PicAnimate Review – Bring a whole new world to your business

PicAnimate Review – Bring a whole new world to your business

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Scores of higher than Zero that can be based in a visitors incoming country, or browserset up, or based on their IP address, there's a lot of things that can increase that score.So the "High" setting is seldom necessary.Whereas "Medium" will challenge visitors with a picanimate review that is greater than 40, which isa good range to start. Next we can decide how long the "Challenge Passage" will last.What that means is if someone is challenged and presented with a captcha to provethat they are human, then how long do you want the cookie to last for that visitor to beable to access your site without being challenged again.The default is 30mins and you can set it up 1 month, we recommend making it longerthan 30 minutes, and 8 hours tends to be a good medium.Next we have the "IP Firewall" and the "Web Application Firewall".Although the Web Application Firewall is a “Pro Plan” (paid) option only, on the free planyou can turn on the "Browser Integrity Check".This is to evaluate HTTP headers from your visitors browsers for threats. If a threat isfound a block page will be delivered instead of your regular site/content.Make a note of exactly where this setting is as it can cause problems, and if you doenable it and then experience any problems with your site then switch this off to doublecheck whether it is the cause of the problem.In "IP Firewall" we can add three things:IP address, IP Range Or a Country Name or a Country Code You can add your own list of IP Addresses here with a different "Actions", including: • Whitelist • Block • CAPTCHA • JavaScript ChallengeYou should start by adding your own IP address and making sure it is whitelisted so thatyou don’t end up getting your self locked out of your own site somehow.You can find out what your own IP address is simpy by going to and typingin “What is my IP address” and it will show your public IP address.When you whitelist your own IP there is also the option of whether you whitelist the IPaddress for just this website, or all your websites on CloudFlare, which is very useful ifyou manage multiple websites through CloudFlare Note: If your ISP provides you with dynamic IP addresses then this is less useful asyour IP address will change regularly. It’s unlikley the you will get your IP blocked, and ifyou do it just means you will face a captcha challenge.Another important use of this is to allow the IPs of the services you use to access yourwebsite.We recommend that you whitelist IP addresses of certain services (APIs, crawlers,payment providers, etc.) to access your site on a regular basis by creating an AccessRule.To create an Access Rule, follow these steps:1. Log into your picanimate review  Dashboard.2. Click the Firewall app in the top menu.3.

Under Access Rules, enter the IP, IP range, or two-letter country code of theservice you wish to whitelist.4. Select the option you want in the drop down, add a label (i.e. Payment Gateway),and then click Add Note: blocking by country code is only allowed on the Enterprise level plan (paid), youcan use a javascript challenge instead on the free plan. Minify For The Win… Minifying removes unnecessary characters from your source code (like whitespace, comments, etc.) without changing its functionality.

Minification can reduce source file sizes lowering the amount of data that needs to be transferred to visitors and improves page load times. Google gives preference in ranking to site with higher load speeds, increasing your site’s overall ranking score.Performance options can be found under the 'Speed' section: Cloud Flare is not only responsible for security for a website, it's can also greatly speed up how fast your WebPages load. This has two benefits for your sites: The first is “Search Engine Optimization” - Google ranks the pages that load faster higher in the search engine rankings.

The second way is in your "Conversions”, as visitors are far less likely to spend time on a site that is slow to deliver the content they are looking for. In other words, the slower your pages load, the more likely a visitor is to leave quickly. The advantage with CloudFlare is that this is all done through their network, so there’s no need to add third party cache plugins which in themselves put extra load on your own picanimate review. With CloudFlare you simply do not need to install your own cache plugin, its all taken care of for you with the following simple steps.

Note: if you are using caching plugins then they may conflict with the CloudFlare options, so use one or the other, not both! The first section is "Auto Minify". "Minification" is a process where you remove all the whitespace in a file and just keep all the actual text for loading by the web browser. So you can remove the spaces in files like: JavaScript, CSS and HTML files.


This can speed up your webpage load speed significantly on it’s own 


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