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3-Include An Image of The gift
Again, using the Squeeze Page City example, instead of having the picture of the instaprospect review , you can actually put in a picture of the cover of your PLR product you are giving away. Each time I include a picture of the product I am giving them for free, my conversions increase. People like to know what they are getting before they enter their email address and when you include a picture of the cover you are showing them what they can get in exchange for their email
address. Keep those three things in mind when creating your squeeze page. Remember the goal is to make sure your squeeze page converts at 40% minimum. When you start driving traffic to it just keep an eye on the conversion rates. If you follow those three tips it should be above 40%, but if it isn’t you might need to make some small changes. Now you have an autoresponder, you have your squeeze page set up, and you have a high quality gift to give away to your subscribers. It’ s time to move onto what will be the backbone of your list building
I remember when I first heard about click instaprospect review . It made so much sense and it was one of those things where right when I heard about it I said to myself “Why didn’ t I think of that?!” Some of you might already know what click banking is, others of you might have no
idea. For those of you that do know what click banking is, I am going to show you some really awesome tips to get the most out of it, for those of you that don’t know what click banking is, I will explain it below. And no, it has nothing to do with the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace.
What Is Click Banking?
Click banking is a method you can use to literally double the speed of your list building efforts. It’s when you approach another marketer and tell them you will send them a certain amount of clicks (let’s say 100), and once you are done sending them that amount of clicks, they will send you that same amount of clicks back. Finding click banking partners is extremely easy to do, I will tell you how to go about doing that in a bit so don’t worry about not being able to find partners because there is no shortage of click banking partners out there!
Why Should I Be Click Banking?
Other than the fact that click banking can literally help you double 
the speed of your list building efforts, there are a few other reasons you should start banking some clicks with fellow marketers. The first reason is because it is a great way to connect. I am a true believer that when it comes to maximizing your earnings on the internet, you need to connect with people who have similar goals as yourself. When you start doing click banking, you will be meeting new people on a daily basis who have similar goals as you do. Ever since I started click banking I have a met a handful of fellow marketers who I now talk to on a daily basis and we are able to talk to each other about our ideas and help each other out when we are stuck with something. This alone has had a huge impact on my online business! The other reason you should start click banking is because if you ever decide you want to pay for some traffic, you will already have a
pretty good idea of who will send you traffic that converts well for you, so you don’t really have to worry about wasting your money on traffic that turned out to be complete garbage. We will get more into detail on that in the section I have later on about paid traffic.
Better Than Adswaps?
I am sure a lot of you know what an adwap is. If you don’t, an adswap is when you approach a fellow marketer who can deliver about the same amount of clicks as you can in a single day from an email blast and you guys agree to both send out an email promoting the other persons squeeze page at the same time. For 
instaprospect review , let’s say you can deliver 100 clicks from an email, you approach another marketer who can send out around 100 clicks per email and you guys agree to mail out for each other on the same day at the same time. In theory, this means you will each receive 100 clicks. However, from my experience with adswaps this never happens. Whenever I did adswaps I noticed I was always sending about 20% more traffic than the person would send me, and I usually also sent more tier 1 traffic. For those of you that don’t know, tier 1 traffic is traffic from countries that are more likely to spend money on something. In the list building business, tier 1 countries include US, UK, CA, NZ, IE, AU. Because of this, I stopped doing adswaps and only do click banking. You can view click banking as a delayed adswap. So basically you will send a person the agreed upon clicks, and when you are done they will send you that exact amount back, so if you send someone 100 clicks, you are guaranteed to get 100 clicks back because that was the agreement. When it came to adswaps, if I sent someone 100
clicks, typically I only got about 80 clicks in return.


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