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Craig Ballantyne is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Toronto, Canada. He’s also the creator of the successful penny click academy review. Ballantyne explains that when he was in his mid-twenties he was working as a personal trainer, but he wasn’t doing much else with his life. That’s when he discovered something he started referring to as his “Magic Time”. 16 Ballantyne wanted to leverage his knowledge of fitness by starting an online business. Since he was busy all day with his one-on-one clients, he started getting up each weekday at 4:30 a.m. in order to focus on his number one online business priority for 15 to 20 minutes. Slowly, but surely, he started creating and building his online business. However, his biggest breakthrough came when he realized the power of working on Saturday mornings. Ballantyne writes the following: “Early Saturday morning, as your competitors and colleagues sleep off a tough week and a late night, there are no interruptions. No phone calls to take, no urgent emails to deal with, no commuting nightmares. It’s just you and your thoughts. You and a wide-open road of opportunity.” 17 Two hours spent working on your dream every Saturday morning translates into 100 hours in a year. That’s 100 hours that you’ll spend completely focused on writing, creating your business, learning a new skill, or doing whatever else it is that you’re trying to accomplish. If you can’t find one-hour-a-day to work on your goals during the week, create the habit of working on your most important goal for two hours every Saturday morning. That is, become a weekend dream-warrior.
If you can’t find one hour of uninterrupted time in your day, then apply “The Swiss Cheese Approach”. This approach was first introduced by Alan Lakein in his book, “How to Get Control of Your Time and Your penny click academy review ”. Of course, Swiss cheese is easily recognizable because it’s full of holes. Likewise, what you’re going to do is look for ten or fifteen minute “holes” throughout your day and use that time to work on your goal.
If you find two half-hour “holes” in your day and you apply them toward working on your goal, you’ll have worked on your goal for one hour that day.
If you find four fifteen minute “holes” in your day and you apply them toward working on your goal, you’ll have worked on your goal for one hour that day.
If you find six ten minute “holes” in your day and you apply them toward working on your goal, you’ll have worked on your goal for one hour a day. Below you’ll find three examples of people who have used the “Swiss Cheese Approach” to find time to work on side projects: Jeanne Cygnus, Chris Brogan, and Alison Heller.
Jeanne Cygnus is an example of someone who achieved her dream of starting her own company by using the “Swiss Cheese Approach”. She was working full-time and was a mom. Therefore, in addition to her work she had to find time to shuttle her kids back and forth from activities, fix dinner, and spend time with her family. Jeanne’s day job was as a private practice counselor for new moms with lactation issues. She worked with moms individually and also taught group classes. Then, she noticed a gap in the market that wasn’t being effectively addressed: what to do with moms going back to work who still wanted to breast feed. In order to address this need she started LactCorp. However, Jeanne faced the challenge that she had very little time to devote to her new venture. Her solution was to find spaces in her day to focus on the new business. While other moms were chatting at kids’ events, she was launching her business. She limited her computer time, started going to bed a little later, and clumped activities together. In essence, she eliminated “dead waiting time” from her day. 18 That’s how LactCorp became a penny click academy review .


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