Mobile App Empire Review – Turn Your Low Budget Mobile Apps Into Real Income

Mobile App Empire Review – Turn Your Low Budget Mobile Apps Into Real Income
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Title the campaign name the same as your mobile app empire review you You can also just copy and paste the end of the url in there as well. Click CONTINUE 4. Select PURCHASE as the conversion action to take. Once you have your first sale, this red dot will turn green so don’t worry about it for now. 5. Targeting When targeting in Facebook, get it very broad, into the millions is fine. We want Facebook to narrow down the targeting for us, so I keep it broad.

They know where their buyers are, not us, so don’t drill too deep into specific audiences and it will limit Facebooks ability to narrow properly as you are using a small audience. This small audience will also run out too. Keep it broad, this method works. 1. Select country. You do not always have to use the USA, Australia, Canada and many European countries have worked very well for me also, the clicks are much cheaper with them also.

2. Keep the age range broad, again we do not know exactly who our buyers are, 21+ is what I use most of the time, let Facebook find the buyers, keep it broad so they can search and test for you. 3. Use male and female.

Do NOT assume just because the product you are promoting may be a male dominated area, it does not mean that more females may buy then the males, for gifts etc. I have seen this many times with a female product, and the men gave me a much higher ROI then if I would have just targeted the men. Keep it open, FB will find them for you. 4. Interest. Again, keep it broad here.

We want a huge audience for mobile app empire review  to find buyers for us, also we want a big audience that once we find what’s working we can use this all year long. Not just for a few weeks and it ends. Keep it broad. 5. 15,000,000 yes, there are 15 million people in this audience. Perhaps this is different from most people are telling you, however looks at the ROI I have posted on the sales page, 400%+. So this works for me 5.

Placements Where to place your ad? For this type of ad we are going to place it on news feed only, Desktop and mobile only. We are not going to post in Instagram, audience network or Right column. You are welcome to try the others, but this is what has worked for me 6. Budget You can start at $1-5 a day per blog post that you do. Remember you want to do MANY of these posts, most of mine work very very well, but some don’t.

Do not just do one post and think that this doesn’t work. Start with 10 and promote all 10. From $1-5 to start is fine. 1. $1-$5 to start 2. Run constantly 3. Conversions as goal, always 7. More ad setup 1. 1 day conversion window 2. Auto for bid always, don’t set yourself 3. Name your ad in reference to what you are targeting so you can track it. So mobile/desk age, then mobile app empire review  you are using. 4. click CONTINUE 8.

Ad image Add the image of your ad here. 9. Ad details Here you are going to make the ad your visitors are going to see. Select your fan page, if you don’t have one you can add it in your business manager. Enter the direct URL of the blog post you are using. Add a catchy headline, this will be similar to the title of the blog post. 


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