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Once you share that image, then you’re taken to a page that will tell you how to enter our motion animation pro review. The entry would require you to give us your name and email. That means they’re subscribing to our email newsletter, which sends them daily List25 posts. So this was like a three tiered program that I was spending about $625 for. The contest got people to like List25, which automatically shows up in their friends’ news feed. But, liking a page has a very low EdgeRank, so it doesn’t show up on all of your friends’ news feeds. But, the contest also has the user share our page. So, now our EdgeRank just improves for that user. Once that user shares it, all their friends see it. So it just created this viral platform for us and by the end we had 30,000 fans.
Reaching Critical Mass The trick to Facebook is that you need a certain number of fans in order for you to grow a lot faster. If you have 100 fans, you won’t be as viral as if you have 10,000 fans. 30,000 fans obviously brought us a huge reach. Today, we have a total of 100,643 likes. ‘Friends of 
motion animation pro review’ is also an important number. We have 35 million friends of fans.
Get Friendly I also got a lot of my friends to retweet it or like it. I also asked a few of my personal friends who I think have a good influence on Facebook, “Hey, I will take you guys out to a meal if you enter this contest and share it with all of your friends and invite all of your friends to like our page.” The meal was not going to cost me that much – $15 or $20 bucks a person at most. We’re not going to some fancy restaurant. So, I temporarily made them admins of my page and had them invite all of their friends. Only admins can invite all of their friends to join a page. The social connection on Facebook is very crucial. You would not ‘like’ something because a stranger tells you to do it. You are more likely to do it when a friend tells you to do it.

So, that was a crucial aspect of how we grew so fast. As we produced content, it was much more viral because our total reach was so much higher. We just kept on building up and building up. I think now we’re growing at about 800 to 1200 likes a day. It’s insane.
Facebook Tools
Simple Facebook Connect Make sure the correct thumbnail shows up for each of your articles. That is very crucial. Download this plugin for WordPress called, “Simple Facebook Connect.” It’s not rocket science. Just activate the plugin and it will make sure the right image shows. The plugin is very powerful. With List25, it allows Facebook comments. So people can just connect to their Facebook and leave comments if they want to. It also allows you to install Facebook Insights. We have a huge article on WPBeginner about the plugin. It’s a little bit technical, but we explain it pretty well.
Facebook Insights You know how you have Insights for your fan page? So, you can also have Facebook Insights for your website, which would pretty much show you all of the stuff that you see for your fan page. So, you can see, “This is the country that’s getting the most likes. This is the language that most of our users speak. This is the stuff that most people are talking about. These are our most popular articles with Facebook users.” For our site, I got Facebook Insights and I looked at which article was being shared the most. It was “25 Epic Fail GIFs.” So I decided to reshare that 
motion animation pro review more. I shared all 25 of our epic GIFs on our Facebook. Now that article alone has 29,000 Facebook likes. How many articles do you see that get 29,000 likes? Insights helped me do that. I also used the Insights to check which Facebook like button are people clicking on.

In the beginning, we played around with the Facebook Like placements on our site. There’s a good blog called HyperArts Blog. He has a great tutorial that shows you how to attach Google Analytics tags to your social media buttons. Then you can see which social media buttons the user actually is clicking the most. You can get rid of all the other ones. A lot of people have a lot of social media buttons, but that causes the site to load super slowly. We don’t want our site to load slowly. We want it to load fast.
Socialize through Search
Twitter Search is by far one of the most helpful things. That’s the bottom line. Who is your competitor? At List25, we have a few competitors. So, I just started sitting on the Twitter search seeing who was retweeting those sites and I was just replying back to them, replying back to them, replying back to them. I like these sites myself, so I can relate to what they’re sharing. I can just reply back, like, “Oh, I like that stuff too.” That makes it a little bit less spammy, so I’m not just saying, “Hey Cracked is good. Check out List25. It’s even better.” That would be total spam. But if you can relate to them with the first tweet, they will probably reply back to you. Then in the second tweet, you can say, “Oh yeah, and by the way, did you check out our site? It is pretty amazing.” So, for Twitter, that’s the number one thing: target your competitors in Twitter search and interact with their audience.
Create a Separate, Personal Profile Often people don’t have a personal network on their Twitter, so they just go by their site.

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