LeadSensationz Review – Close deals with clients fast and easy

LeadSensationz Review – Close deals with clients fast and easy

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If you plan on releasing an ebook you can save your leadsensationz review as a PDF. Almost any word processor has this functionality including many free ones. You can do this in Word, Pages, Google Docs, Open Office etc. On all of my ebooks I like to include a 3d cover image on the first page. The majority of my covers are created in Photoshop and I use a free action script to turn my flat image into a nice looking book cover. If you are not sure how to do this you can skip this step or outsource it. You can even outsource ebook covers to Fiverr and get quality work done. I also like to include a header and footer on each ebook that I release that includes branding information. This reminds someone everytime they go through your ebook who they got it from. This builds brand awareness and helps get repeat business. In the header I will usually create a product branded image like the one you see in this book. In the footer I will include copyright information along with a link to my website and page numbers.
Audio courses are usually delivered as mp3’s as they are one of the smallest size audio files. Any audio production software can be used to export audio as an mp3. I  personally use Reaper for my production needs but it is probably overkill for most users. A simple software program such as Audacity can be used to record your audio and export as mp3. Or if you have a mini handheld recorder you can usually export as mp3 as well. Also, there are many smartphone apps that can now record decent voice audio quality and export as mp3. Once you have your mp3’s ready to go you can deliver them in a couple of different formats. You can put them in a zip file and load them to your website as a downloadable file or you can load them to your merchant platform and have them download that file directly from there. For example: Using JVZoo I can upload my product files directly to their servers to be downloaded. Another option is to embed the files on your website for download or include a player where they can directly play the audio files on your website. Keep in mind if you are embedding audio files and/or video files to your server it can put a lot of load on your server if you have a lot of people listening to your audio or watching your videos. If that is the case you would be better of using a service like Amazon S3 to host your audio.
If you are releasing a video course you will want to save your videos as mp4’s. If you are creating a video course you will probably want to embed the videos on your website somewhere or have them delivered in a download file the same way I mentioned above with the audio files
When I create video training i will usually embed it on my leadsensationz review but have it hosted on Amazon S3. For recording and creating the videos I use Camtasia Studio and use the mp4 only option to export as mp4. Regardless of the type of product you create you should create a high quality image for it. This is great for adding perceived value to your product. This can really help conversions on your sales page. For each of my products I like to do at least two images. One for the ebook cover/software box and then another one that is a banner like you see in the header of this book. The banner image is also used on various pages of my website to promote my products. For example, here is one that I did for my Authority Blog Launch Blueprint Training.
While this little details arent necessary to launching your product they can be helpful and add a lot of perceived value to your product. And if you put a lot of hard work into creating your product you can back up that perceived value
About Me Section ­ Adding an about me section is great for branding and connecting to your audience.
Legal Page ­ Add any copyright notices and legal disclaimers you need to add to your products.
Table Of Contents ­ This is nice so your readers can go exactly to the section of your report or book they need to.
Other Products & Resources ­ Add an other products or resources section to your product. This is a great way to cross sell some of your own products and to get affiliate commissions on products or tools you use.
Homework: Before moving on you need to analyze your product from start to finish and make sure there are no essential steps left out. Next you will proofread your product and add any necessary formatting. And finally you will save your product in its final format (pdf, mp3, mp4, etc.)

When it comes to selling our product the first thing that we have to do is establish a pricing structure. Now at first you may be inclined to put a high price tag on your products to reward yourself for all the hard work you've done. But our real goal here is to convert prospects into buyers. This not only adds buyers to our list that we can sell to again again but it also allows you to convert more prospects to buyers which will lead to more affiliates jumping on board to promote your
product. The key to this method is to price your product below $1 0. A common price for a front end product is $7. Why? Well first of all its below $1 0 and second of all people seem to be fascinated with sevens. This is going to help us convert more people to buyers which means building or buyers list. And a list of buyers can be one of the most lucrative 
leadsensationz review as a product creator. Once someone buys from you once they are more inclined to buy from you again. Especially if you created a very valuable product. Now the key with this pricing structure is that you will be profiting more on the backend. As you begin to create more products you can add immediate upsells to your products. This is when someone who has just purchased is offered an additional product or upgrade to the product that they just purchased. These tend to convert well as people have already showed their willingness to buy from you. If it is a relatable over that allows them to do things faster or better it can do really well. The other element of this is selling to your list of buyers who have purchased your products. You will use your autoresponder to followup with your buyers and send them your future product launches and possibly even affiliate offers.

There are a lot of places to launch a product online but I am going to share with you my favorite sites to launch products on. First of all, you should be launching products on your own website. Your own website can be used in addition to other platforms to launch your products. Affiliate platforms such as JVzoo, and warriorplus allow you to host your offers on your own website and still tap into their large affiliate bases. Warrior Forum ­ Warrior Special Offers ­ If you are in the internet marketing niche the warrior forum is one of the best places to be launching your own products. Not only can you get a lot of affiliates on board from the third party affiliate systems like JVzoo and Warriorplus but you can also get a lot of organic forum traffic. People are searching the Warrior Forum Daily for new techniques and tools to make money online. If you are outside of the internet marketing niche I highly recommend doing self hosted launches on your own website but launching your product through either JVzoo or Both of these sites have large affiliate bases in a large spread of niches.
Creating your sales page is one of the final pieces of the product launch puzzle. Depending on where you are launching your product will determine the tools that you use to create your sale page. One final note before we get started. Sales copy can seem very hard to new product creators. It is one of those things where the more you do it, the better you get. Also, the

more sales pages you read the better you get. Before you even start writing your sales page view some similar products sales pages that have sold a lot of copies. This can give you a lot of inspiration and show you the format of winning sales copy.
The key elements to a sales page are: ● Attention ● Agitating the problem of your prospect ● Relating it you (your story) ● Offer a solution ● Show your benefits ● Support your solution with facts/testimonials ● Call to action If you can include all those elements on your sales page you are on your way to creating a high converting sales page.
The Tools If you are going to be hosting your sales page on your own website there are a number of different options for creating your sales pages. My favorite solution for this task is
OptimizePress. It is one of the best tools for creating any type of page on your website such as sales pages, squeeze pages, membership pages, download pages, and more. Any time I host my sales page on my own website I use OptimizePress to create it. If you will be launching your products on other platforms such as the Warrior Forum you will have to create your sales page in the forum editor. For this reason I always create my sales pages in a word document and convert them to whatever system I am going to use later. This is also a great way to ensure you always have a backup of your sales copy in case something were to ever happen to your website.
Very Important! It is extremely important that we capture our buyers email address. This allows us to build a relationship with them, sale them future products, sale them affiliate products, and build an audience. A List of buyers is very important for any product seller. There are many autoresponder services to choose from. Personally I have had great results with Aweber.
Create your buyers list Once you have your account you will want to create your first list. In Aweber all you have to do is click on create and manage lists

The last thing that we want to do is turn off confirmed optin. Confirmed optin sends your subscribers through additional hoops when signing up for your email list and also leads to a lower conversion rate for you because a lot of people won't confirm. So I find it best for both me and my leads to turn that feature off. To do that click on list options and then list settings

Confirm that you want to turn it off and then click on save settings. How you integrate this with your payment processor will be dependent upon the service you use. Each payment processor should have instructions for doing this. In WarriorPlus for example you simply select the list you want your buyers added to like this:

This will allow you to login through your autoresponder service and choose your new buyers list. Now you can capture your leads and sale to them again and again!

Delivering your product to your paying customers is a very important step in launching your own products. The last thing we want to do is make a brand new customer unhappy right from the beginning. This means we want to make sure our customers get access to their download immediately after purchase. One of the easiest ways to deliver your product is providing a download page on your own website. Not only does this make it easy for the customer to get your purchase but it also allows you to brand your business and customize your download page in any way you like


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