InstaSuite 2.0 Review – The #1 All-In-One Marketing Platform

InstaSuite 2.0 Review – The #1 All-In-One Marketing Platform

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Not only were the shirts snapped up, but the post, and link, where shared for beyond where he himself posted. The instasuite 2.0 review ? A few thousand dollars in profit, at zero cost!
Duplicating The Case-Study Yourself
If your mind isn’t already spinning with possibilities, you might want to have your heart checked to see if it’s still beating. Almost any memorable event, or significant news item that affects a narrow, specific, or welldefined group can be the basis for similar opportunities.
A current example that comes to mind (regardless of your personal feelings about the matter): The recent NFL draft made big news when the St. Louis Rams drafted the first openly gay NFL player, Michael Sam. According to CNN, sales of his jersey immediately became a bestseller. How hard would it be to search Google for some appropriate, catchy gay rights slogan, and create a ‘faux’ Michael Sam jersey with that slogan? Then post it in various LGB T groups and pages on Facebook, similar to the example above? (Needless to say, you could do the same thing with paid ads.) There are a literally endless number of situations and opportunities that you could take advantage of. All you need is something that speaks to work or inflames the passion of a targetable group.
Quantity The best compromise when starting out is probably 40-50 shirts. You'll get a significant price break over 20 but still have a target which is pretty easy to hit. If you have a budget less than $500, I'd start with 20 shirts. Do not choose 100, like I did. I saved .40 cents per shirt so I earned about $60 more on my sale than if I'd have chosen 50. But the stress and worry while I was below my goal was not worth the extra money.
Colors Try to use only 1 color of ink. Adding a second color will add about $1 to the shirt. A 3rd color will add another .60 cents. I'm not saying never use 2 colors but be aware of the price change. In the beginning, stick with 1 color.
Tees vs. Hoodies While both are profitable, I recommend hoodies for beginners as long as you're reading this in the winter. Here is why. The profit on a hoodie is about $19. The profit on a t-shirt is about

$10. T-shirts ARE easier to sell, but they aren't twice as easy. The higher profit on hoodies gives you more room to make mistakes and still ma ke money. A good compromise is to offer both. If you do this, I'd test both ways, advertising the h oodie for $39 and having the t-shirt for a down-sell and then I'd offer the tee for $19 and have the hoodie as an upsell. See what works best.
Front / Back Print front and back. It only adds $1.10 to the price but the additional perceived value is much higher. People like shirts with something on both 
instasuite 2.0 review. Test various things but typically you'd put a large design on the back and a small design on the front left pocket area.
Teespring Customer Service Here are a couple of things TeeSpring can do for you. 1. Color Selection - They can add color selections for your shirts. This way you can offer customers a choice of 2 or 3 colors. 2. The "Save Your Ass" Maneuver — They can actually lower your tipping point! So let's say your goal is 50 and you've spent $500 on ads but you've only sold 48 shirts. And the clock is almost up. If the clock expires without selling 50, you lose everything. But... If you email or call Teespring, they will lower your tipping point (and raise your shirt cost) to allow you to close the sale. Without this, your only other option is to buy the remaining shirts yourself. Once you sell a while, you can get your own customer service rep to help you with things like this.
Beyond Tee Shirts
The Same – But Different One way to expand this model is to use similar fulfillment services beyond Tee Shirts. There are many companies that follow a similar model as Teespring, but with one major difference: no quantity commitment! In other words, you can come up with a good design and have it put on any of hundreds of different items, where all the manufacturing, payment processing, and fulfillment is handled for you – all you have to do is drive buyer traffic. We’re talking any- and everything from keytags to posters, bumper stickers to mugs, calendars, planners, ornaments, even skateboards!
IDEA: find some ‘cool’ music groups, sayings, etc., that appeal to the ‘skater’ (skateboarders)
population – they’ll eat it up, and the margins are enormous!

One of the original and best of these companies is Cafepress. Not only do they have literally hundreds of items that they will custom-imprint, but through them you can create your own Cafepress ‘store’ – a webpage featuring only your stuff.
Creating Your Facebook Ads
Using “Power Editor” While I strongly suggest you download, learn, and use the Google Chrome “Power Editor” plugin, it isn’t necessary in order to get started. You’ll eventually want to take advantage of all the added features & functionality of “Power Editor” however, as you can do more, do it better, and do it more efficiently by using it.
NOTE: “Power Editor” is a Google Chrome plugin; you must use the Chrome browser to use
“Power Editor”
Using Facebook’s Ad Manager This report is made to get you rocking with Facebook ads, to get you ROI when you advertise. The best thing you can do is learn how to turn advertising money into profits (so you don’t rely to just having affiliates, and depending on them to launch your stuff). FYI, this is a report for beginners, intermediate and advanced marketers. This is what you’re going to learn:
To create a Facebook ad:
1. Go to the ads create tool
2. Choose an advertising objective. Depending on the results you want from your ad,
you can choose what advertising objective you want to create an ad for.

Ad Images
When you create a group of ads, you can select up to 6 images from a range of Page photos, previous ads or you can choose to upload images. Selecting multiple images at the same time creates multiple ads at once for a single campaign so we can use your budget toward the ad that performs bestTo select images for your ad:
1. Go to the ads create tool and choose what you want to advertise and what your goal is. Your goal, for example, may be to Get More Page likes.
2. Fill in your ad headline and text.
3. Choose whether you want to Upload Images to use images from your 
instasuite 2.0 review or Select Images From Library to use images from your Page photos or previous ads.
For all ads, the best size image to upload is 1200x627 pixels, but we recommend a minimum width of 600 pixels for images appearing in News Feed. Depending on what type of ad you're creating, you may also see a more specific recommended image size in the create tool when you upload your image.
Learn more about choosing images for your ad
Edit Text and Links
Edit the text and links for your ad. You'll be able to see a preview of your ad on the right side. The text limit for your headline and text will depend on what your advertising objective is. The character limit when you edit your text will ensure that the people you're trying to reach will be able to see your entire message. You can learn more about the specific text limits for each ad product in the Ads Product Guide.

Targeting: Choose Your Audience
This is where much of the ‘magic’ comes from.
After creating your ad, you'll be able to identify the best audience to target. Choosing a relevant audience for your business is important because your ad will only be shown to people who match the criteria you select. After you've chosen your advertising objective and finished editing your campaign creative, you'll create your audience for your ads in the Audience section. Use the targeting options, such as location, demographics, interests and behaviors, to define the relevant audience for your ads. The Potential Reach on the right side below Audience Definition will show you an estimate of how many people your ad could potentially reach with the targeting options you choose. Keep in mind that your actual audience size depends on your budget and the duration of your campaign.
Targeting Options
Learn more about targeting options for your ad campaign.
Custom Audience
Create or select a Custom Audience that you can use with your other targeting options. A Custom Audience will let you find your offline audience among people who use Facebook.
Enter the name of one or more countries, states, provinces, cities and zip codes to show your ads in those locations. You can use any of the choices in any combination. After selecting a location, use the arrow on the right to choose a radius from that location or exclude a location that falls within the selected area.

Demographic Targeting Options
Age & Gender
Select the minimum and maximum age of the people who will find your ad relevant. Under Gender choose "All" unless you only want to target either men or women. Some people don't specify their gender on Facebook, so the only way to reach everyone is to select "All". You can use these demographic targeting options to select audience segments related to categories such as relationships, education, finances, and life events.
Reach your audience based on their interests. This can include interests from their timelines as well as the interests tied to Pages they’ve liked or keywords associated with those Pages or apps they use. For example, If you're a yoga studio in in San Francisco, you may use enter terms such as Exercise and Fitness and also enter very specific terms related to Yoga
Reach your audience based on their digital activities, what devices they use, past or intended purchases, and travel.
Education Targeting
To target education levels, specific schools, fields of study or specific graduation years.
Control whether or not your ad shows to people have already connected with you on Facebook.
Choose your campaign, ad set, budget and schedule
Name your campaign and ad set, and then select your budget and set the schedule for your ad set.
Campaign: We'll automatically suggest a campaign name for you, but if you want to edit the campaign name or select a different campaign, click Change Campaign.
Create Campaign: This option will let you change the name of the new campaign.
Use Existing Campaign: Best option if you're creating an ad that has the same goal as another campaign because the they will use the same budget. We'll only run a few ads from any campaign, so the ad that performs best will run more often.

Ad Set Name: The ad set name will pre-populate with details to make your ads identifiable. You can change the name, but it should be something that you'll be able to identify if you want to add more ads to the campaign later.
Determine your budget:
The cost of advertising on Facebook depends on the size of your audience and your budget. This section will help you determine your budget for your campaign. 
If you'd like to spend a set amount of money on your ad campaign over its duration, you can do so using the lifetime budget option.
What does my daily budget control?
What is lifetime budgeting?
What's a daily spend limit?
What is the minimum daily budget for an ad set?
Campaign Schedule: Choose Run my ad set continuously starting today to start running your ad continuously when it's approved or select Set a start and end date.
Learn more about choosing a campaign for your ad
5. Choose how you want to bid for your ads

Bidding: Choose whether you want to bid for your objective, clicks or for impressions. This will determine how you pay and who will see your ad.
Pricing: Choose whether you want to automatically bid for your ads or manually bid for your ads.
An automatic bid will set your bid so it's optimized to help you reach your objective.
A manual bid will let you pick a maximum bid. With a manual bid your ad won't be optimized to help you reach your objective, but for clicks or impressions. After you've confirmed your campaign and ad set, and selected your budget and schedule, place your order or review your ad.

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