MSGLeads Review – Lead Generation in One click

MSGLeads Review – Lead Generation in One click

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Is it shareable? Can it be easily shared? When I first started on this msgleads review, I took a good hard look at my content. I compared what I thought were some really great posts on my blog to other bloggers’ similar posts. Ones where mine was shared a dozen times and theirs were shared 10k+ times.

If you pay attention to the sharing statistics on bigger bloggers’ posts, you’ll likely notice that Facebook is a huge traffic referrer for them. Facebook is a great way to get LOADS of traffic. In fact, I read an UpWorthy slideshare that said, “If you’re not on Facebook, you LOSE.” I completely believe it. So why wasn’t my work being shared on Facebook? First, my posts lacked shareable graphics.

Some of my posts had pretty terrible graphics and some had none! Second, I wasn’t actively sharing on Facebook. When I looked into it, I realized there are actually optimal sizes for sharing on different platforms. I’ve read conflicting advice on this issue, but in general find that a rectangular image that’s approximately 2 times wider than it is tall shows up nicely in the preview box without cutting off text.

I read several recommendations of the size 560 x 292 pixels, and this fits with those height and width parameters, so I just went with it. Square photos also do well on Facebook when you upload them yourself, so that’s an option as well. They are also decent for Pinterest, so sometimes when I’m in a crunch I’ll create one large square photo to share on both platforms.

Now that I realize how each platform differs, I usually do two different ones, but that’s a strategy when you’re crunched for time. Pictures are important. But equally as important is whether or not you have a way for people to share your content. Most blogs I see have share buttons installed, but there are lots of different options. I use Flare now (previously Shareaholic).

Honestly, I liked msgleads review better, but they started putting annoying advertisements on my popups, and I felt like they were competing with me, so I moved to Flare…Flare is great except it doesn’t currently track StumbleUpon shares properly. I’m currently toying with the idea of adding a Facebook and Pinterest only sharing bar you see on viral sharing sites like Mashable.

Doesn’t this just beg you to click Share and join the other 4.6K people who’ve done so? It looks like they have a Flare-like sharing bar floating on the left in addition to the sharing buttons on top. Sounds like a bit much until you see it in action. I kind of like it.

Action Step: Identify all of your posts that could be great on Facebook and make sure you have an appropriately sized Facebook graphic for each one. If you’re not sure what people want to see on Facebook, think of it in terms of what you see people sharing and what you like to share. I read recently that people like to read semi-controversial, but not too serious posts, as well as anything that validates the image they want to portray to the world (better parent, being in the know, etc). I know hacks like how to cut a watermelon or cook cute pancakes do well, too.

Memes/funny infographics and videos always do really well. SHARING ON FACEBOOK There are lots of myths out there about Facebook. One of them is that you need tons of followers to get your posts seen. That’s just not true. There is a way to get your post to a wider audience that you have personally. It’s called Facebook share days. Some bloggers with larger followings than yours allow others to post content on their Facebook walls.

When you share to another Facebook fan page, the post goes down on the “posts to msgleads review ” section at the bottom left side of the screen where some followers may see them. Where you get traction from this method is when the blogger then re-shares the piece of content with their followers. If that blogger has lots of followers, this can have a huge payoff.

When MoneySavingMom shared my What Moms Need infographic with her followers, it got over 1000 page views in a single day (note: I don’t believe that page has a share day, but rather someone sent my post to them). When The Penny Hoarder shared my Free Stuff for Moms post with their community, I got thousands of page views in a few days time.

And that one actually resulted in a handful of affiliate sales as well! One frustrating thing about Facebook referrals is you can’t always track them down. When I see lots of traffic coming my way after sharing on Facebook, I search on Facebook for my URL. Sometimes Facebook will pull up the posts in the results. Other times I have had posts go crazy and I wasn’t sure who shared it because Facebook wouldn’t tell me.

Here’s an example: My post 3 Things Every Little Girl Needs to Hear Her Daddy Say drove 12,000 page views in a few days all from Facebook. I don’t know who shared it, but I woke up one morning to 464 people on my blog at the same time (according to real time Google Analytics). This was that huge spike you saw in May 2015 on the traffic chart in the Intro.


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