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The important thing with membership sites is to keep people engaged. That’s the only way that you’re going to keep people around for a long time in a membership site. Use things like local seo ninja review , Facebook, and a mailing list. Let them know that you’re a real person and tell people every time there’s new content in the program. I think you’ll find that people stick around for a really long time.
ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 1. Differentiate yourself. Find a way to differentiate your paid membership content from all of the free content. You can do that by creating high-quality videos or by distributing your content more effectively. 2. Build your membership site. Use WordPress to build the site. Use WishList Member plugin to create the membership area. Use AWeber to collect the emails. Use ClickBank to manage the transactions. Use Simple:Press plugin to add a forum. And use CubePoints to add a game element to your membership area. 3. Create your content. Start with seven or eight modules. Then create content for each module. If you can, make how-to videos. Keep them short. Host them with Amazon S3 and embed them on your site with Easy Video Player. Also, transcribe the videos so people can scan through the content if they don’t want to watch the videos. 4. Establish your pricing strategy. You have a number of pricing options: (1) Upfront, one-time charge, (2) Recurring monthly charge, (3) Small trials, (4) Free trials, or (5) Lifetime membership. Matt started with a $47 upfront, one-time charge. Then progressed to a $10 monthly charge. Now he’s at $37 per month and he offers a $1 one-week trial or a $5 one-month trial. He also offers a $247 lifetime membership. He also sells a few of the membership modules a la carte. 5. Promote your membership site. If you’re just starting out, find a relevant forum and answer peoples’ questions. Include a link to your membership site in your signature. Then start optimizing your site for search engines and integrating your site with Facebook and
YouTube. If your site is set up to work with affiliate marketing, recruit affiliates to help promote your membership site. Just make friends and help people.
Use a Virtual Staff-Finding Service I’ve been using a local seo ninja review that actually goes out there and does the search for me. It filters through the first layer. So I don’t really spend much time searching for people myself anymore. When I first started, I spent weeks on end trying to find the right person, to negotiate the best price, the best working conditions, and all that kind of stuff. But in the end, they didn’t even stay. So nowadays I work with a very close provider in the Philippines and Chris Ducker from
Virtual Staff Finder. He helps me source out all the virtual assistants and people I need for my business.
How it Works They go through the whole process and you pay a one-time fee. They come back to you with three candidates, you meet them and find out if they’ve got the right skills for you, and then – bang –you’re up and away. That saves you a lot of time.
Alternatives If you don’t want to spend that money up front, then you can definitely try out all the other outsourcing sites out there, like Elance, oDesk, and I would not be so confident about going to Elance and oDesk because most of those people are contractors or looking for just one-time jobs. Usually, my goal is to find a full-time virtual assistant or full-time virtual worker who can focus completely on my business and concentrate on all the things I need.
When to Hire
New Businesses A lot of people say, “Oh, I can’t really afford someone right now because we’re just starting out.”

I say, “Look, if you really want to fast-track your local seo ninja review right now, hire a virtual assistant to overtake all of your administration, so that way you can start managing money much faster.” Particularly in blogging, it’s a long journey. It’s a lot of hard work to be able to produce all of that content and you can’t do that all by yourself. You need help. So, the faster you can get content produced, the faster you can get your blog marketed, the faster you’ll achieve success. You definitely need an extra helping hand. But that is only if you’re just starting out.
Established Businesses For the people who are already currently have a successful business running behind them, if you haven’t outsourced a lot of the administration side of things, then that’s the first thing that you need to get done. Get somebody to help – whether it’s by managing your email, customer support, backend posting of you blog posts, or handling any of the financial side of things.
Get a Personal Assistant The first position to outsource is the virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can do quite a number of things – anything from handling emails to posting articles on your blog. With blogging, there’s a lot of behind the scenes that you don’t personally need to do and that’s the reason why I recommend hiring a virtual assistant. Responding to emails can be very, very time consuming. Facebook, Twitter, social networks – all those things really take a lot of time. You could get someone to update all of that for you as well and manage all of those comments. There’s a lot of the behind the scenes things that you don’t need to do yourself. People struggle with it, because they want to answer those emails themselves. I understand, but you’ve got to think like a big business owner and think, “If I’m going to manage a business, then I should find a team that can actually take over that side of things, train them up to be able to answer very similar questions and hopefully minimize it with an FAQ page.” That allows you to free your time up to focus on things that will generate income for your site

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