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For me, that’s cause to hit unsubscribe. Who would continue to follow someone with that sort of foovly review ?
Be a Good Guy In order not to have compromise, you have to not be desperate. A lot of people out there are very desperate, looking to stick a product in there for a quick commission. That’s probably the wrong approach for a long-term business and I’ve seen a lot of these Internet marketers come and go in the last seven years. There are very few that are around that I still respect. They’re the good guys. They’re the ones that have always been in it for the right reasons.
INTERNET MARKETING KARMA Mark my words, the actions that you’re doing today will effect over how many customers you have access to two or three years from now. I’ll have new customers, plus the same ones I have now for the most part. So my business will continue to grow each year, as it has done every single year for the last six years. A lot of people will be out of business and then on to the next thing, whatever that turns out to be.
The Problem with the Big Gurus When you send customers to a product from one of the big gurus, you know they’re going to email your customer their next ten products. That customer will get an email for every one of their products until they leave that list. I think that’s really, really, bad for the customer. They don’t need all those things and that’s not why I would send someone to buy the product. I just think that’s the wrong part of the industry.
Don’t Mess with the A-List If you’re not in the A-list, you’ll never be in there. You will not have your product promoted.

But you don’t even want to be in the A-list. They have come afoul of a lot people in internet market place. They’ve probably been a little bit greedy at times. Not all of them, but some of them. I think they’ve lost touch with the whole purpose of having a business. So therefore, I wouldn’t introduce one of my customers to that foovly review. I think that would be a mistake for me to do that.
The Bottom Dwellers On the opposite 
foovly review, you’ve got all of these very cheeky sites that clog up the search results. They’re promoting products that are obviously not good for people. There were a lot of bad products on ClickBank that make wild promises and claims IMHO.
Don’t Be Greedy I’m not greedy to the point where I want somebody to buy something just so that I make money. This is what so few people have figured out: if you look after people, they come back because you’re the only one that’s doing it. There are not very many good guys in this market. If you happen to be one of them, then you have customers who really, really appreciate it. They send lovely emails. They tell you that they’ve achieved success, they’re helping their family, and they’re going about marketing the right way. Give people good information and good tools
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