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  Another addition you could make is another offline rockstar review itself. Many PLR products complement each other. For example, let’s say you get one PLR product on article writing and another one on article marketing. You could take both PLR products and turn them into one complete product on Writing and Marketing.

Tip 3 – Packaging When you get a PLR product, if it’s a good package, you’re going to get graphics with it such as headers, footers and ecovers for your sales page. You may want to have these redone slightly. This will give the product a different look to further differentiate it from the original product. If you can’t make the changes yourself, you might want to hire a graphic artist to do it for you, just like you would with your own product.

Tip 4 – Renaming the Product This may be one of the most important things you can do. If the product has a completely different name from the original, prospects are going to automatically assume that it is new. As a matter of fact, few people will not even think for a second that the product was made from PLR.

In renaming your product, you want to get as far away from the original name as possible Audio/Video Products Another popular type of information products that you can create that enjoys strong demand these days is the video tutorial. This can be created by recording yourself or ScreenCam your computer screen to provide step-by-step instructions.

A lot of people actually prefer to watch video tutorials instead of reading a book, even if both have the same content. Unlike the traditional learning process, video tutorials are great as it is convenient, readily available and can be played and replayed anytime. Approach to Video Tutorials Record Yourself This involves recording yourself while talking about a specific subject that you are an expert in.

You can include featuring slides from a PowerPoint presentation to make it more appealing. However, in order to do this, you will need a video editing software such as iMovie, which is a software available for Mac users. If you want to take it to the next level, you can consider hiring a videographer to record a live workshop or seminar that you will host or conduct.

A cheaper alternative is to hire a local visual arts student to record the event at a significantly lower cost. 1. Screen Capture Another viable option is to create a video tutorial using a screen capture video. Popular software to help you achieve this is Camtasia, which is available for both Mac and PC users.

With a video or audio product, in addition to creating a table of contents, or an outline, you’re going to need to write a script. The reason for this is because you don’t want to do any video or audio recording off the cuff. You will likely get nervous and you will make mistakes. We all do. However, by writing a script, going over it, and yes, even memorizing it, you will find that the process will go a lot smoother.

The nerves? They’re tough to get rid of, no matter how long you’ve been doing this. Many people do not feel comfortable in front of a camera or microphone. So, if you really want to create a video or audio product but don’t feel you have the visual or vocal presence to do offline rockstar review  justice, hire somebody. Also, with video and audio, more for video, you are going to have to do a lot more preparation such as staging, lighting and so on.

Poor lighting will create a poor video no matter how good your equipment is, which is another matter. For videos, you will also have to prepare any screen captures, PowerPoint slides or anything else that you want to include in the video beforehand. If everything is done in advance, the actual recording of the video will go a lot quicker.

If you plan on adding music to your video, make sure you are not stepping on any copyright infringements. Some music, such as songs off of CDs, cannot be legally used, though many try to get away with it. There is plenty of royalty free music that you can purchase online for a small fee.

Tools of the Trade Microphone Audacity Screen Recorder There are a number of options you can consider when it comes to choosing a screen recorder such as DemoCreator or the cheaper option, which is the Camstudio. Video Editing Software. If you will only require basic editing, the DemoCreator can provide sufficient tools with its built -in editor. You can also use Camstudio or the Windows Movie Maker.

Packaging For audio courses, product creators will usually have photos of CDs or DVDs on their sales page. And in some cases, these products actually do deliver physical CDs, but in most cases they are simply mp3 files. Now, if you’re actually going to create CDs to mail to people, then by all means, tell them on your sales page and have photo representations of those CDs.

Planning a sales funnel After you have your main (Front End Product) ready. Try to have one or two upsells that somehow relates to your main offer. As you know a buyer is a buyer is a buyer. If a buyer buys your FE product and if they look at your upsell and if it is interesting they will definitely buy it without thinking much and this is where you make some easy money. A onetime offer is essentially a 2nd product that is offered to the buyer at the first, usually at a „public discount’.

Where possible, the product should complement the first but not be „required’ for success with the first method. If you’re stuck for ideas for your upsell, you can always offer one on one help in implementing whatever you’ve taught. Alternatively, you can create a second product if you’re brewing with ideas that will complement your first one.

Try to give 100% commission on the front end to your affiliates. A lot of marketers do this. Now that you also want to make money with it, try to have a strong sales funnel with some offers on the backend, to actually recoup the investments of the launch. And after you have made your buyers list, monetize it and earn a handsome income from it. Promote a high ticket offer on the backend.

Programs worth $497, $997, $1997, $4999. After you have made your product ready to rock. There are few essential things which you need to know before launching it. Here is offline rockstar review …. ECover I’d strongly suggest that you get an ecover created for your product. ECovers are the 3d graphic book / CDs / binder graphics that you see on Sales page. You can grab one of Fiverr for only $5.

Sales Pages You will need a sales page for each of your offers. A sales page is a page created with the sole intention of selling your product. The two important factors in creating a good sales page are design and copywriting. You can find both designers and copywriters in the Warrior Forum

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