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Instagram passed 500 million monthly active users in the summer of 2016, with ~300 million daily active users. I know the summer of 2016 was many moons ago already, but that's the most recent statistics we've got straight from the official instagram's website. The thing is....Most of the people look at instagram as a photo and video sharing social network. For me and many interntet entrepreneurs it's a way of broadcasting your message instantly to a group of 500 million users. Hence the name – instagram. Kind of like telegram, but instant. All across the world. You can send your instapilot review to millions of people across the world instantly. How awesome is that? Are we living in Star Trek world or what... The cool thing is that you can choose the people you want to send the message to. And you don't have to pay for ads (although instagram lately added an advertising platform, the method i'm discussing here is not done by paid ads, but feel free to try them out) The way this works is... 1) You create an account in a specific niche and design it in a way that people want to follow it. 2) You get people that are interested in your niche to follow you. 3) You send them to your desired location (link) 4) You send enough people to it and eventually some of them convert into doing the action you want them to do (buy a product / sign up to an e-mail list / download an app or whatever you want them to do) And you have basically unlimited traffic.
Ok so how do I do this? First of all Create an account. ( BTW instagram allows you to change your username all the time, so don't stress over that too much ) If you don't have a specific niche yet that you want to promote, then I suggest really pick a topic which you love. For me I would choose football or soccer for the americans (I actually just yesterday started a football account where i post videos for fun to see where it will grow. I have over 30 videos there already and I haven't manually posted a single one. People are liking the videos and following me already). Your account is like your baby. As it grows you will fall in love with it if you choose a topic you love ;) If you just choose a username like @makemoneyonline832 and post stuff like "earn $90324832904 in 1 hour" you will probably not like the process that much. Just choose a topic that you love. Based on that topic, choose a username. And I suggest you post at least 9 pictures at first. Why? Because if you look at an instagram account you will see a grid of 9 pictures at a time. If you have 5 pictures people will look at your accout and see that it's new and probably isn't going anywhere. Like a storefront in real life, think of your instagram account as the outside of your online real estate. You want the people who walk by it (who find themselves on your account) to be like "Wow This is awesome, i wanna come here again or check it out again" If you set it up nicely, then the people who are interested in your niche and see your instapilot review will probably follow and interact with you. So it's very important to design your accout in a good way! There are 3 parts to this -
1) Username
Choose a username that is targeted to your niche. If you want to make an account about sportscars, then don't name your account "@johnny42". Instead – something like @sportscarsmaster or @best_sports_cars would be cool. I would recommend you not to use numbers. If your desired username is taken (and it probably is :D ), then I would recommend you to use the underscore "_" to find your username. Lots of very popular accounts have "_" in their usernames and it's totally fine. Also add a profile picture in the settings that is compelling enough for people to look at your profile. For example a lamborghini aventador if you're doing supercars. Sidenote – one thing is your username but instagram also lets you add your name to your profile. For me it's usually the same as username. But you can play around with that.
2) Content Add at least 9 pieces of content (videos or pictures) that people in your niche would be interested in. Where to get those pics? Well make sure you don't get busted posting copyrighted pictures. If you don't want to make your own pics, then there are several ways. There are stock photo sites – both free and paid. There is google. And also you can repost the images from other accounts that are in the same niche. Just use the search feature in the instagram app and look for accounts in your niche and see what they post. Then you're going to want to repost those pictures. Instagram doesn't have a repost feature, so you're going to have to get around it. What I usually do is I just use my PC / Laptop to browse instagram. If I find a picture that I like then I'm going to want to download it. Now you can't really just download the picture using right click and save from instagram. So what you can do is you can right click the picture, choose "view source" and hit Ctrl+F and search for "jpg" It will take you to the picture file url which ends in .jpg. So you want to copy that url and paste it into your browser. And then the picture will open up and you can right
click and save that picture. Now you have to transfer the picture into the device you want to upload your picture from. You can use facebook messenger or e-mail or dropbox or google docs or whatever. Just get it into your device. And from there just upload the picture. Now when uploading your picture, if it was reposted from another account it's a good idea to mention the account it was reposted from. I usually use something like "Reposted from @username" or something like that. Make sure you write a cool caption about your photo to make it interesting.
QUICK TIP: When you type your photo caption into instagram, you can't really format it. It will be all in one row. So what I do is I usually open up the notes app in the ipad and just write the caption and format it there, if I want and line spaces or emoticons etc. And then just paste it into instagram And one more important thing about the content is the hashtags - #. Hashtags are what drive the traffic to your pictures and also onto your account. People use the search function which works with hashtags to find what they're looking for. So if they're looking for coffecups and your 
instapilot review has the hashtag #coffeecup then they might find your picture. The more likes your picture has the more likely they will find it, because the higher in search it will be. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the picture you posted. Don't add too many hashtags since it looks spammy. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post but that doesn't mean you should use them all. Play around with the amount and test what works for you and your niche, but i wouldn't go over 10 too many times

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