Pinflux Review – Build Your Endless Stream of Traffic

Pinflux Review – Build Your Endless Stream of Traffic

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Don’t these just scream, “Pin me! Share me! You can’t live without me!?” It’s more like, “Pin who…” ? I was completely missing the point. People want to pin beautiful images. People want to be inspired. People want to learn something. My pins were offering none of that. So I did a lot of research and finally figured out that an optimal Pinterest image is taller than it is wide.

Square images do ok, and horizontal pics are just a big no-no. Just like the Facebook image advice, the recommend size varies, but I find that 600/700 px by 1000/1100px is a great target size (I aim for a pic size of 700x1050, but it depends on the photo I’m using).

They’re tall enough and wide enough that they take up a good chunk of screen space on Pinterest and have a shot at standing out in a sea of pins. In addition to changing the pinflux review, I switched to a professional photo service. Instead of tearing my hair out trying to make good pictures of my own, I now pay $1 per photo from Dollar Photo Club.

The packages start at $10 per month and come with 10 pictures but honestly I now spend about $20 a month because I post often and need one photo per post. I was hesitant to do this at the time because I wasn’t making very much and didn’t want to spend money on yet another service that wouldn’t pan out, but looking back it was one of the best choices I ever made. Now all of my pictures are professional quality.

With so many people still pinning low quality images, if you upgrade in this way, you will certainly stand out. Here are some of my latest pins that have all done really well: Notice how they all have a certain look? After much trial and error I found a style that I like that I can easily recreate (large numbers, bright colors that coordinate with the picture, a fancy script or all caps paired with block letters).

This allows me to spend less time going back to square one with each pin design. Another thing I’ve noticed, and you may as well from the images above, is that light and bright pins perform consistently better than darker pins. I’ve noticed that even my own pins that have dark blues and greens don’t do as well as the ones that have pinks and lots of white space.

Lots of people don’t have a master Pinterest strategy and still pin unattractive dark pins – if you can be light, bright, interesting, and obvious, you’ll stand out in a good way! Finding a few font style combos you like and sticking with them will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on pinflux review. Some of the biggest bloggers I know have the simplest font pairings and never stray from those, so don’t get too caught up on this.

I always love when I can look at a pin and instantly know whose blog it came from. Those bloggers have done well with establishing their brand. Two that come to mind are Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less and Sarah Titus. Damn Delicious is another one. Here is a cheatsheet of some PicMonkey font pairings I’m particularly fond of: I highly recommend everyone nail down a pin style or two that they like and do the same.

You can’t save templates on PicMonkey like you can on Canva, but you can write down the hex codes for your commonly used colors and take note of your favorite font style pairs. Every time you create a pin you can mix and match those choices to create unique pins. You may be wondering where I got my pinflux review. It’s simply a text graphic I created in PicMonkey and saved to my computer as a jpeg.


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