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In the description make your future buyers will feel that
you’re an expert in the field.
Fiverr Profitable Plan
Gig Creation
The two main categories we will be creating review in are
‘Video & Animation - Intros’ and ‘Video & Animation –
Animation & 3D’. You can also create Gigs in ‘Video &
Animation - Other’ and ‘Business - Branding Services’ for
more exposure by basically creating the same Gig but
wording it differently and using a different image.
The first thing that people will notice while browsing Fiverr
is the image you’ll choose for your gig so it really needs to
be something that stands out and is eye catching!
I typically go with a photo of a cute girl, simply because it
converts very well but since we’ll be doing video intros we
will do it a bit differently…
You’ll go to review and pick one of the templates –
that will be the one you’ll be creating the Gig for.
You’ll create a sample video and put in the text ‘Only on
Fiverr’ or ‘Your Text Here’ (or something similar) just to show
to people that they can put in whatever they want.
Once the video is ready you’ll take a screenshot of an
attractive looking review (just press Prt Sc on your keyboard
and paste the image in MS Paint).
When you’ll be setting the Gig up, you’ll upload both the
image and the video – that’s it!  



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