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Focus always on the desired outcome, and remember, people are always thinking when they look at your poodlepay review, promotions, messages that you' re putting out there, they are saying one thing and one thing only, in the words of Jerry Maguire, "Show me the money!" That's what they're thinking at all times. They might try and back that up with logic, and say,
"Oh no, I want to see the features, and benefits, and I need to know
that this works, and I want to see some case studies, I want to do
my due diligence” and all this bollock.s But at the back of their mind, their primeval subconscious mind is shouting from the rooftops, "Show me the money!" If you can't demonstrate that golden drop zone, where the money is, then you've chosen the wrong product. If you're looking at a product, you're looking at a sales letter, and you're thinking about how to promote it, and how you can link it to the golden drop zone, and you can't do it, don't promote it. Do not promote it. Yes, you can, and you should use different stories and different drop zones to get attention in your campaign, but everything should always come back to the money. For example, people are going to be asking, As I've said, if you can't answer those questions, if you're having a hard time showing that, or justifying it, then you're promoting the wrong product. Next, let's talk about a very simple strategy that you can use that will make the little guy rich. I want to tell you a true story from history. It takes place in the Japanese civil war in the 1500s, and it features this guy that you see on your screen right now, who's called Oda Nobunaga. Japan was in the midst of a massive civil war during this period, and there were local war lords who were seeking control of the entire country. Everybody was up against everybody else. Oda, this guy here, and his family, they were relatively weak. He was so-called reckless, unpredictable. He was a 26-year-old dude and he was thought by some to be mentally unstable. He wasn't really your typical leader. In the year 1560, a mighty and powerful leader called 
poodlepay review from the far more powerful family of the Imagawa family made an attempt to take land controlled by Oda, this guy here. He was going to take all this land from him.
Oda only had an army of 2,000 people. Yoshimoto, the super-powerful general, the super-powerful leader, had around 40,000 soldiers. Oda, the guy you see here, the underdog, the little guy, he only had 2,000 people. Oda met this 40,000 soldiers with his force of 2,000, and they were told to surrender. This was the order that was given to them. What Oda did is he set up a fortress with a dummy army. He positioned some of his army in this dummy fortress, and he left it there for this powerful general and his 40,000 soldiers to invade. Guess that happened next? Yoshimoto, this powerful guy, swooped in, took over this fortress, and he thought he'd conquered it. He thought he'd easily conquered the Oda fortress and claimed all the land, so he allowed his men to celebrate, to eat, to drink, to loot everything, and basically kick back, put their feet up and celebrate their huge victory. However, about 10 days later, Oda, who obviously was hiding out on a hilltop made his move with his army, with his 2,000 people. He'd set up his dummy army. There were a few people there, but he still had the majority of is army. He came down from the hills, and there was a thunderstorm at the time, which masked and hid his noisy approach. Basically, they charged the drunk and unprepared enemy of the 40,000-strong army of Yoshimoto's, in that fortress. All Yoshimoto's men, they fled in all directions trying to avoid the slaughter, and they left their leader, Yoshimoto, unprotected. The big leader, Yoshimoto, he thought it was just a drunken squabble, at first. He had no idea what was going on. It was just pandemonium, and he was killed instantly, before he had any idea what was happening. Oda, even though he only had 2,000
soldiers, beat, hands-down, the 40,000 soldiers. They wiped them all out and won that war, won the battle, and won the territory. It's an awesome story. It's a true story. Check it out. It's Japanese history. What's the lesson?
The lesson is you can win against all the odds, if you employ the
right strategy, like Oda did. This is what you're learning right here, how to think differently, how to be different, and how to do different things in your affiliate marketing, so you stand out and make tons more commissions than everybody else. I want you to remember that story as we go through and continue with the rest of this training. Let's talk about increasing your payload to explode your 
poodlepay review. This is all about adding more value to get more sales. I'm going to start this with a cool quotation from George Bernard Shaw. George Bernard Shaw once said, "If you can't hide the family skeleton, you should make it dance." This is basically a way of saying, "Look, if you've got something to be ashamed of, or if you're embarrassed of something, don't try and put it in the closet and hide it away. Bring it out and make it dance, make a big deal about it.
Highlight it in a way that it's going to become maybe humorous, it's
going to become entertaining." It's going to turn people's opinion around of this so-called negative thing. This applies to your affiliate promotions, because if you're promoting a product, you might think,
"Well, actually, this is a great product, but there's something
missing." Maybe it's just a video product. It doesn't have a written-word version. Maybe it's a great product that talks about further commissions, but it doesn't give anything on traffic. Maybe it's a great product that talks about dominating Google and search engines, but it doesn't focus on how to kick it with Facebook. There's a skeleton there. There's a gap that needs filling. How you can increase your payload and explode your profits is by making that skeleton dance, talking about it, bringing it out in the open, saying,
"Look, this is great products, but I'll be honest with you. It does
drop down a little bit on this score, because it doesn't do X, Y,
Z." You don't want to list a whole bunch of them, but you say,
"Look, it's great on this, but I can't give it 100 percent. I would
probably give it a score of 9.5 out of 10, because it's just videos.
There's no written version." This is what you do to plug the gap. You use bonuses, your own bonuses. If there's a product that's just videos, you could go through the videos and create a text version of the videos. Obviously, only for buyers, so you're not ripping off any content of devaluing the product in any way. Or, if something is talking about list building, but doesn't tackle traffic, you could create a bonus on traffic, for example. Whatever it is, you fill the 
poodlepay review. What happens here is very, very interesting.


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