Pixo Blaster Review – Skyrocketing Conversions with Stronger Promotional Videos

Pixo Blaster Review – Skyrocketing Conversions with Stronger Promotional Videos

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Mysterious is another. We're drawn in by mystery and intrigue. Forbidden is another one. Totally magnetic. Thing about how hard 19-year-old kids try to get into a bar? Why? Because they're not supposed to be in the bar.It's just like cats - people are like cats - you put us in a room and close the

door and the only thing we want to do is see what's on the other side of pixo blaster reviewYou leave us on one side of the door and close it and we want to get on the other side ofthe door. We're all wired the same.Another one is popular. There's safety in numbers. That's a big effective positioning that's magnetic

Affinity to market. This person is just like me. That is another level of positioning that is magnetic to money.The bottom line is the thing that's going to payyou the most. Now all of this again is assuming you do a good job; it's assuming you live up to your promises and you deliver good service. But, with that as a given, the thing that's going to pay you the most is your

position in the marketplace.

You will bepaid the mostforyourposition in the marketplace.Period. Let me show itto you. There's kind of a pyramid where we have varying positions and, the higherup on the pyramid you go, the more moneyyou're going to make, typically. Now this is like a generally accepted rule. Idid not create this. At the bottom we have the generalist. The guythat does everything. The handyman. The general practitioner physician.

Let's look at it at that level. Let's think about doctors - because we can all relate to that. Thegeneral physician, he's not going to get paid asmuch as the specialist.The heart surgeon is going to command a bitmore in fees than the guy who you go see when you have a cold. All becausehe's a specialist.

Next you have an authority. If you have the heart surgeon who is thenumber one heart surgeon in town - and all the other heart surgeons say youneed to go to this guy, he's going to get paid even more.

He's in even greater demand because he's the authority. Classic stuff.

Now the magic right near the top is celebrity. The power of celebrity

positioning has two significant things that we need to be aware of.

• Number one it's very magnetic to money.

• Numbertwo it can be engineered from thin air.I'm not suggesting you be deceptive, but all celebrity is engineered through a series of events. We can deliberately mimic those series of events to create celebrity in our marketplaces.

Let me give you an example. You remember on the first season of The Apprentice by Donald Trump? I'm sure you're familiar with the Apprentice but,ifyou're not, just briefly, you win the Apprentice by winning various pixo blaster reviewOne year it was focused on who's going to increase sales revenue for this

restaurant.There were two teams and one team was led by this guy named Troy and onthis team there was this other dude and his name was Kwame Jackson. I think he was a Wall Street Guy at the time. I don't know what he does now. I'm surehe's done well. He's a super sharp guy.Well their positioning was they stood out of the restaurant and they just sat Kwamedown at a booth, a table outside of the restaurant, and acted as if he was a famous NBA basketball player.They didn't even say he was a famous NBA basketball player. They justacted like he was.

They said, "Get these balls signed by Kwame Jackson everybody. Come overhere and meet KwameJackson. Go ahead andget his autograph."

And just like that, people flocked to him thinking that he was a celebrity of some sort because he was positioned as such and they bought these basketballs. Thus their team won the challenge. So celebrity positioning is a big deal. Now I'm not of course telling you that you should just go out and dosomething like that. I'm going to declare a little bit of shenanigans on that oneand Donald Trump felt the same way. He's like, you know, I admire your hustle, but I'm going to declare a slight degree of shenanigans here. Howeveritjust displays the power of it.

Now speaking of Donald Trump - let's talk about positioning, and celebrity positioning specifically. I can't remember the site thatIgot this on but it said that his fee to speak is

$1.5 million. Can you imagine that? Why is that? Why in the world does DonaldTrump get $1.5 million to speak?Let's think about it from a practical value standpoint. Is he the best speaker? Idon't know- he's pretty goodIsuppose. Iprefer other speakers.Nothing against Donald Trump. IfI'm going to pay $1.5 million I'd probably

want go see someone else. Is he providing the best content? Is he the most inspiring? Is he the most articulate? All ofthese are arguable, right? Most people would say, well he's good, he's awesome, butI don't know, not really; I'm not going to go see Donald Trump and then have the ability to walk on water or anything.

So with all this said, how the hell is he gettingpaid one and half million bucks to speak? Ithinkthe speech was like 90 minutes or something.What's going on here? The answer is this because he's Donald Trump. That's why.Donald Trump has taken it up one level from

celebrity to the very top position that is the mostworld and that is the position of celebrity authority.

There's no otherposition in any marketplace that is more magnetic to money than that ofcelebrity authority.The Donald Trump case proves it. I know you've probably heard it before so the question isn't really, "How do we know it's true?" Because it's pretty much a universally accepted fact.The real question is "Okay, how do we create and deploy this positioning so we can utilize its benefits in our marketing and in our marketplace?"

Step #1:How to Create and DeployPositioning So let's get on it. Step one is we want to determine what your global desired

pixo blaster review is.Here's what this means as it relates to us. Positioning is different for guys like us than it is for big corporations. We're not as concerned about branding and stuff. We're concerned aboutgetting as much money as possible while delivering the mostgoodwill we can to our community. Your positioning will be centered around what you want your marketplace

to think about you.Here's a good way to think about this; imagine that you are about to take the stage in front of 1,000 ideal prospects - the best people you could possibility be presenting to.

The perfect prospects become your , . is about to introduce you. What do you want that emcee to say about you?

What it is you want him to say about you is a great way to really zero in on what you want your global desired position or perception to be.

Here are some ways to sort ofwork it out.


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