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Christine: Put my music lessons to practice, but, just, you know – the keyboard’s sitting here and it’s not even plugged in; it’s just not being used. And that’s actually one of the things. I was even thinking when you talked about the 45-minute/15-minute hour and then you also said 45-minute, half-hour, 45 minute – I’m thinking that might actually be
more effective for me because 15 minutes hardly gives me enough time. So, I think I might actually do that pattern: 45/half, hour/45, and then that way I’d have a half hour or at least 20 minutes to be able to play the piano and have a little bit of, you know, have a drink or, have bathroom time or whatever the case may be. So, I like that idea to be able to – that would be one of the things I could at least do in that gap, that extra time frame.
Yvonne: So, do you work at home or do you have your own serplify review, or….
Christine: I have my own business that I work at home; yes.
Yvonne: Okay, so you’re in that place where if you had to be distracted and if you don’t put yourself first sometime then you don’t get to be first?
Christine: Yes, very much so.
Yvonne: Okay. , so let me just ask you this. , but I-I-I had called your name one other time and, and I didn’t hear you: Was there anything else that you had any questions about either with the time wasters or with, systems that you’d like more information about or any comments?
Christine: I’ve heard some of these things before; it’s just how it resonates with you this time. Like I love the blocking that you were commenting on, as well as being able to do like-minded tasks together. And I think the thing that resonates with me most is the 45- minute/15-minute concept. I think I can really embrace that because otherwise how was going to – I wasn’t allowing that little bit of extra time if you move from one thing to the next you do have to have that little bit of breathing room.
Yvonne: The transition time?
Christine: Yes; so, like, if I’m downstairs in my office, and then I come upstairs to play piano, I mean, it’s only a few minutes, you know, it’s not a minute to be up. But until you get sitting down and established and, and I know the time can just go by on you. The same thing if you sit down and do email; I’m only going to do it for 15 minutes and it becomes 20 or 25, I know those lines can blur very easily.

Yvonne: You know what’s interesting is, a while ago I found a little timer; it was a parking – it was actually a parking meter timer. So you can know how much time is on your parking meter.
Christine: Okay.
Yvonne: And, it just goes in a like a little key chain and it’s, you know, it’s a great way – I mean you can set timers off either on your 
serplify review or you know, some external thing that, that can help you to keep on that schedule kind of. And like I said to other people, I’m not sure that you can do the 45-minute hour every day, five or six days a week, , because you really are working very intensely. But if you can do it, you know, at least a half a day every day or when you really have to get something done, it is really going to make things move faster and you’re going to get ahead. It’s a tool to use. It’s not something to be beholden to or be a slave to. So, you know, sometimes you’re going to want to do that. Sometimes you’re going to want to do the divided to-do list, or both. You’re going to, you know, take a look – you’re going to incorporate little bits of pieces of this, into your time so that you can build up and get that extra time. I think it just makes you shift the way you work in the way that you look at your work.
Christine: Well, I think with you having said about the divided to-do list; it does allow those wants. Like, so, if your day doesn’t have to just be the “I got to do this; I got to do that; I got to do that…” it’s like no, this is why we do this business is to be able to have some of these things and these extra times and, and so we get to do those things. And to start off the day with something like that is really neat because it puts you in a – probably in a totally different frame.
Yvonne: It absolutely does.
Christine: The wants and not the need; like “a want” and then you can come back to wants again, I mean every, every 45 minutes I can do a want if I want to do.
Yvonne: Well, it’s funny. When I do it I usually try and it’s funny because some of the things I want to do I put off and put off and put off.
Christine: Yes.
Yvonne: And when I do it, it’s so simple; I’m thinking why didn’t I do this sooner? You know? And it made me really happy.

Christine: Yes.
Yvonne: And then I’m really energized to do the things that I have to do because I feel like I’ve, you know, I’ve already accomplished so much, I can knock these other things out really fast.
Christine: Yes.
Yvonne: So, I happen to think—
Christine: Just a little—
Yvonne: I happen to think that the 45-minute hour and the divided to-do list are really powerful tools. And you know my clients really like it. So, I’m going to give you one other one that wasn’t on the list. But we have the constraint that we have seven days in the week. If you divide your week up into mini weeks, so that depending on how the flow of your business goes – so, for instance; for me, typically Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are pretty much set in stone, at least they used to be. And then, I would find that Thursday I would just be like [sigh]; you know? So what I did is I kind of divided my week into the four days being Sunday through Wednesday and then Thursday through Saturday. And so, each of them was like, I use them as a mini week. That way there are certain things that get done, you know, that first half that I know I’m to get done. And then, you know I really try to get a lot of extra things, particularly the things that I want to do and the more creative things in the second half of the week. You know, because they go at a different time frame and if you divide it in half you’re going to have more beginnings and more endings. I mean, if you look at the way that we are as humans, we tend to come out of the gate full blast to get things done. And then as we get to the end of the time, we tend to speed up again so that we can get it finished. Does that make sense?
Christine: Yes, it does. Sorry; I was on mute. Yes, it does.
Andrea: Right.
Yvonne: So, so the idea of having two beginnings and two endings within the week makes you speed up twice as much. So depending on how your work is you may find that you have a different division of the days, how you do it. You know, which four days 
are your four days, which three days are your three days. But the idea of doing it that way will get you to accelerate your serplify review  attern as well. And I have to say, and this sounds so stupid, I happen to think that Thursday is probably the most underutilized day of the week. And if, when I start people on healthy eating, or putting together their eating programs and stuff, I start them on Thursdays as opposed to the typical Monday. And when I work with clients about organizational stuff I get them to use Thursday as the day, kind of like the beginning of the week for the new stuff that they have to do. And you can find that you can get so much accomplished on Thursday and Friday, that it’s really amazing.

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