Outsourcing Mastery Review - Is This “All In One” Outsourcing System Really Work

Outsourcing Mastery Review - Is This “All In One” Outsourcing System Really Work?

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But instabuilder will strip out any other outside links and keep everything nice and focused. Then you create a simple article page that will look good inside of mobile devices. I like to create a page that gives 4 weight loss tips. Use ezinearticles to get some inspiration. This is how it looks on mobile You're going to need a Privacy page for outsourcing mastery review to work. Get one created for free at this site. Put the privacy link at the very bottom of your tips article page. I like to have the button inside of the mobile window, so place it at the top of your article.

I will test my article page using this mobile website, === Now let's talk facebook retargeting. The cool thing about having this page in between your traffic source and the offer is you can place a pixel code on the page. This is huge because you can target ONLY people who have landed on your outsourcing mastery review page.

Inside your business manager of facebook ads you will see a place to get your pixel code. Copy and paste the code into your tips landing page source code. Before the tags. Then you can create a custom audience with the traffic that came to your website. Once that is complete your Traffic Jack Method is Complete Now we can drive mobile traffic to your unique page.

But before we go, let me just talk about why this page. If you notice the headline is 4 Quick Weight Loss Tips. Facebook will allow text like this. It’s strange but they will not allow lose 10 pounds in 10 days. Not sure, but let's just do what they want, since they have all the traffic. *** The page will not show the affiliate offer. But if you try the link on your own smartphone you will see the outsourcing mastery review ready page.

The Ad Setup!! Mobile traffic from facebook right now is super hot. But you have to do it the right way. Its very important you follow this. When using facebook you have to give value but not look like you're selling something. That is why you want to send people to a tips page first. These are the steps you should take. Set Up a business account inside facebook ads.


Click here for the business page Setup a fan page that is generic in the health industry. Here is what one of my fanpages looks like 


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