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At 17, after attending Yanik Silver’s Underground conference, Michael Dunlop got the idea to create a fan marketer review about making money online. He started in 2006 and was soon attracting thousands of subscribers and earning a healthy profit.
Michael Dunlop Today Today, at the age of 23, Michael has become one of the world’s foremost experts on website monetization. One of his blogs, Income Diary, had about 130,000 visitors last month. One of his products, the $47 PopUp Domination, has sold over 10,000 copies since 2010.
The Easiest Way to Make Your First Dollar
Michael’s Three Monetization Methods
How More Content Means More Money
How to Come Up with Your Next Product Idea
Why Michael Doesn’t Offer a Service
Michael’s Affiliate Advertising Strategy
Landing – and Keeping – Advertisers
The Future of Website Monetization

Use Google AdSense We recently launched quite a few new sites. is one example, which is about how to be better at photography. The first thing that we did was use Google AdSense. We started with AdSense because we knew that it could make money very quickly. You can start right away with AdSense because you get paid per click. On the other hand, if you’re selling ads directly, you need traffic first. Someone’s not going to come to your site and give you money for an ad before you have traffic and a track record. The same goes for selling a product: there’s no point in creating your own product if you don’t have an audience for it yet. So, using 
fan marketer review  is the very first thing that I recommend most people do to monetize their website. Although I got banned from it, it still works today.
When to Avoid AdSense If you’re in a niche an online business niche, I don’t recommend AdSense. It’s kind of pointless, because everyone knows what AdSense is, so they’re not going to click. If you’ve ever clicked on AdSense ads on a ‘make money online’ site, you know it takes you to sites that you don’t really want to go to.
Affiliate Marketing You could also make money through affiliate marketing, which is something that we’re doing on another new site. I think that works pretty well for new sites as well and it’s a proven method. So, if you’re starting your own website and you’re doing an article on how to get sixpack abs, at the bottom of the post, you could say, “Enjoy this post? Check out this ebook on how to get great abs.” If they buy that ebook, you’ll get a commission.
ClickBank is a marketplace with loads and loads of affiliate products in almost all niches. Whatever your website is, whether it’s about gaming or fitness or meeting women, you’ll be able to find a product that you can promote on your site. If someone buys it, you’ll make money
Advertising I’m not a big guy in selling ads, because I sort of think it clutters and even cheapens your site to have all of these ads everywhere. So instead, I sell one ad. I’m moving to selling two. They’re larger ads and I ask for a lot of money for them.
Maximize Benefit for Your Advertisers A lot of monetization is working together to make sure that you both will benefit as greatly as possible. Last week, I had someone contact me for banner advertising. I told them, “This has to work for both of us. I’m not going to take your money and just hope that you’re going to stay every month.” If that happens in reality, they’re not going to stay. So, I said, “You can give me two banner ads and we can rotate them. That way, even if someone is not interested in one of your products, they may be interested in another of your products. That way you’re much, much more likely to sell a product.” I’m giving the advertiser so much more value for the same amount of money. If he’s making more money, then hopefully he’s going to stay for a long, long time.
Limitations Obviously, there’s only so much you can do by selling ads. If you’re going to sell two ads and you’re going to charge $1000 for each ad, then you’re stuck at $2000 per month. As your traffic grows, you can ask for more money, but you’re not going to be able to sell more ads, because there’s no more room.
Affiliate Marketing I promote a bunch of different products for different reasons. For example, it could be a software program that I use, such as Optimize 
fan marketer review . If somebody buys that from me, I make a commission.
Email Marketing: Don’t Overdo It People sign up for your list and you can promote them as often as you like until they unsubscribe. But the problem with constantly emailing them and saying, “Go buy this product,” is that they didn’t sign up for that, so they’re not going to appreciate it.
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