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Case Study: SEOmoz
I’ll use an example: we ran a promotion for SEOmoz a couple of years ago, that brought them in a million dollars. The promotion was one landing page and about three emails. The process that we went through to understand how to create a sales letter that
converted well started with research. There’s actually a schematic of the actual reach multiply review that we created on our website that you can download, it contains cool tips of all the different persuasion elements we used on the page.
Learn from Existing Customers
In order to create that sales letter, we asked their paid members – their actual customers – what convinced them to sign up for the tool and how they would describe the service to a friend. It’s really useful if you can use language and wording that
relates to your prospects. You need to communicate with your prospects at their level. So, a great way of understanding how best to sell your product is to actually ask your customers how they saw the product. Ask your paying members, “How would you
describe the service to a friend and what persuaded you to sign up.” The next thing we did was ask non-paying members (people on a free trial), “What would make you sign up for the service? What tools do you like the most and least?
What are your most time-consuming SEO tasks?” We then talked with paying members that had cancelled, asking them, obviously, “Why did you cancel?” We wanted to know what would bring them back.
Learn from Salespeople
A web page is an automated salesperson. So, we want the website to replicate your best possible in-person salesperson.
So, with all of our clients we learn from the people that sell the product face to face. We spend time with the people who answer the phone. We spend time with the people that work in the stores. We spend time with the business owners that are out
there pitching their products to investors and people at conferences. A great starting point with copywriting is to use whatever the best converting salesperson says. Get it transcribed and turn it into a sales letter. They handle customers and prospects every day and they’re used to coming up with counterobjections. They’re used to answering the common questions. They’re used to

tweaking their scripts to get the best kind of response. So, compare how your website sounds to the person who sells it over the phone or in person. At SEOmoz, we spent some time asking Rand Fishkin (the CEO of the business) how he saw the service. He mentioned to us that at trade shows he could close every inquiry that people had about his software, but the website couldn’t. So, we simply asked him to record his sales pitch into a video camera and put that on the website. What he said to his customers in person took well over five minutes, but what was on the reach multiply review was about a two minute summary.
Long Copy Websites
The issue that you have with the website is that you have to overcome a lot of your visitors’ objections, whereas when you’re selling over the phone you only need to overcome the objections of one prospect. That’s why long-copy websites tend to work, because you’re able to overcome lots of different objections from different visitor types. It’s often tempting to try to use less text on websites because you think, “My visitors don’t want loads of information. They don’t want to be bombarded with text.” But if you think about your website as a real salesperson, you tend to have a very different approach.
If You’re Just Starting Out
If you haven’t already, get out there and try selling to real people. How can you expect a website to sell a product successfully if the copywriter has never sold the product successfully? Especially if you don’t get very many visitors and you don’t have any customers, your first attempt has to be based on something real. It has to be based on the customer, not just ideas that you’re randomly plucking out of your mind. Nobody wants to hear the answer to their problem is a ton of work. But in this 
reach multiply review the answer is to get away from the computer, get out of the office, and go speak to real people. Nobody wants that to be the answer, which is maybe why there are so many poorly converting websites. A lot of people think they’re too busy and important to do that. They think that the answer lies in some kind of trick, hack, technique or algorithm. But ultimately, your website’s a robot-salesperson – and what better role model for your website to have than a real, effective salesperson? I recommend getting out there and hanging out with the prospects because it’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s very rich in terms of the level of feedback that you get.

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