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Congratulations! In what should really only take about 1 5­30 minutes of work you have should have a least one my product store review Google ranking to show the client (and if you can spare $5­1 0 real targeted views on Facebook). You are now ready to schedule the meeting with the client, show them your amazing results and sell them on your services!

Now for the fun part; making money! This is where it all comes together to bring in one nice fat paycheck.
So let’s do a quick recap:
1 . We reached out to business owners letting them know we were looking for one business to give a free video commercial to in return for permission to use them as a case study
2. Any interested business owners who responded were asked to fill out an in­depth questionnaire to “apply” to “win” the spot.
3. After they completed the application, you create for them a simple video commercial using written testimonials (and any video clips they currently have). Once completed you send it over to get approval before marketing it.
4. Once you get approval, you market the video on YouTube and Facebook
5. After you get some results, you schedule a meeting to review everything you’ve done for them and sell them on your services.
Now this meeting is incredibly important. The biggest mistake I see people make when entering this “review” meeting is feeling guilty about trying to sell them anything. Although you have not come out and directly TOLD them you are going to be selling them on services, anyone who

takes you up on a free offer knows at least subconsciously that they are going to get “sold” at some point. You have provided a TON of free value up to this point (more than other marketing companies will) and any business owner who takes his business seriously is going to be interested in seeing what else you can do. So remember, feel confident and be ready to go for the sale. You deserve it! Here is how I run my “review” recap meeting.
Sell Part I: Get Them Talking
Once the client is viewing my screen via 
my product store review and is able to hear me via Skype, I start out the meeting by saying “Great, so today I’m going to go over what we’ve been able to do for you so far as well some ideas I’ve put together to increase your ROI even more after going through our current marketing properties. Before we start though, I wanted to quickly review and clarify some things from your questionnaire so I can understand your goals for your company…” The reason I do this first is you MUST get the client talking about themselves and their
business. Most consultants and/or sales people I’ve worked with talk way too much. In my sales meetings I talk about 40% of the time and the client talks 60% (and that’s a talkative meeting for me). My goal with any sales meeting is to have it be a minimum of 1 to 2 ratio (I talk
1 part, the client talks for 2 “parts”). As long as you at least stay 1 ­1 on talking you’ll have far better results than most (most sales calls are about 1 0­1 , it's horrible). So anyway, I get them talking by asking them questions about their questionnaire. Even if I understand a question, I still might ask about it just to search for additional “pain” points AND get them talking. People love to talk about themselves and if you can get them talking they’ll usually share far more information then they should (such as what their “true” budget and ROI are so you can change your pricing on the fly).
Sell Part II: Review What You Have Done for Them
This part is pretty straightforward. Before the meeting I always make sure I have Google search results pulled up showing where their video is ranking as well as my Facebook Ads account that shows the results of their video ad campaign (with a separate window/tab showing the Facebook audiences we’ve built from the people who watched the video). My “script” for this part usually goes something like this:

Google Rankings:“Ok now that I’m clear on your goals and where you want to be in 1 2 months, let me show you some of the work we’ve done for you so far (the “so far” is very important). Here is the video commercial we created for you ranking on Page 1 of Google for
“YourCompanyName Reviews”. This is a powerful keyword because this is the page anyone will see when researching for your company online. Having this video on Page 1 here will help convince people that you are a reputable company before they see any bad reviews about you
on X” (name a social profile with bad reviews about them ranking BELOW the video as an example).
Facebook Video Ad:“Now after we went and ranked your video we then went and spent our own money advertising your new video commercial on Facebook. Facebook’s targeting is very specific, so using the target audience you outlined in your questionnaire we targeted X, Y and Z (example: women between the ages of 25­35 who own their own home, are single, have kids, make over $1 50k per year and like Justin Bieber). Now from the people we targeted, X watched the entire video and Y watched at least part of it. Because we set up Facebook to track and collect these people, we can now run any type of ad you want to just these people who have
already proven they are interested so your ad costs will be very cheap and your ROI will be huge!” Now at this point they will most likely have questions. Answer the questions and when they seem like they don’t have anymore questions, it’s time to roll into…..
Sell Part II: Upsell Them on Your Paid Services
The moment has come! Time to bring home the bacon, tag and bag em, make it rain, whatever your favorite “close” expression may be just DON’T BE NERVOUS! The key to 
my product store review working is understanding you have provided a TON of value and if they are even a halfway decent business owner they will be incredibly interested at this point in seeing what else you can do for them.
I transition from review to pitch with one simple line: “Now that we have covered what we’ve already done for you, would you be interested in hearing some additional ideas I’ve identified that could really blow up your leads and ROI this month?”
Of COURSE they are going to say yes. The only people who won’t say yes are the people who have been “waiting” for the pitch and you don’t want them as clients anyway. You can change up this line as much as you want but the key is to get them to say “yes” and verbalize their consent for you to pitch them. I’m not going to go into NLP here so just understand that you want to have them saying “yes” as much as possible throughout the entire pitch. It may seem corny (I still think it's corny) but it works. Boy does it work.


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