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Green Screen Academy Review – Creating better videos faster

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An article can be boring. That same green screen academy review can be made so interesting …that it hooks the reader and keeps the person reading from beginning to end. The thing is people want to read something interesting. They want something that brings excitement. You job as a writer is to use all the tools and elements available to you, to make your article interesting and valuable.

There are ways and things you can do to make any article SUPER interesting. And in this guide, you’ll discover some of them. Why Write A Compelling And Interesting Article? People don’t want to read a boring article. They want information but want it in to entertain and engage them emotionally at the same time.

Below you’ll find10 ways to make your writing 10 times interesting, valuable and memorable. 1. Write About What You Like When you write about what you are passionate about, it will show in your writing. This is because it’s easy to write about something you are passionate about.

It’s easy to explain an idea or a topic using unique perspectives when you are knowledgeable and passionate about it. So if you write about what you know or what you are very passionate about, your writing will shine with value. It will be memorable and valuable. 2. Tell Stories One of the most POWERFUL and memorable way to convey information to readers is by telling a story. Stories are not just for kid’s bedtime.

Stories can entertain and convey information at the same time. It has the power to bypass the logical side of the brain and directly inject information into the head or mind of the readers. And that’s why when you add stories (or a story) to an article; it drives home your point and makes the article unforgettable. So tell stories in your articles.

This could be your personal stories or stories about other people or stories told by other people. For example some month ago I attended a business event. There were 3 speakers at the event. The first 2 speakers had lots of information. They had colourful slides with lots of information. Guess what? I can’t remember 20% of what these first 2 speakers said that day. I can only remember the theme of their presentation.

The third speaker was the best speaker at the green screen academy review. He was a story teller. 50% of his presentation was about personal stories after personal stories. The attendees laughed throughout his presentation. And I can remember 40% of his presentation, especially they stories. Those stories have remained with me. That’s how powerful stories are. So if your article is garnished with story, readers will enjoy reading it. 3.

Add Pictures Like the say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true. Whenever you can, add pictures to your article. Pictures that explain or helps throw light on your discussion. A picture can help quickly put your point across. If you are publishing the article online, add a picture because Google and other search engines love images and will send traffic to the article. 4.

Add Tables And Charts Just like pictures, this can also make your article interesting and persuasive. If you have access to ready-made tables and charts related to your article, add it to your article. Or you can convert raw data and information into charts and tables. This usually conveys information quickly to readers. It makes your article believable and authentic. You can also use infographs in your article. 5.

Add Case Studies Nothing convinces people about an opinion than a case study. It is a powerful element that can use used to persuade people to believe and agree with the content of your article. You can add little case studies and can even make the article about a case study.

A case study is a story about someone who has gotten a result or outcome around something. If you have case studies, add it to your article. 6. Add Personality The same way your personally shines in your daily conversation, you can add personality to your article. Personality is what pulls or repels people from you. It’s the way you talk. How you say things. Your sense of humour. How you put your point across.

If you have a sense of humour, add it to your articles. Don’t try to sound different. Make your articles conversational and informal. (Unless you definitely have to be). Your article is not an academic work so don’t make it one. Adding your personality will make your writing interesting and valuable. 7. Quote Experts For any article you want to write, lots of other people have likely written about it already. Some of these people may be world renowned green screen academy review.

They could be respected authors or people with other appellations of authority. When you sprinkle your writing with their quotes and pronouncements, your article will come out super tasty and interesting to readers. Like a well cook food by a top chef. Quotes from exerts makes your writing shine with believability.

So when you write you can quote experts or people who have written about the topic before. 8. Add Picture Words Picture (POWER) words are verbs that helps people picture and imagine an action as they read your article. It paints images in the minds of your reader. For example I could write, “I closed the door” or “I slammed the door”.

In the second sentence you can picture someone swinging the door with force. You can replace every verb with better pictures words. Search your writing. Does it lack POWER words? Is there a word you can replace? Here are some verbs and examples. (I’ll make bold (like this) some of these picture words for the next few sentences or so.) Words that generate active mental images are great for spicing up an article.

I have sprinkled this guide with lots of them. So search your article and pull out passive verbs. Replace them with punchy, active verbs. This will transform your articles into living breathing animals. This makes your article interesting and memorable. 9. Write To One Person It’s easy to assume that you are writing the article to many people.

And because if that, you may be tempted to use words like, them, they, you guys, etc. Or to write like many people will read the article at the same time. Truth is, your article will be read by one person at a time. 1 million people may eventually read it, but it is read by 1 person at a time. Meaning, use words like You, Your to refer to the reader. Make it personal. I have done this in the guide. I have used a lot of you and your.

Did you notice? Another reason I do this is …people love to read about themselves. Or what they can gain. Do the same thing when writing your articles. 10.Use Metaphors , Similes And Analogies Another way to make your articles memorable and interesting is to employ writing elements like metaphors, similes and analogies. Apart from painting pictures, these writing tools help break down somewhat complex ideas into easy-to-understand ideas.

For example I could say using metaphors and similes in your articles is like adding spice to food so it becomes tasty and delicious. There are many metaphors, similes and analogies you can use in your articles. See some examples here.


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