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And the best part about all of insta ecom express review is once you get to the point where
all you have to do is adswaps, the rest of the system is set up
automatically. So literally your only job is to focus on doing adwaps.
How amazing is that?
So that’s a general overview of the system, now it’s time to do the
last technical thing which is to create your front end squeeze page.

Your front end squeeze page is where you are going to “pre-qualify”
the visitors to this page. When creating your front end squeeze
page, the headline is the most important thing. Let’s assume that
your niche is “List Building”.
The headline of your squeeze page should have something to do
with list building, so you know the people signing up on that squeeze
page are people that are actually interested in the topic of list
building. If they aren’t interested in that topic then you don’t really
want to put them on your list since your insta ecom express review  is on list
You also want the design of your squeeze page to match the design
of your sales page as much as possible.
Let’s take a look at the squeeze page and sales page I use, which
happen to be in the list building niche.

See how simple of a squeeze page is? It’s just a simple headline, with
a bit of text telling them to enter their email address below, and then
a section for them to enter their email address.
Once they opt-in they are redirect to my sales page which looks like
Notice how the headline of my 
insta ecom express review is almost the same as
the headline of my sales page? The reason I do this is to ensure that
the only people opting into my list are the ones who are 100%
targeted. They left their email address which means they are
interested in this topic, and since they get a free 3 day trial there is a
good chance they will join to check it out and the majority of them
will stick around.

Just do your best to match your squeeze page with your sales page,
it doesn’t have to be a perfect match like that one was, but you do
want it to be somewhat close.
Once you get your front end squeeze page set up, it is time to set up
a follow up sequence for your members.

The last step you need to do before we start driving traffic to the
front end squeeze page is to set up an auto-responder sequence for
the people who actually become a member of your membership
The first thing you need to do is decide how frequently you want to
send your members content. I talked about this briefly throughout
the guide so far but haven’t discussed it in detail. You can either
send content out once every 7 days, every 14 days, or every 30
days. Those three are the most common, I personally like sending
out content every 7 days because I feel like that keeps my
customers happy, but I know plenty of people who have been
successful sending out the content every 30 days.
However, I will say this…if you choose to send out the content every
30 days, the content better be pretty freaking awesome! If you only
send every 30 days and the content isn’t that great, you are not
going to retain very many members. If you create awesome
content/training, the members will stick around. It’s as simple as that.
It’s also important you understand that you don’t need to have all
your follow up emails set up at once, you can add them every few
days as long as you stay ahead of your members. Like I said I give
them access to a new page on my site every 7 days, and I like to
stay a month ahead of them, so I usually create 4 new trainings
every week and add the follow up messages for them into my follow
up sequence and schedule them to go out every 7 days.
These follow up emails are very basic emails. Basically, all you are
telling them is that a new weeks (or months) worth of content is
available for them, give them the link and then the password.


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