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Affiliate marketers are often one-person shops who have to learn amultitude of pitchmaker review in order to be successful. We don’t have large teams ofexperts to help us plan our strategies, our marketing, our content, and buildour websites or email lists.That doesn’t mean, though, that we can’t make use of the tactics that largecompanies use to draw attention to their content online and that’s how thismethod was developed – by identifying a tactic used by big websites andmaking it work for affiliate marketing.It’s all about the headlines you use and who you get to see them.

Have you ever been reading through a website and saw a link to a partnersite with such an enticing headline that – even though you knew it was anadvertising ploy – you just couldn’t resist clicking on that headline?I have! I’ll be reading CNN on my mobile phone, see a headline thatcompletely catches me off guard that links to Bleacher Report (or similar)and click on it even though I have no interest in sports. The headline is justso intriguing that I HAVE to click to see what they are talking about in theirheadline.Imagine having that kind of draw with your own headlines and getting thoseheadlines in front of people who ARE interested in your niche. It isabsolutely powerful marketing that you can do with your affiliate sites – andall for free.You’ve heard people say you shouldn’t rely on Google organic searches foryour traffic and you know you should be using sites like Pinterest andFacebook for traffic but then you’re competing against literally thousands ofother messages those sites are delivering to the same audience.

If you want to stand out and grab a lot of attention to your content you needto do something different. You need to use a headline that’s so attentiongetting that when your target audience sees it they’re willing to leaveFacebook in order to see your post.We’re going to combine the power of an attention-getting headline with avery simple list post that features a number of Amazon products (orproducts from other affiliate programs) and get people to leave their socialsite and read our posts instead.This doesn’t just work on social sites, either – if you have a Recent Posts listin the sidebar of your site these kinds of headlines will get a visitor to stayon your site to read your list posts.Suppose you are an affiliate marketer and you have a site about Halloweencostumes. When you share your post on Facebook which of the followingimages do you think would get the most clicks?A single product image where someone can already see what you’re tryingto promote:

Amazon lets associates use the site stripe to share a product on a FacebookPage (not your personal profile) but all they provide is a thumbnail imageand some preformatted text. It doesn’t exactly reach out and grabsomeone’s attention.The solution, of course, is to use your own image and send the visitors toyour own site to see a list of matching products. This gives you morecontrol and also gets us around the issue of not being able to edit or modifyAmazon’s product images.This also gives us the opportunity to force a visitor to leave Facebook andvisit our pitchmaker review. If you can come up with a compelling headline that impliessomeone will see something exciting, new, unusual, unexpected, or helpful ifthey visit your post, they’re going to want to visit your post.Another benefit to this approach is that you can run Facebook ads to thesekinds of posts on Facebook (not that you have to – but you can). If you onlyuse the site stripe to share an affiliate link on Facebook or if you share youraffiliate link inside of a Facebook status update you can’t run an ad for thatpost. The Amazon Associates terms of service does not allow an affiliate todirect link to Amazon with a paid ad. By creating our own images that linkto our site, we can run the paid ad, and drive the traffic to our Facebookpost where they’ll see the enticing image and headline that will be soirresistible they’ll end up on your site.

I’ve checked with Amazon Associates representatives before and I checkedwith them again recently – they don’t care if posts on your site are short aslong as they are UNIQUE. That means you don’t have to write a lot at allbut the content you do write has to be unique.You can do a whole site of these list posts designed around a single niche oruse this strategy as a new post type for any of your existing sites.If you’re going to build a new site for this strategy, you should first pick aniche. Because you’re going to build a Facebook Page to use to draw in yourtarget audience, you’ll want to focus on an audience that has something incommon – your niche.You also want that niche to be something where people commonly buythings. Here are some niche ideas around which you could build this siteand your Facebook Page:

· Knitting

· Halloween Costumes

· Baseball

· Yoga

· Kids Party Decorations

· Valentine’s Presents

· Scrapbooking

· Photography

· Cat Lovers

· TeachersYou could target a hobby, a sport, a profession, or pets - any of these wouldwork for this strategy.

ASSIGNMENT:1. Come up with 10 niche ideas – try to focus on niches in which youhave a personal interest (it’s always easier to work on something thatyou know, like, or enjoy, right?)2. Rank order your ideas by which you think would be the mostinteresting for you to work with and would have the most products towrite about on Amazon3. Choose the niche you like best

If you’re going to build a new site for this strategy, you’ll need a domainname. Unless you’re already sitting on an exact match domain name foryour niche I’d suggest you come up with a non-exact-match domain namefor your site.An exact match domain is something like “halloweencostumesforcats”.Instead, choose a domain name that is relevant to your niche but catchy –something that you’d be proud to tell people you own. Something like“” has more pizzazz than a plain, old, boring keyworddomain.Your non-exact-match domain name should be something easy toremember. The benefit to using a non-exact-match domain name is thatyou can build a brand around the name and you can always expand the sitecategories in the future to add other, related niches.You can rank any domain for any keyword as long as you have good onpage SEO for that keyword and enough content about that keyword so yourchoice of domain is not going to negatively impact your ability to rank.Think more about what domain name would sound sincere and professionalfor your site visitors, what domain name would sound less like a thin affiliatesite and more like a site built by a real person for real people, and thinkabout the kind of name that you’d be proud to tell people you owned.Have fun with this step and see what kinds of neat domain names you cancome up with. Just try to keep them short – three words is good. Too longand the name no longer becomes something easy to remember.There are a couple of things I think it’s important to check about a domainbefore registering:

· Make sure there’s no trademark for the name already: 

pitchmaker review
jx.1.1. If there’s an existing trademark you could lose the domain.

· Check whois information to find out if the domain has ever beenregistered before: If it’s been usedbefore you might get saddled with someone else’s bad backlinks.

· If the .com isn’t available and you’re considering a .net always look upthe .com version of the domain name to see if it’s a developed site. Ifit is then you may look like a copycat of that other site and will

struggle with branding in order to look different or outrank them forthe name of your site.

· You also want to look up the domain as a phrase – for example, if thedomain choice is then you’d look up "fun with frogs”(without quotes) to see if there’s anything that comes up that mightcause you issues with that domain name. If there’s a product thatgoes by that name or a site that has a different domain but uses thatphrase in their branding then you might be better off with a differentdomain choice.


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