Flicktive Review – Captivate attention like never before

Flicktive Review – Captivate attention like never before

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These days, that can include: ? SEO ? Social media marketing ? Content marketing ? Advertising The key is to create a synergy between all these things and have a strong brand that drives through all of them. Content is very much the key as unless you’re a big, well-recognized online store, this is what is going to give people a reason to come to your website and it is what Google is going to be able to index and use to decide where you should appear on the flicktive review (Search Engine Results Page).

Content builds trust and engagement and encourages your visitors to share your site on social media and it gives you something of value to offer on social media too. From there, you can also focus on building inbound links to your site from reputable and trusted domains, as well as using influencer marketing by teaming up with other flicktive review and site owners to increase your exposure.

The last element – advertising – of course means spending money on a CPC (cost-per-click) ad campaign, a banner or perhaps a video ad. This will bring its own set of metrics, which is something we’ll be looking at more further into this post. 2. Bounce Rate Your bounce rate tells you what proportion of your traffic lands on your site and then immediately leaves.

This is a bounce and it basically means that although you have a visit, you aren’t engaging with that visitor and they aren’t stopping to read what you’ve created. This is a good example of why visits don’t tell the whole story. If you have 1,000 daily visits with a 99% bounce rate, then that means that only 10 people are actually sticking around to read your site! But bear in mind that a bounce rate still doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s because a bounce rate isn’t based on the amount of time they spend on your site but rather their interaction.

So someone might bounce from your site after spending a while there – and this simply means that they didn’t click to read any of your other pages. So even if you have a bounce rate at about 60%, that doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors aren’t reading your site – they may be reading the flicktive review but simply not feeling the need to read further.


If your ‘site’ is a one page sales script, then this won’t necessarily be a bad thing! A good bounce rate is generally thought to be anything from 26%- 60% and you can consider anything under 30% to be very much in the ‘outstanding’ category. Being around 40% is very average and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. If you’re about 55%, then you’re getting into the higher portion but again, this is only a cause for concern depending on the type of site that you are running. 


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