Lurn Insider Review–Earn millions in a year

Lurn Insider Review–Earn millions in a year

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Exact Themes that I used to make more than $14k in 14days In this chapter I will show you what lurn insider review I used for my number one niche: “Restaurants”. It is really up to you what design you are going to use. But please take care of the following points: - Responsive! Template must be optimized for smartphones and tablets.

- CMS based (WordPress or Joomla) so that customer can edit text and images by himself. - Template must be created 2014 or 2015 so that it is modern. - Template must look awesome and must fit exactly to your selected niche. Here is a list of all websites where I buy my templates: 1. This is the absolute number one website for buying templates. There are thousands of different templates for every niche. I also love to buy templates there.

Easy and fast and they also have a massive amount of different templates for all the niches. Here is a list of all templates that I used for the niche “Restaurant”. Please notice that I only used the first link at the beginning. After I sold my first restaurant website I bought the other ones but you can also buy only one theme and customize it for every customer. This is really up to you.

I also created a list with all templates I am using for my different niches. You can find the list in the folder “Resources”. I guess this is a really hard question but I prefer paid templates. I always work with paid templates and I would never sell a free template to a customer. Why? Here are the reasons: 1. I have a good support if I buy a premium template 2.

A premium template costs between $30 and $60, and I am going to sell the website for $1500 to $2500. I do not care about the $30 to $60. 3. I can customize and re-use those templates. 4. I can sell a security & upgrade service to my customer because premium themes get updated on a regular basis. 5. Most premium themes are already SEO optimized and are working like a charm 6.

There is a step-by-step installation guide so that everyone can install such a template for a CMS. So all you have to do is finding a nice looking template that you want to use and that you want to sell to your customers. Once you found a template, download/buy it and you are ready to go.

Prepare your Themes for your customers The next step is to prepare your theme which you have bought. You cannot show a business owner a demo of a theme which you have bought. You need to customize the template a little bit so that your future customer thinks you really created a website for a company in another country.

Let?s say you bought a WordPress Theme (I only buy WordPress Themes, sometimes Joomla but I prefer WordPress) and now you need to set-up a WordPress website to install your theme. If you have absolutely no idea on how to set-up a WordPress website here is what you need: 1) A webhosting package + a domain There are thousands of cheap and good webhosting providers. As I am running my own company I can also offer you webhosting for $5.00 per month! I can set up your hosting account and install WordPress for you. Just contact me if you are interested.

Otherwise use your existing webhost if you already have one or go to or and register an account there. 2) Newest WordPress Package Just move over to and download the newest version. After you have successfully downloaded the WinRAR file, extract it and upload it to your server.

3) Install WordPress & install your Theme! There are hundreds of tutorials all over the web on how to install WordPress. Just use Google and search for: “How to install WordPress”. You can also go here and find a detailed description on how to install WordPress: If you?ve bought a premium theme, extract it and you will find a folder called “Documentation”.

There you will find a step-by-step installation guide for your selected theme. If you use a free WordPress theme, just google after: “How to install a WordPress Themes” 4) Customize your lurn insider review! This is the final part. Once you have installed WordPress and your selected theme you need to customize it.

Search on the internet for images that fit to your niche, add a few text to your website and try to leave the design as you can see it on the demo of your theme that you?ve bought. What I mean is, just change a few images, logo & text. That?s all! You do not need to code something or change the whole layout. At my first try I contacted a burger restaurant and a tapas bar! For the burger restaurant I used cool burger images while for the tapas bar I used some cool Spanish images.

That?s all! As soon as you have created your website and you feel comfortable with the look of the website go ahead and move on to STEP 4 because you do not need STEP 3 – Outsourcing anymore. STEP 3 - Outsource your work Why Outsourcing? What are the benefits There are two reasons when you should outsource the work: 1) You have absolutely no idea how to build a website or customize a theme If you have never installed a WordPress blog you should outsource the work.

Also if you have never bought a template you should outsource the work. Why? Because it would take too long until you understand how WordPress works and you want to make money fast. Outsourcing is nowadays really cheap and in this STEP 3 I will show you exactly how you can outsource all your work.

2) You want to earn more than I did in 14days OR you want to work less than I did in 14days If you want to earn more or work less than I did than I would also suggest that you outsource some parts of the work. You can focus on 3-4 niches while you are outsourcing 3 additional niches or you can start with 2-3 niches and outsource them all.

This is really up to you and depends on how much you want to earn and work. Fastest & cheapest way to outsource your work Nowadays there are so many ways on outsourcing specific work. If you are looking for someone who can build a website that you will need, please read below.

I collected the best three ways for you to outsource all your work: 1) Outsource the work to my company I created a thread a few weeks ago on where I offer to all warrior members a website creation service for $100. This is exactly what you are going to need. See my thread here: ready-48hours.html! For $100 I create a website that you can sell for $1500 to $2500. Trust me, this is exactly the same way as I created websites for this method.

you get your website within 2- 4 days and you can start e-mailing your selected business owners. 2) Hire someone professional on is the biggest platform where you can find people that can help you. You just have to create a new project and you will get tons of notifications from people all over the world who want to work for you.

I created a project template which you can use. You will find this template in the “Resources” folder. Use this template when you are looking for someone to hire. You will get exactly what you need within the next 2-6 business days. 3) Hire someone professional on is the second platform that I can suggest. I worked with lots of people from in the past and they are really fast. I looked for some professionals for you.

Here is a list of people who offer exactly what you are going to need: o “Theextremewp” – Link to his offer This guy from Pakistan offers exactly what you need. Contact him and he will give you a special price. Just tell him that you need a WordPress installation & a premium theme installation and that you would like to change a few images and text. That?s all.

o “Siegercreations” – Link to his offer This guy from India offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee and also do all the related stuff. I already worked with him a few times ago. I really appreciate his work. He also has more than 700+ positive reviews. o “Hybridfuad” – Link to his offer A nice guy from Bangladesh who did a lot of WordPress related work for me in the past.

He offers exactly what you are going to need with a fast turnaround time. Exact outsourcing method that I am using right now to scale my income At my 14 days trial at the beginning I did all the hard work by myself. Right now, a few weeks later, I already have a lot of customized themes which I still sell to different businesses but I do not want to sell the same theme to 20 different businesses in my region. The “Restaurant” niche is a goldmine in my region and this is why I customized more than 35 themes right now.

I did not customize them all by myself, I outsourced the work. Here is exactly what I did: I went to and looked for someone who can help me. I found 5 people at the beginning, now I selected only one guy. I told him, that I am running my own business and that I knew how much work it is to install WordPress, a theme and customize this theme.

I promised him that if he does a good job, I will have a lot more work for him and so he made me a special price. Right now the guy is customizing about 3-5 themes per week for me. I really appreciate his work. It is Aaliyaan from Pakistan. You can find his profile here: See Aaliyaan Profile. You can contact Aaliyaan or you can find someone else. There are lots of good guys at Tip: Search at after “customize wordpress” and click to sort after “highest rating”. There you will find people with more than 1,000 positive ratings.

Contact 3-5 of them and select one of your choices. STEP 4 – Contact your potential businesses Now let’s move on to the best part of my guide. Here I will show you all you have to do when you start to contact your business owners. Selling your website to one of your 10 business owners is not hard. Why? Because you can show them what their new website will look like and they get a feeling of what their new website will be. This is the best thing about my method.

Most business owners have no idea about what kind of lurn insider review they want or they need. Now you show them a finished awesome website and they will love it. Tip: If you are selling a website to a business owner and they ask you for a discount, give them a discount. Why? Imagine you are going to sell a website for $1500 and you give your customer a discount of 10%-20%! They will buy an additional service from you.

More about additional services will be written in Step 5 of this guide. Tip 2: If you found a few businesses without a website, than you probably do not have an e-mail address from those businesses and you cannot send them an email. Yellow Pages offers an awesome service for that kind of problem. This is the reason why I always use or (for my country). On you can contact business owners, even if they do not have a website or e-mail address. You can just click on the business and click on “Send Message”.

See my screenshot below: How to contact your future customers I hate cold callings and I do not do that kind of contacting customers. Why? If I make a cold call I cannot show something to my customer. If I first send him an e-mail, explain him my situation and show him what I have created, my customer can imagine more than when I am telling him those information on phone.

Also my customer has more time to look at the brand new website and can think about it what it will look like for his business So the first step will be that you send your selected business owners an email. I created an e-mail template, please look at the “Resources” folder and you will find the e-mail. Just replace a few things there and your e-mail is ready. I am using exactly the same e-mail template for two months now and I can tell you, this e-mail is working.

On the second step you have to wait until you get a response from some of the business owners you have contacted. Please keep in mind that you will not get 10 answers if you send the e-mail to 10 business owners. But that is not a problem at all. At least 1-3 business owners will respond to your email. Repeat this STEP for all niches where you selected some business owners.

If you have selected 3-4 niches with 10 business owners per niche, you will make at least 4-6 sales! What about the price of a website? This is a really good question. I sell those entire websites for different prices. I look at the businesses and decide a price for myself. For example a small restaurant with only 4 tables won?t pay $2500 for a website while a big restaurant with more than 100 seats will be able to pay for a website even more than $2500. I sell most of the websites for $1500 to $1800! I also sold one website for $3200 because that was a really big restaurant.

For a church in my region I sold a website for only $800! It really depends on how big that business is. If you do not have the right feeling for the correct price feel free to contact me and tell me the business you want to sell a website to. I will help you. Call all business owners that did not send you a reply If you do not get an answer from all your businesses that you have contacted it is time to take some action.

If you get two responses you can also contact all other eight business owners but this time you need to call them. Do not send a second e-mail. You need to call them and tell them that you sent them an e-mail 2-3 days ago! This is really important!!!! Do not call after a few hours when you sent the mail and also do not wait for a week or even more. You must contact the business owners 2-3 days after you sent them an e-mail.

Just tell the business owner that you send an e-mail 2-3days ago and that you just want to know if he is interested. Tell him once again why you want to sell the website and what your “problem” is. Also tell him about the features of the website and what a wonderful and modern website you made.

As soon as you notice that the business owner may want your website, tell him, that you are honest and that you also contacted other businesses in the same niche in the same region and that he has to hurry up because you only sell the website once. This is a one-time offer! If you looked for businesses in your region make an appointment and sell your website ?! If your selected business is not in your region set a deadline so that your selected business owner has 1-2 days more time to think about it.

After the deadline has ended, contact the business owner once again and depending on your last phone call he will make a positive decision. That?s it! 


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