InstaGenius Review – A unique software tool for hands-free income

InstaGenius Review – A unique software tool for hands-free income
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You will notice that once you have a lot of real people that “liked” your page
you will get instant traffic each time you post a new article to the Facebook
page and many people will share the post which results in even more likes!
You got a lot of work to get done for this chapter! First you need to use the
Google Keyword Planner to find 10 topics to write about to get your blog
filled up with content before we drive traffic to it.
Once you get those 10 keyword phrases you either need to write an article
for each one or use a service like instagenius review and have them write the
articles for you.
Once the article are written, just upload them to your Wordpress blog and
post 1 -2 links to the Facebook page every day.

For those of you that know me, you know traffic generation is by far my
favorite topic. Obviously once your site starts to go viral, traffic generation
starts to take care of itself because people will constantly be sharing your
content and liking your Facebook page and commenting on your blog
However, if you don’t have any traffic coming into your site it doesn’t really
matter how well you set your blog up to go viral, it won’t! You just need a
little bit of traffic to get it started, once you get the traffic started it will turn
into a snowball effect and each time you post an 
instagenius review to your site and
then put the link on your Facebook page you will generate more and more
So how exactly do you get the traffic started? Linkedin…
Linkedin Is Your Answer is incredibly powerful for traffic generation, and for some
reason very few people actually utilize it. The reason Linkedin traffic is
incredibly powerful for generating viral traffic is because Linkedin is a social
site. There is a good chance these people already have a Facebook and
there is a good chance they will share you content. This is much more
powerful than doing PPC or SEO because these are the exact type of
visitors you want!
The Rules of LinkedIn
Before we discuss how to use LinkedIn to help you generate traffic to your
site, there are a few basic rules you need to know and follow.
Only 1 Profile Per Person
It is very important you understand this. I will admit that there were a few
times I tried to create multiple profiles to generate more traffic to my sites
and LinkedIn caught onto this right away and shut all my profiles down. It

was a pain talking to them and trying to get instagenius review to allow me to have one
profile again. So if you are like me and think you can create multiple
profiles, it’s not worth the try. Besides, you can generate enough traffic to
get your viral blog started with just 1 profile.
You Can’t Link To A Squeeze Page
I am not sure if this is actually in their rules or not, but I have noticed each
time I link to a squeeze page in LinkedIn, my post get deleted and I get a
warning. That shouldn’t matter too much to you right now though because
you will be using it to link to your blog, not to a squeeze page.

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