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If you've ever signed up to someones list and used a fake name, and then received an
email from them saying “hello” to your 'fake' name, it looks kind of silly right?
You don’t want anyone laughing at your emails unless it was purposefully done.
Since there is no overwhelming study to show that putting the subscribers name in the
subject line will increase instastore in your pocket, then why risk making a mistake.
The risk out weighs the reward here.
Yes you can. Some people think putting your subject line in all caps makes your
Well they are not wrong, but not entirely right either...Do you see how annoying it is
to read a sentence that is all in caps? The trick is to keep your ALL CAPS subject lines
short! Here's an example, what looks better to you:
Feel free to use ALL CAPS, just use them sparingly, and keep the subject lines short
when you do.
The time to NOT use ALL CAPS is in the first couple of want to build trust
Most importantly, DO NOT use ALL 
instastore when the you are using an edgy or
controversial subject line.
ALL CAPS can misconstrue the tone of the headline and might confuse the reader,
putting a bad taste in their mouth before they ever (if they do) read your email.
When your subscriber finally trusts you and a relationship has been built, you can
throw some controversial headlines in there and use ALL CAPS (as long as you
properly justify it in the body of the email).
This is more advanced emailing and should only be done when you have a strong
relationship with your list, until then, keep ALL CAPS headlines to straight forward,
emotionally neutral subject lines and topics.
Its safer this way, trust me. ;)
Should I write the subject line or the email body first?

It really doesn’t matter what you do first... as long as you come up with something,
there is no wrong or right way.
Me personally, I prefer to come up with a theme (idea) first.
This is different from a lot of people, who usually write the subject line first and then
craft the theme around that.
They make the theme fit the subject line, while I prefer to make the subject line fit the
theme. Try both and see what works best for you.
I start by thinking of what problems my customers are faced with.
I write them down.
I then come up with as many cool, unique, out of the box answers, that I can come up
I write them down.
I then think of any way I can tie this problem/solution into an analogy or metaphor to
make the 'story' sound better
After I have the outline, I then think of a cool catchy subject line that I can tie into the
email theme I previously came up with.
If I can make it curiosity based, then I have won all around.
After this, I go into writing the details of the the email copy.
A few tips to writing a good subject line
• Never ask a question that the reader already knows the answer to
During the scanning process, they will simply answer it and move on the the next
• Write curiosity based subject lines that lead the reader to saying yes, such as:
"Are You a Marketing ProWho Wants to Make More Money?"
As you can see, the answer from readers will most likely be a “Yes”, the reader then
assumes the answer to this question is within the email itself and will open and read
If you do this, make sure you 'payoff' the reader...don’t leave them hanging here.
Provide them with what they were expecting to find.
• Create a 5 star subject line

If you can demonstrate value, provide an offer, establish a unique proposition and
include an element of urgency all in a short, catchy, curiosity based subject line, you
will see open rates skyrocket.
• Save any idea you ever have
Create a file where you store headlines and subject lines. I have over a thousand
headlines and subjects in my database.
Some subject lines might never see the light of day, yet they spark an idea for a idea
you weren’t even thinking about.
• Look at book titles and movie lines as well as songs and song lyrics.
Basically, look to popular culture for ideas. Popular culture is a great way to find
themes to use as analogies for email ideas.
• Keep em curious and create some mystery.
• Use some shock
Use this style sparingly and never curse or use 
• Don’t sound spammy
Think car salesman.
• Be straight forward...use straight benefits.
No curiosity or anything mysterious. Just tell them exactly what is inside.(here you can
use longer subject lines if you want to)
• Focus on just ONE benefit
Don’t try to give more than that, people will get distracted. One and Done.
• Mix it unpredictable.
Use a benefit subject line for a couple of days, then mix it up and use some curiosity
subject lines. Maybe one day, throw a quote in there, after that, use a controversial
subject line.
Have fun with it and never let your reader get too comfortable or bored.
• Ask questions that readers don’t know the answer to but would like to know
the answer to.
Such as "why is Google creating another update?" They may not know the answer to
this but will definitely want to find out, especially if they are in the SEO game.
• Add urgency to your subject line

Only do this when it makes sense. Don’t just add in a sense of urgency for the sake of
adding in urgency. Make sure the body of your email and offer justify the urgent
subject line.
• Start subject line with a number
"7 great ways to unclog your marketing campaign", readers love lists.
• Study other high profile email marketers.
Learn and study from the your research. The saying goes, “To be the best,
you have to beat the best”...since we cant really beat them, we will have to stick to
studying them.
• Test your subject lines
A/B Split Testing
Put two subject lines head to head and see which performs better. Create your own
March Madness 64 Subject Line Tournament. May the best line win.
• The number one tip though anyone could ever give you is to practice,
practice, practice.
Writing is an exercise and will get better the more times you do it. No one has ever
gotten worse at something because they practiced.


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