GIFbuddy Review – Discount And Special Bonus

GIFbuddy Review – Discount And Special Bonus

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In case you have not dealt with Confirmed Optin before – if you leave gifbuddy review ON, then once your subscriber enters their email address, they will be presented with a page that will advise them to go into their email and click a confirmation link.Then the autoresponder will send a confirmation email. The subscriber will not be added to your list unless they click that link, and you will lose as much as 50% of your potential subscribers if you leave Confirmed Optin option as ON. This is why it’s industry practice at the moment to turn the Confirmed Optin option OFF. Here is an example of how to do it in Aweber: You can choose the “list” that you have created, then go into the List Settings:
2) After people opt in to your list, they need to be taken straight to your Thank You page Here is how you can do this in Aweber: As you already know, to set up a squeeze page, you will need Aweber to
generate what’s called “sign up form”. When you are creating the “sign up form”, here are the step by step
instructions: Create or choose the list that you would like to use for your campaign:

Ok – now you have set up Aweber so that your subscribers will be added to
your list immediately, without confirmation.
You also now have your code in such a way that the Squeeze Page will redirect straight to your Thank You page with the Clickbanking partner links after someone enters their email. Same thing will happen if they enter their email and someone is already on the list – they will still go to your Thank You page with the Clickbanking links. So now you can do one of the two things:
Use our HTML template pack and follow the video instructions in the pack – it will show you exactly what to do with that code and how to set up the templates
If you decide to invest into Epic Squeeze, then you also just need to follow the video instructions that come with Epic Squeeze, they are very easy to understand

One thing we wanted to highlight about Epic Squeeze which confused us a bit initially, is this:
Under Autoresponder, you should choose “Other”, even though there is “Aweber” option. I’m not sure why, “Aweber” option just didn’t work for us. Then you should paste the code from the previous step into the box.
And enter the URL of your Thank You page into the third 
gifbuddy review It’s all shown here in a screenshot:
Your assignment from "Module 5":
Set up a squeeze page
Ensure your autoresponder Confirmed Optin is set to OFF
Test your squeeze page with your email to make sure everything is working as it should

Alright, so this is the most important page after your squeeze page. This page will take one subscriber who opts into our page and turn that subscriber into 1.2 – 1.3 or even 1.5 clicks to our CPA offers. As you know, we have been using a pretty specific page for a while, and here is exactly what it looks like. It’s remained unchanged for a few months and is still working really well.
What will happen is that people who opt in to your list will see this page as soon as they enter their email and hit "submit" on the squeeze page. These people are excited because they have just got something for free. Now they will see some bonus guides, and they will be very keen to get their hands on more material.
Each of these links will go to a rotator and that rotator will send the clicks to the CPA offers, and we will explain exactly how it works in the later chapters. The main thing you need to remember right now - the above layout works just fine.
Don’t be alarmed by the fact that it looks really basic, or “too simple”. It works – and that’s all that matters.
NOTE: We are giving you Greg’s actual current page in the example above. Please DO NOT copy it. Change a few things - like layout, design, fonts, colours, wording. This ebook is likely to sell well over 500 copies, so if everyone starts doing the exact same thing - everyone will lose. We will all be sharing many of the same visitors, and it won't be good if their visitors see the thank you page, then go to another person's page and see the exact same thing.
Done For You Thank You page
If you would like to get an HTML template of the Thank You page in the required format, you can grab our “done for you” packAnother alternative Thank You page layout
Our good friend and brilliant solo ad coach Scott Price has recently released a WSO which was awarded “WSO Of The Day” award on Warrior Plus. Scott has built lists well into tens of thousands of subscribers, and is an absolute gun when it comes to building lists. He has let us mention his product here and tell you about the Thank You page layout that he’s currently using. He has built this page using “LeadPages”This is what his Thank You page currently looks like and you can build it using Lead Pages in 2 minutes:

Either layout will work, but if you don’t want to muck around with HTML, then grab LeadPages (LINK) and grab Scott’s guide (LINK) and you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.
Where should the links point?
In one of the later chapters we will explain how to set up your CPA offer rotator in the best possible way.
For now, just set up this page without the Hyperlinks. You will add the hyperlinks later, when we go through the instructions in detail.
IMPORTANT: if you end up using Wordpress to do the Thank You page, make sure you don't have sidebars or header so that people don't get distracted. We want them to click the links and not to end up browsing your site. Your assignment from "Module 6":
Set up your Thank You page. You can use one of the HTML templates we include, or create your own, or use Wordpress
Make sure each of the link descriptions are exciting, yet generic enough to work for pretty much any kind of offer

We like to keep things simple… That means automation.
You’ll remember from the 1 st module that we need to have 30 days’ worth of follow up emails, twice a day. That means 60 emails (also called ‘swipes’). Ok… who wants to write 60 emails before you get started????
Yeah I know… It’s an absolute nightmare! That’s why we’ve got an “easy way out” for you: So here is our plan for those who are brand new to this:
Set up just one immediate auto responder
Log in to your autoresponder once a day and write 2 emails (We’ll show you how to write them)
Each email will link to the same CPA rotator (more detail in a future chapter)
Schedule them as “broadcasts” to go at 7am and 7pm
Repeat the process for 30 days
By the end of this 30 day period, you will have 60 emails
Then just take these emails and put them all into your autoresponder

Schedule them to go 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm based on local time of each
Now you have 30 days’ of automated messages
Then just take the same swipes (emails) and copy them to create a new 30 day cycle. Continue doing this until you’ve got several months’ worth of follow ups
That’s exactly how it works – everything will be completely automated. We will go through this in more detail in the “Broadcasting” module.
Let’s get started – first message
The very first message is going to be a very simple message that just thanks people, gives them the PDF report as an attachment, and also contains a couple more links, leading to the CPA Rotator.
Make sure you attach the PDF (and not link to it) – we will explain why in the
Module on “
gifbuddy review”.
You need to set this message to go out immediately after the person opts in.
Here is an exact copy of the email message Greg currently uses:

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