FanInviter Review – The World’s First Mass Liker Converter

FanInviter Review – The World’s First Mass Liker Converter

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Ok so I’m going to show you how you can siphon cash ton’s of cash from other people’s hard work. I’m going to show you can get in front of hot buyer traffic and siphon money directly into your bank account. So the way the process works is simple. People do faninviter review you can normally find out when someone is launching a product by doing over to

What you want to do is simply build a blog, put together a bonus package and get ready to siphon cash. So you want to rank you blog high up on the search engines for certain buyer keywords so when people type them into Google they find your website. You might be thinking why would people search for these keywords.

It’s phycology to be honest and the way it works is Affiliate’s with email lists will promote the product some of the people buy, others resort to the search engines for more information that’s where you can you’re blog come into place. I’ve made as much as $700 in affiliate commissions in 20 minutes using this method. So it works. Get ready to read through this report and take action.

Best way to action this report to get the most of out it would be to read it 2 to 3 times and then start actioning it so you understand what you have to do and why you’re doing it. Step 1 - ?Find A High Quality Product To Promote Ok so the first step you’re going to have to take is to find high quality product that is about to hit the marketplace soon. Now remember this can be any niche whether it’s Health & Fitness, Weight Loss, Make Money Online or any other market.

We are currently in the Make Money Online space so lets work with how to find a hot product that is about to be released in the Make Money Online market. So we can head over to and look at products that are going to be released in 1 0 to 1 4 days time. Another great place to find up coming launches is it has a market wide launch calendar.

This method works with any Affiliate platform such as ClickBank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus and Clicksure. So the way the process works is simple. You want to select a faninviter review that has the following criteria: 1 . The Author is well known, high respect and has launch products before - a google search of the Authors will reveal this information… 2.

You want to choose a product that is a HOT topic such as Traffic, List Building, Facebook Ads, CPA, Fiverr etc. Hot topics ensure people will mail the product which will create the search engine you need to siphon off fat commissions. 3. Depending on what Affiliate Platform you decide to go with - some platforms such as WarriorPlus allows you to see the past performance of a Vendors product launch.

So you can see their conversion rate and what their EPC was for their last launch. This will give you a good indication of whether you should promote this product. 4. If you’re going to stick with ClickBank you can go to and look at the gravity of the previous product of the vendor - high gravity means alot of affiliates made sales for the product. 5.

If you know the vendor you can contact them and ask to see their sales page as this is what’s really going to make you money - If you don’t know the vendor chance is you can find them on Facebook drop them PM and just ask So you might be thinking where do I actually find these products: ?So if you’re going to use ClickBank just head over to their Marketplace ?Check out for a market wide calendar ? is another market wide calendar showing up coming launches ? check out their calendar under the Affiliate section ? has their own calendar built in so you can check that out for up coming launches Ok so once you have decided what product you want to run with and what platform you’re going to be using you want to write down the following: ?Product Name ?JV page ?Product Author ?The Product Ecover ?The Author’s Picture ?A blurb about what the actual product does and how it helps the customer solve their problem You will be needing this for next stage where we set up the money siphon machine Step 2 - ?Setting Up Your Money Siphoning Machine So the money siphon machine is another name for your blog that’s going to attract the visitors and help you make money.

We will be using Wordpress as our blogging platform. So there’s a few things you’ll need: ? - This will allow you to host your website and buy a domain name such as ?Aweber/Getresponse - This allows you to build your list, manage your list and more important email your list Ok so once you have the above mentioned tools you will then need to install Wordpress on your website it’s very very simple.

Hostgator will send you an email with the username, password and link to your website control panel which looks like this: You need to login to your CPanel and under the Software/Services tab you’ll see an image that looks like the below: Simply click on Fantastico De Luxe: You will then be presented with a page that looks likes the below click on Wordpress on the left hand side: On the following page you need to click on New Installation: Then simply choose your Domain, the one where you want to install the blog on to and choose a user and password for logging into your WP admin area and then click on Install WordPress Ok so congratulations you have got Wordpress installed on your website so to add content and make change’s to your faninviter review you will need to go to This will take you a page that looks like the below simply enter the login details you chose in the previous step and you will then be able to access the secure admin area.

Step 3 - Adding Content To Your Blog In this section I’m going to talk to you about how you can add content to your blog and more important the type of content to add. I’m also going to show you how to add a few things so you attract maximise traffic to your blog. Ok so the first thing you’re going to want to do it change the Theme of your blog to a clean simple Theme. So if you go to : then once your in the control panel of your wordpress blog you want to click on Appearance and then click on Themes.

You can then click on Add A New Theme and choose from a array of free Themes

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