Secretly Review – Unleash a Powerful Source of Traffic

Secretly Review – Unleash a Powerful Source of Traffic

Official site:

These work great because these are the types of things people will search for when 

they are interested in purchasing a secretly review


Another way that works really well is (Product Name + Bonuses) or (Product Name + 

Bonuses & Review) For Example: 


Affiliate Commission Authority Bonuses & secretly review


You can even expand on these to make them click bait. 


Affiliate Commission Authority Review With MASSIVE Bonus Package 


 Affiliate Commission Authority Review With Hott Bonus Package 

 Include Videos And Screenshots In Your secretly review 

 People like visual content. If you can add in images and videos into your reviews it can 

really help your conversions. This allows people to see inside the product to really build 

excitement about it and get them ready to buy. 


We will get more into creating videos later but for now just keep in mind you want to 

include these in your reviews where possible. I also like to use the product image as the 

featured image on my blog page for the review. At Least include the product image 

somewhere within your review. 

Be Conversational 


One thing I see wrong with a lot of reviews is how they are written. They go on and on 

about features and statistics. Simply list the facts and add no personality or opinion into 

their reviews. 


You want to be conversionational and opinionated in your reviews. Without this people 

won't be back to your review site. They will be off to someone elses to get real opinions 

from someone they get to know through their blog.    


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