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Step Four: Follow-Up with Emails to Leads (non-buyer) List
Your email list is where you’re going to make the most of your fb exciter reviewYou can follow-up indefinitely and as harsh as it sounds until your visitor buys, dies or unsubscribes from your list. There are, however, different email marketing models you can use here. The first is to hammer your list aggressively with your offer and promote other people’s offers too. You will make more money fast but you will very quickly burn and tire your list out. This works best if you have the ability to send bucket loads of traffic to your squeeze page and add thousands of subscribers per month. The second option is my preferred method – you build a relationship with your list – provide valuable content and (remember this is important) keep selling. Don’t feel guilty about selling once you are always talking and helping your list with their problem. You should start by promoting your own products, add new products and (where useful) other people’s products too.
Step 5: Treat Your Buyers List Like Gold
Your buyer list should be treated like gold. These are the guys and girls who spent money with you – an action that sets them apart from the people on your non-buying list – and if you treat them well and present them with good offers they’ll buy from you again. It’s very easy to forget your list is made up of real people with real dreams, hopes and aspirations. The subscribers to your buyers list are also the ones that put the food on your table, pay your mortgage, bought your car and may even put your children through college. Treat them like gold – look after them. Marlon Sanders calls them his “A-Team” and they get his premium information, great free content through his emails and discounts on some of his products. Look after these guys!
Step 6: Follow-Up with Emails to Buyers List
We’ve talked about the importance of traffic and fb exciter review. The final piece of the jig-saw is your visitor value. Your formula for success looks like this… Traffic x Conversions x Visitor Value = Income Let me give you a real world example. Example: Imagine your local martial arts s chool charges a $100 joining fee plus $100 per month tuition fee and $50 per private lesson… If that person stays for 6 months they’re worth $100 + (6 x $100) = $700 to the school. If they stay for 12 months then they’re worth $100 + (12 x $100) = $1300 to the school If they stay for 12 months and do a private lesson costing $50 every month too then they’re worth $100 + (6 x $100) + (12 x $50) = $1900 Clearly the last student example stays the longest and pays (or buys repeatedly) and is the one that makes this martial arts school the most money per month and over the course of a year. As an internet marketer you can push for just one sale and build a buyers list. Or you can deepen the relationship with your buyers list, make repeated sales and turn them into a customer for life. You increase the lifetime customer value and your income.The great thing is you have access to your buyers at the touch of a button (ie. Click send). There is no need to invest any more time, effort or money in traffic. You’ve done the ‘hard work’ by getting them to buy from you the first time. It gets easier from here on! Remember… Look after your buyers list, present them with high quality, relevant offers and they’ll put money in your bank account over, and over and over again.
Step 7: Build a Backend Catalogue of Products

Ok so this may not be in the ‘sales funnel’ picture above but it’s a CRITICAL factor for online and offline marketers alike. The hardest sale to make is the first sale and (usually) it’s for the least amount of money because it’s the start of the relationship. It’s why your first task should be to create a high converting, front end product that delivers high quality content. But once you made that sale it’s much easier to make more money by promoting bigger, more expensive products with higher profit margins. As an affiliate I’ve some great days and one of the best was when 38% of the people landing on the sales page made the purchase – the only downside is that the product made me a measly $7 commission. Note: Still it was a good day and despite the low commission I was really glad I promoted because this was a tool everyone should have and I was providing a good service by letting them know where to get this tool before the price more than doubled.  It made me look good. On the other hand I’ve had some really nice days where I only sold one or two high-ticket affiliate product that made me hundreds in commissions. You can make big bucks online selling $7 products but the big money is in selling mid to high priced items that will make a massive difference to your bottom line. This includes continuity programs where someone might spend $97 a month for 12 months – that’s a grand total of $1164 over a year! Continuity programs are simply high-ticket items with a payment plan. When you have your front end product in place and making you money it’s time to ramp up your sales by offering a variety of related products at different price points. Some people will only buy your low priced products less than $47, some will pay up to $97, some might join your continuity program and others will pay hundreds for your personal coaching and mentorship. Want a $25,000 month? Read this… I recently came across a 4 week mentorship program costing $500 which was limited to 50 people. The marketer sold out all his spaces, making an extra $25,000 in just one month!  That’s for just one months work in addition to selling all his other products and continuity programs which – for the fb exciter review – are all products like this, written in eBook format and sometimes read and converted to MP3. These are digital products that sell themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through a simple sales page like the one we’ve already talked about. Internet marketing takes work BUT it’s easy compared to lifting bricks, building houses, commuting to work and asking “How high?” every time the boss says “Jump!”
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