections for $100- $300 .Depending on the conversions of your product, you’ll make several times
your initial investment back . Once you taste success with a particular forum,you can extend your advertising to
other related forums. Forum marketing can be an enormous way of generating traffic if you have a few
affiliates for buzz creation.Forums ,like other web2.0 outlets are excellent places to start your viral promotion.Once you provide it the initial thrust,other members will happily forward it without any extra expense on your part. Below is the list of some of the top internet marketing forum

iii)The Secret Article Cash Cow:
Article marketing is one of the oldest and most successful traffic getting methods.Widely used by all kind of marketers,it has consistently proved it’s effectiveness over the years. The reason behind the continued success of article marketing is that the internet is made for searching and delivering information in the fastest possible way.People visit internet in search of solutions to their problems,to expand their knowledge base,to enhance their skills,to fulfill their hobbies and to seek entertainment,and most of the information base on the internet,despite the rapid advancement of multimedia and video technology,is still in the text format.
No one can deny the power of words.Using powerful combinations of words,you can get anyone to do whatever you want…….it can be opting in to your list,clicking on an ad or making a purchase……..,and this is the reason why article traffic converts better than other sources.
No other traffic source except e-mail marketing and PPC in some cases,can generate the conversions as high as those from the article traffic. Article marketing have been employed by all-The newbies and established marketers,techno whizzes and complete techno phobes,multi-millionaires and flat brokes,product owners and affiliates,professionals and amateurs. It’s the simplicity and effectiveness of article marketing that has endeared it to the masses.You can fail with any other system but you can not fail with article marketing.Period.
It is just too simple- No technical knowledge needed,you don’t even need to be an expert in your field(you can just form your own ideas after looking at a few articles or blog posts in that niche) and you don’t need to purchase a single thing to

As One Of The Most Used and Evolved Traffic Generation Method On The Web,Article Marketing Requires In-Depth Study.Over The next few Pages,We’ll Be Learning:
*Why To Write Articles
*How To Write Cash Pulling Articles
*Where To Submit Your Articles
*How To Get Maximum Traffic Through Articles
*How To Re-cycle and Leverage Your Articles
Why To Write Articles?
Article directories receive millions of unique visitors every month…Despite the past Google slaps, still reaches to over one million US people monthly(Global figures are much higher).

This is the most targeted traffic as most of these people are actively looking for solution to some problem,the probably of them taking the action of your choice is extremely high. Writing Articles not only gets you traffic and sales,it also increases the search ranking of your sites as well as establish you as an expert in that niche. Article marketing allow you to pre-sell your prospects before they visit your landing page,something that is not possible with other traffic mediums.
The long term benefits of writing articles are immense…..
The article directories don’t delete published articles,so your article will be staying there for years and bringing you a constant supply of targeted traffic,without any extra effort on your part. Moreover,hundreds of website owners,blog owners,ezine owners and newsletter publishers with big reader bases come to the article directories in search of quality content and if your content is up to the mark,it may get published in tens of ezines,thus bringing you hundreds of targeted visitors for free.

How To Write Cash Pulling Articles
Writing is an art and it gives immense power to those who master it.In order to run a successful online business,you’ll need to learn “how to Write so people buy” .
Elements Of A Successful Article:
Though writing styles differ from author to author and article to article,all the successful,high impact articles share a few common features.These are:
1)Consistency Of Style:
There are 3 basic styles of 
shot messenger review: Conversational, personal and professional.In the conversational style,the article progresses in form of questions and their answers.In this format,the writer converse with his prospects.He assumes an imaginary prospect.The prospect asks him questions and he answers them.This is the most effective writing style and generates the best results. The personal style of writing involves the writer expressing his ideas and experiences like a person narrating his story to a friend.This style is not very
popular in the internet marketing circles. The professional style revolves around a third person.In this format,the
writer,instead of focusing on a particular individual,address them as a group.This style involves a lot of industry specific terminology and is usually focused on brand building than any immediate gain. All 3 styles are effective in different context but you should never switch over from one to another in the due course of an article.
2)It Should Be Grammatically Correct:
Though grammar is not that much important as long as you succeed in conveying your message,you should try to keep your sentences as correct as possible.Some of the article directories manually check each article before approving it,so you may find it difficult to get your articles approved if it contains excessive grammatical mistakes.

3)Consistence Voice:
The voice in which an article is writen is different from the style.There are basically 4 types of voices that can be used in an article- first person active,second person active,third person active and passive voice. In first person active,the author generally tries to revolve the article around his thoughts,opinions and suggestions,like- “I would say….”, “I think he was right In saying… ..” etc.This voice, though effective ,sometimes sounds bossy and the
prospects may not feel the required level of connection. The second person active,is the most effective of them all.In this case,the author tries to build his article around his prospect.Due to the personal nature of addressing,the prospect feels high level of connection and in majority of cases,he takes the action that the author desire from him.The sentences looks like “You would like to ….”, “You can do this by… ”
The third person active voice is geared towards the masses,in this format the author ,instead of directly conversing with his prospect,uses the third person addressing like “If a person feels like…..”, “An entrepreneur should never…..” The third person voice carries much less personal connection than the second one
and I would advise you to avoid using this voice. In the passive voice,the author,instead of using direct sentences,uses passive sentences like “It could have been done by… ..”, “The feat was achieved by……”.
By the shear nature,this voice is less conductive and more depressing than the first three.Though no author can completely avoid using it,you should try to replace it by active voice,wherever possible.
4)Remain Focused On Your Topic:
Articles generate the best results when these are concentrated on a single topic.Most of the newbie marketers make the mistake of changing their topic in 
between and lose their audience in the process.You can not afford to start an article on the topic of “joint venturing” and end it up with something on “site flipping”. To avoid this lapse,simply do your research before you write a single word and maintain the same subject throughout the article.
5)Keep Your Article To The Point”:
Internet users have very short attention spans.They will switch over to something else if your article smells like fluff.To avoid this,try to keep extraneous material as little as possible.Try to use as much facts as possible.You would surely have to
include a brief introduction in the beginning but after that come directly to the point you want to explain or message you want to convey.
6)Write For The Audience:
Clearly define your audience before you start writing.According to my experience,articles that are highly technical in nature doesn’t get many readers.So try to be more general.The topic you are going to write about should get at least a few thousand searches per month.In the keyword search section,I will show you how to chose “high demand” topics.
While writing,completely give yourself over to your readers,write for them not for yourself.No matter if you have made multi-millions,you’ll not be getting many clicks if your articles don’t make your audience curious and hold their attention throughout.
7)Write As An Authority:
Throughout your article,maintain an expert tone.You can do that even if you don’t know a single thing about the topic.Just type the name of that topic in Google search and collect the information from a few authority sites.Alternatively,just visit ,use their “search” function and read a few articles on that topic,there will be hardly any topic that you can not find on
8)Keep Your Articles Helpful But Incomplete:

Though I recommend you to include useful information in your articles,I would never recommend to provide everything in the article itself.If your prospects get everything they need in the article itself,they will never be visiting your landing page.I have a bitter experience of this thing. Once I wrote a 800 word,content packed article on the topic of “Acne Treatments”.The article itself contained all the information ,a person searching for
that topic would ever need.It was well SEOed and got to no.2 position in Google for 3 of it’s main keywords and received over 500 views in the first week itself.But it failed to generate click thrus.Only 17 of the 500 people visited my blog.I had written this article to promote an affiliate acne product,but it turned into a complete
failure. The moral of the story is that you should write brief, concise articles and conclude them after getting your visitors interested,so that they click on your link for more information. You don’t need to write 800 word articles to get the best results.Just 300-400 word articles are sufficient.
9)Use The Lingo Of Your Niche:
There are some words,specifically used in a particular niche or industry.Use of these words make you seem as an expert in that field.For example,you are writing about banner ads and media buying,then you’ll need to use industry specific terms like CPM,CPA,LCV,eCPM,CPC etc.You just can’t keep them away from the
discussion.Every niche has it’s own lingo and terminology,use it appropriately and enhance your reputation as an expert.
10)Use Short Paragraphs:
I have experienced that short paragraphs generate more impact than the longer ones.Longer paragraphs may work in the print but the online readers prefer smaller paragraphs.I would advise you to go for 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

The SEO Aspect:Top The Rankings And Bring Targeted Traffic On Demand
Many of the article directories enjoy high page rank(PR).Articles from sites like always appear in page 1 of Google for their related keywords,so you can easily top the search results with your keyword optimized articles. The secret to success lies in doing proper keyword research before you write a word.You should stay clear of highly competitive key phrases(generally root keywords) and the phrases receiving very little or no traffic.Keywords that get 1 ,000-50,000 searches a month are ideal to focus on. You can guage the amount of competition by typing that particular keyword in Google search and hitting “search”.If the no. of competiting pages are less than 10 million then go for it otherwise leave it as such. With the free Google keyword tool,you can perform your research within minutes.The tool is located at: 
shot messenger review
Start with the very basic keyword.For example,if you want to find those “Long Tail” keywords in “make money” niche,start by typing “make money”.On your first search ,you’ll be getting some terms falling in your optimum range.Next search for competing pages for that keyword and save the results on an excelsheet or notepad.
Make a list of 30-100(you can include even more) such keywords and write at least one article on each one.Below I am giving an illustration of this process for the “Weight Loss” niche: I search for the root phrase “lose weight” and it returns results like this:
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