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5) Choose Your Reward Type - Choose flowleads app review Always go with "fixed." It's less complicated. You will then be asked how much Eaves you want  to reward the person for visiting your site. I recommend starting off with 500 Eaves, and then you must choose how many awards you want to give away. The most you could go for is 300 people... When you check how much this costs, you must pay the website with 270,000 Eaves for the 300 visits giving each person 500 Eaves.... However, 270,000 is extremely easy to get and requires almost as little as 20 minutes to get. Start changing the price for future Missions if you have millions to pay for the Missions. You can then proceed to letting "anybody" visit your site. You should then decide what subject the entire page is in. Complete the action, set the mission up, and give the site your URL to use for the Mission. You will be ready in no time and have people visiting your site.
Yes, it's literally less than 20 minutes of doing all the different actions to have 270,000+ Eaves. It can go higher if you do more Missions. I know some people who do this literally everyday  and get consistent traffic constantly and have built their list. The key is to be consistent and to interact. If you want to focus on other traffic sources, consider using this on the side and just enjoy that additional traffic. It's also good for split testing a new website of yours and checking your conversion rate to see if people subscribe to your list..... And any other tests you want to do on your site.The nice part about this site is that they have a whole system in place outside of the Missions that can enable for you to garner so much traffic. Take your time to learn about the site. There's so many things that go on that I can't share it all with you in this PDF. Please take the time to watch all of their instructional videos to get a better idea on what goes on throughout the site.

2) iReport

Press releases are known for achieving massive growth. Making a free press release is not always easy, especially since the chance to getting big traffic can only happen when you utilize a ton of the added bonuses which require big upfront cash in order to see results. This specific traffic source takes press releases to a whole new level. CNN actually released a simple little site online that is extremely popular for a multitude of reasons. They wanted to open the opportunity for people to share news articles and also find more things to share on the web that may have gone unnoticed. iReport iReport is this unique little website. In order to succeed with this site, you need to use the right type of content. Every article gets sent out and is seen by a variety of people looking for news, and considering you can use your article to place the URL to your site, traffic to your site can grow super fast. This traffic source can help with any site, provided that your topic can be spun to provide a news type of article when you submit the content. 
1) Sign up
Their sign up is basic stuff. Use a new email for to site to really get the most out of your flowleads app review.
2) Create a News Article
First, you need to create a brand new news article. Do not submit an article you would submit for a typical article directory. You are to only submitcontent that is newsworthy. You can visit the site can get a feel for what they want. Not every article is going to get the same amount of traction since traffic changes all the time. Some articles may even be chosen to be shared literally on cnn if it's a newsworthy article. Create content that involves current news. If you have a site focusing on weight loss, search the web for any news articles about losing weight. Anything that is involved or is related to in some way about a person losing weight. You can try going to Google and literally typing in, "Your topic + news" and then searching for any news articles on your topic. Click on the NEWS section on Google to get more news articles and press releases. I then take one news story, rewrite the story and create it in my own way, and then I submit it to iReport. You can also try watching the news on TV if you'd like, but doing it this way is the easiest way to get news to submit. If I ever want to get massive traffic and tons of press, I follow this strategy. You have a chance every time you submit to get noticed by CNN. Don't forget to include your website and make sure that your site is somewhat related to the news flowleads app review. Take your time to consider putting the news on your website, but that isn't always required. is this illegal since we're taking the story? No, this is not illegal. I've had newbies ask me this same question and they would tell me they don't feel comfortable doing this, and I'm just like, "alright. You can enjoy missing out on free traffic." When your story gets picked up, they need to verify your story, so if you create an amazing story, they need to check other sources online for proof. In other words, it's almost encouraged that you write a news story that is true and already out there. Just be sure that the news story isn't entirely old. Try to be on top of the news game and beat out CNN from hearing about this news. The key is to make sure that you only take on news stories that are:
1- Related to your website (so that you can put your URL link at the bottom with no shame)
2- They aren't from that long ago
3- It's a real story that CNN editors can actually find
Write this article as a press release in some form. You can find a press guideline anywhere online with the help of a simple Google search. You just need to answer the following: who, what, where, whenIf you want massive viral and social media growth, this is the way to go.
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