GB Cracked Review – Start your business from “Zero.”

GB Cracked Review – Start your business from “Zero.”

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Obviously, you need ideas to write gb cracked review (or have them written for you). If you get really good at coming up with new ideas, you can write a lot of books. Since you'll then have TONS of ideas, you can also write a lot of short stories: • Short stories can be sold separately or in collections. • They can be used as promotional material to get new readers who will buy your full books. • You can use them to fuel social media campaigns.

• Exclusive short stories are great to give to people on your marketing lists. • They can be used as samples if you want to take on writing jobs as well. They're quicker to write and since you will be a pro at coming up with new ideas, you won't feel like you've “wasted” good ideas on short stories. Speaking of “wasting” an idea, I personally know maybe a dozen people who have had problems with this concept. They become fixated on a good idea.

In some cases, that's great. A lot of people who are obsessed with a good idea are motivated to write it. But others will fight an insurmountable level of perfectionism once they fall in love with an idea. Nothing they write does justice to their amazing idea. They're unwilling to give their brilliant idea to someone else, but they can't seem to do anything with it themselves. I'm a big believer in subconscious thinking.

When I'm working out some kind of problem, my brain quite often does its own thing and unexpectedly pops out an answer later. Countless authors talk about letting ideas “simmer.” I'm all for allowing ideas to sit while you your subconscious does some development or refinement in the background. What I don't like is sitting idle while that happens. An ability to come up with ideas at the drop of a hat prevents that.

You can hang onto the ideas that you consider beloved 'children.' You can think about them from time to time while allowing your subconscious to figure out what's missing. Meanwhile, you can gain more experience (and probably additional ingredients to feed your simmer) by writing about something else.

A surplus of ideas knocks fixed-idea procrastination on its rear So, we've established that a glut of story ideas is preferable to a dearth of story ideas. We aren't talking about fully fleshed-out storylines complete with outlines here. I want to make that very clear. You don’t have to have an entire story yet. You only need a piece of one to start.

If you have a beginning, an ending, a character, or even just a tiny part of a story, you have something to work with to get the rest. We're going to get you that glut of ideas. The majority of this book will be devoted to WHERE and HOW to get your story ideas. There are a lot of resources that you can use to get story ideas, as you'll see. Instead of simply listing them, I'm going to explain how to use them as I list them.

If I just list them outright, you're likely to dismiss some of them. You won't see their value until I explain (or tell you all about the famous author who used that resource to come up with a bestseller). We are going to start with the old adage of writing what you know.

Chapter 1 Your Life There are two separate but equally valuable elements here: Things that you've experienced and things you MIGHT have experienced. Your Life Experiences If I told you to think about your gb cracked review, you'd probably only consider the major events in your life. We are going to talk about how you can get story ideas from ANYTHING you experience, big and small. Stephen King has written something like 85 books.

A few days after burying his daughter’s dead cat, Smucky, he wondered what would happen if Smucky came back to life (I don’t know if questions from his daughter put that thought into his head or not). And that inspired Pet Sematary. King has talked about his children being a big part of his life and therefore a big part of his writing.

He was able to write the child from The Shining because he spent so much time with his own young children. Therefore, the death of his daughter's cat was probably a fairly significant event in his life at the time. But he's also been inspired by completely insignificant experiences.

In one of his short stories, he says he was inspired by looking at interesting things written on public bathroom walls. He must have thought about who would see a lot of public restroom writing, and he thought of a traveling salesman. Through that insignificant observation, he got a great idea for a story.

And apparently, it’s not that unusual! I’ve read about a lot of authors who were inspired by objects or events that the rest of us experience and forget. Seriously, any little thing can potentially give you inspiration for a story idea. So we're going to talk about big events and little observations The Big Events There is no doubt that big events in the lives of authors can fuel ideas for compelling books. There's a good chance that others have experienced similar situations. That's good for getting and pleasing readers.

Think back to the events that stick out in your life. You can easily build around a story idea involving: • your first day of school • your first kiss • some bullying experience • your first love • getting married • your battle with cancer • divorce • retiring from a career you loved (or hated) • the death of a parent or child You probably have retained an emotional response to the big events of your life. Don't we all? That's a good thing for writing.

When you have deep feelings about something you're writing, it usually makes for a better read. You'll also be more invested in it, and you might even get some catharsis. The risk is that you'll hold back because it's so personal. Or you'll be bitter or go on long rants. Regardless, the point is that emotional events in your life can make good story ideas – even great ones! There's just one thing...

The events in your life might not be... well, interesting enough for good story ideas. Don't get me wrong. I'm not at all downplaying your divorce or your cancer battle. It truly could make a good story idea. There have been a number of bestselling fiction stories – especially short stories – that are inspired by real life experiences without the addition of anything else. Your journey could make a fantastic story, especially if you combine it with revelations about yourself, society, or life in general.

[Incidentally, I'd also encourage you to try writing some non-fiction about your experiences.] But if there's something that made your cancer treatment a bit out of the ordinary or more memorable than most, then your story idea would be more interesting. Think of the event, and then think, “...and?” What could make that life event into a more interesting story idea? Maybe your cancer treatment could inspire an idea about an oncologist who falls in love with his gb cracked review– and then loses her or comes close... I think I saw a movie like that once. Maybe chemo reacted with some dormant gene and brought on superpowers.

Maybe twins are going through the same type of cancer treatments together, and only one of them is getting better. You get the point. I have a writer friend who says that she gets ideas when things go wrong in her life. Whatever completes the sentences, “Well at least...” or “It could be worse...” often becomes good story ideas for her. She would probably turn the cancer story into a car accident the day the cancer went into remission.

So to sum up, the good things about story ideas derived from your big life events: 1. You already have knowledge about the subject. 2. You're emotionally invested, so you're more likely to write with passion and feel strongly enough to keep writing the story to completion. 3. If it's happened to you, something similar probably has happened to your readers or people they know.

Little Observations The insignificant events in your life can bring about fantastic story ideas. All you have to do is step back a little bit to recognize and appreciate situations. Then sprinkle with a bit of imagination. 

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