FB Vidmatic Review – Impressive Facebook Video Plug-in

FB Vidmatic Review – Impressive Facebook Video Plug-in
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This fb vidmatic review is all about your lead magnet. If you're not sure what that means, I'm happy to enlighten you. :) A lead magnet is simply a bribe for an email address. This can either be a free bribe... or a paid bribe. In other words, you can either give your lead magnet away on a squeeze page (or via any type of opt-in form on your blog)...

or simply sell it and set your payment processor up to automatically capture your buyer's email address and add it to your autoresponder system. I won't try to steer you in one of these directions or the other. Each has tons of merit, and depending upon how you've decided to monetize your blog, a “freebie seekers” list can be just as profitable as a buyers list.

In other words, it's unlikely that a buyer is any more prone to click on an Adsense ad than someone who opted onto your list in exchange for a free offer. But why even entertain the notion a needless dichotomy in the first place? You can totally do both! Remember, you're sending ALL of your email traffic to the same exact place (your video blog)... and you can monetize said blog with both free and paid options.

As such, I say take all comers! The buyers on your list will be more prone to buy your affiliate recommendations... but so will a few of your freebie seekers. And any type of subscriber can click on an ad or perform a CPA action that gets you paid. This is why I always preach sending your email traffic to your blog. Instead of sending your list to an affiliate offer where they either buy something or you don't get paid...

you send them to a page on which you have tons of different ways of cashing in, while simultaneously enhancing your user engagement and brand. You win all over the damn place! But I digress... The actual crafting of a lead magnet hangs too many would-be marketing rock stars out to dry. They don't even know where to get started. Many go the PLR route, which is fine to an extent. But damn, most PLR is seriously garbage.

It was written by someone who is by no means an expert in your niche... so it just comes off as boring-ass “textbook” training. Just status quo, often outdated, dull-as-shit hogwash. Some people will try to inject a bit of humor into their PLR books, which just comes off looking cheesy as hell because they don't ACTUALLY have any experience or success with whatever it is they're trying to teach. Your audience isn't stupid. Ugly as shit... but not stupid. ;) They can see right through the muck.

And if you try to create your lead magnet from scratch, but lack any real expertise in the subject matter you're attempting to teach... shame on you. We're not here to dupe people. We're not here for exclusively self-serving purposes. The term “add value” is way overplayed, and I honestly think that it has become something of a buzzword that players in the IM community throw around without actually understanding what the blank it actually means. You don't “add value” just by the sheer act of giving something away for free.

Nor do you do it by giving somebody a little factual piece of content that they're never going to use because they haven't been inspired to use it. Our job as “ethical marketers” who give a darn about the success and longevity of our businesses goes well beyond simply “presenting information.” Hopefully you can agree with that. To really “add value,” we should knock semantics out of the way and get very clear about what we're actually discussing here...

Value... n. the regard that fb vidmatic review is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. “Your support is of great value.” “Usefulness.” Gorgeous word. Is what we're sharing legitimately useful? Is it real-life expert advice delivered in such a way that will inspire our audience to take significant action? Obviously, we can't control what other people do. But we can certainly sleep soundly at night knowing that we gave them the best chance we believed we possibly could.

And how, pray tell, can we do that if we're not ourselves experts in or (for many people getting started with IM) remotely successful within our chosen fields? Video books. Simple answers kick ass, don't they? “What On Earth Is a Video Book, Big Bad Poppa LeeLee?” Dang, you really just got on my good side (for a change). A video book is much like what I've already had you doing... but in reverse. You're basically going to become an organizer and sharer of information.

You'll pull from an endless pool of experts and industry leaders who can speak with authority, and you will use their videos as reference points. As for your actual written content? We've already been down this road, compadre. You simply take notes. But instead of leaving the notes underneath a video on a blog post, you'll use the notes as the content of a book chapter...

and then link to the video at the end of the content. That's what I mean by working “in reverse.” Get it? If not, stick with me. I'll make things extremely clear for you via example. But first, let me just illustrate the entire process for you... To Craft a Video Book: 1. Choose a sub-niche (e.g.

“top ways to make money online for free,” “top paid traffic sources,” “best diet pills on the market,” “most effective hair loss treatments,” etc.) and list 5-7 items. So for hair loss treatments, you can list “Provillus,” “Procerin,” “Rogaine,” “Propecia,” and “Hairmax Laser Comb.” 2. Find 5-7 videos on the subject. Each video should cover ONE of your items. So you'll find a video on Provillus, one on Procerin, one on “Rogaine,” and so on. 3.

As you listen to each video, take notes in a Word or OpenOffice document. You will ultimately be turning this into a pdf e-book. Remember to dedicate one chapter to each item. At the bottom of each chapter, include a “Click Here to Watch This Provillus (or whatever) Video Review Now!” call-to-action. 4. Link to your embedded video. Be sure to grab yourself an affiliate link for each product. So put a Provillus banner under your Provillus video, etc.

If you can't find a banner, a simple “Click Here to Learn More About fb vidmatic review ” link will do. 5. Turn your book into a pdf and distribute it... either for free, for a very small cost (no more than 5 bucks), or both. And that's it. You don't even have to turn it into a pdf, if you're not really feeling that approach.

You can simply create a landing page, much like you'd create any thank-you page or download page... and just embed the videos all on that single page. You can then write your “book” on that page, with the video at the bottom of each section. For our hair loss example, it might look like this Obviously, you'll want to center your videos and calls to action. Hopefully, the process is pretty clear to you.

No matter which of these methods you choose (the PDF method or the landing page method), you will want to have an e-cover created for you over at Fiverr. My guy Nisha does phenomenal work. You can check him out right here. Just come up with a cool title, get a cover hooked up, and put your product together. This should take no more than a day or two to get through, realistically.

And once it's done, it'll prove to be one of the most powerful assets you have in your arsenal. Now, once you've created your lead magnet (especially if it's a PDF and you happen to be in the IM niche), you can distribute it in all manner of ways. You can: Sell it via an affiliate platform like Clickbank, WarriorPlus, or JVZoo. Sell it via the Warrior Forum. Sell it direct through Paypal.

Give it away on the War Room. Offer it as a free WSO. Turn it into a Kindle book. Offer it to product vendors as a bonus. Add it to JV giveaway events. Give it away via a squeeze page that you drive traffic to. While ALL of these (and others that I've likely forgotten to mention) are great ways to get your lead magnet into as many hands as you can, it's that last one that we're really going to focus on using this system. Building a squeeze page and an early funnel...

An early funnel is simply a series of offers and/or monetized ads placed on key pieces of virtual real estate, which are presented to each new subscriber the instant that he or she has opted into your list to claim your lead magnet. I am a sneaky bastard when it comes to early funnels. I create pages that don't necessarily need (redundant?) to be created, just for the sake of increasing the likelihood of someone taking an action (or two) that gets a white fella paid. Hey, that new Lincoln MKX ain't gonna buy itself! :) Now, I won't walk you through all of the technical aspects of putting this funnel together.

You can be a resourceful human being and learn these things on your own. I will tell you that I use a plugin called InstaBuilder to craft all of my landing pages. No matter what you use (and please do Google your options... type in “best page builder,” or “OptimizePress vs.” or whatever), the pages you'll want to build are: Your squeeze page (obviously) 3-step thank-you page Welcome email (not a page, but certainly a key component) 3-step download page Your squeeze page is the page that turns a prospect into a lead.

On this page, they will opt-in to your email list, via a web form from your autoresponder service. You set this web form to automatically redirect your new leads to your thank-you page. Don't know how? Your autoresponder company likely has tutorials. Or you can YouTube it. There is no shortage of places to turn to learn how to do this.

:) We'll go over 3-step thank-you pages and 3-step download pages, along with your welcome email in “Chapter 5: How to Get 1500 Subscribers Per Month.” You'll find this information in the second step of the chapter... “Create an Early Funnel That Converts.” So let's not spoil the surprise. Right now, I'd just like to focus on your squeeze page, if you don't mind. The trouble is, I don't really know how to tell you to build yours...

not in any stepby-step, “steal my template” sort of way. Why? Because if I created 100 squeeze pages right now, each one would be different from the next. I don't operate as a template adherent... I operate sort of as a (gasp) artist. So I'll just put together a squeeze page in whatever way moves me at the moment. Maybe I'll showcase a product image... maybe I won't. Maybe I'll include a video... maybe I won't. Maybe I'll include benefit-driven bulletpoints... maybe I won't.

Maybe I'll make it funny... or poignant... or hyperbolic... or just plain weird. I never know what I'm gonna do before I do it... so it's extremely hard for me to tell you what you should do. And it is for this reason that I urge you to get your hands on a good page builder like OptimizePress or InstaBuilder (which I use).

You will have a multitude of squeeze page templates and configurations at your fingertips. All you really need to do is fill in the blanks and away you run. Again, I can't tell you WHAT to write as your headline and so forth, but I can offer you a few powerful tips for giving yourself the best chance of high conversions... Squeeze Page Tip #1: Make your shit different. People get bored.

They get marketing blindness and really get tired of seeing the same buzzwords being employed over and over again. Don't you? I do. This is why I like to be a little crazy with my squeeze page content. I set myself apart by using strong language... or saying something absurd... or being a little dark and twisted... or being an overly-conceited jackass. I don't do these things to turn people off. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

It's so “off the beaten path” that it tends to evoke curiosity... “This dude's so confident, he must have something to say!” The nicer and more brilliant you make your product image look, the more enticing your offer becomes. People (especially men) are visual creatures, and an ugly product image will be more detrimental than you likely realize. You wanna look sharp and professional.

All of my e-covers look amazing. I insist upon it. The specifics of what your image should look like are all on you. Again, I do it differently each time I do it. I close my eyes and visualize the cover. I do dreamstime and Google Images searches for my product keywords. I share my vision with Nisha. Nisha brings it to life. ;) And that's really it.

I've used mud-wrestling women, plates of food, pitchers of lemonade, fire, stethoscopes, beer, oil slicks, playground sandboxes, and all sorts of random stuff. Whatever pops into my head, provided it fits the product. So that's my basic process. If it works for you, great. If not, talk your overall concept over with one of your “creative friends” or whatever. Don't labor over this... just make sure that it's a sexy beeotch once completed.

A good “graphics guy” can help. Squeeze Page Tip #3: ALWAYS focus on benefits! Never lose sight of your goal, which is to help people. Your squeeze page needs to very clearly point out how you're going to help them. What are the key problems that people in your niche face? What are their most exciting dreams? What's stopping them from reaching their goals? How can you help them to overcome their obstacles? How can you put a smile on their face now? Humor is a huge weapon in my arsenal. I use it frequently... I use it judiciously.

My personal belief is that, as we smile, we become far more engaged. Good moods lead to optimism and action. For this reason, I don't just like to TELL my peeps that what I've got to share will benefit them... I like to GIVE them the benefit of a good mood right out of the gate, which is why I probably tend to do okay online. Just sayin'.

Alright, so that's it for this chapter. See Chapter 5, “How to Get 1500 Subscribers Per Month,” to learn how to craft the rest of your early funnel in a way that gets you paid right out of the gate, allowing you to build your audience for cheap... or free! But here's your takeaway for this chapter... You need a lead magnet.

Whether this is one of your existing products, a lead magnet you're already successfully using, a PLR product, or a video book, you absolutely need one. You need a squeeze page. Grab a good page builder like InstaBuilder. Use your brain when putting this together, but don't be shy about watching YouTube videos for ideas on how to put a winning squeeze page together.

You need these now. Before you even move onto the next chapter, do yourself the favor of equipping yourself with a lead magnet and squeeze page. Only then should you continue Now, we're getting into the easy stuff. :) The emails you will be loading into your autoresponder are really nothing more than very short descriptions of your video posts, followed by a clickable link that takes your subscriber to the post. If you don't know how to load follow-up emails into your autoresponder program, you need to learn.

I can't walk you through this. I don't know which autoresponder you're using (I personally use both Aweber and GetResponse)... but they're all relatively close to having the same functionality. I'm simply here to offer suggestions on how to craft your emails, as well as how to space them in such a way that allows you to implement other list-related, incomegeneration strategies, such as direct affiliate promos and Shiny Object Lemonade. What I recommend, as far as email spacing is concerned, is as follows... 1.

If you're working Breakfast Embed exclusively (no other plans for your list), then go ahead and load your emails daily, Monday through Saturday. 2. If you're working other strategies (Shiny Object Lemonade, affiliate promos, ad swaps, solo ads, etc.)... then load your autoresponder to only deliver your “Breakfast Embed” emails on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

These are clearly just my own personal recommendations based on nothing more than me listening to my gut. But if you happen to fall into group number two and you don't want to ONLY send these video post emails to your list, then you will want to send our your live broadcast (newsletter) emails on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I personally think that this is a good way to go, as it will keep your list guessing.

They won't ALWAYS be sent to the same place, but will instead be presented with a bit of variety. Again, just listening to my gut. Totally up to you.

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