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Selling your designs as mixed media paintings will add massive real and perceived value to your emailtools review.The program to use is Corel Painter. You can use Corel Painter with a standard mouse. But it'll be more effective if you use a tablet. The most commonly available is a Wacom (pronounced waycom). However there are cheaper alternatives such as the Wacom budget priced Bamboo tablet that will do the job well. All these products can be easily sourced online. This is a standard portrait that was taken from a colour photo. But after going from Photoshop to Illustrator and then Corel Painter it's undoubtedly a mixed media painting rather than a straightforward photograph. There are some excellent emailtools review tutorials on You Tube. Ideally
you'll find this design method rewarding and engrossing. It's the kind of
designing you want to delve deeper into. Prepare your design in Photoshop. Then save it as and EPS and put it through Live Trace an Live Paint in Illlustrator. Now bring the image back into Photoshop. Save it as a BMP file. It’s now ready for you to work on in Corel Painter.
Finally bring your design back into Photoshop and save as a JPG. If you
leave it as a bitmap file you may have problems with printing. Postscript
printers often have trouble decoding the BMP format. I recommend saving all your finished pictures in JPG, including your Phot
shop/Illustrator files. The final size should be 24 x 36” and the resolution 300 ppi. Other cross platform file formats like PDF and EPS will create larger files that take up more room on your hard drive. They’ll also be slower to print. JPG may not be the highest quality format but it’ll be perfectly good enough for your canvas prints. It’s best not to get hung up on details that will slow yolu down. Instead concentrate on buidling your portfolio of designs that will print fast without causing you problems. An added painting style effect is achieved by selecting a pallet knife blender tool in Corel Painter. Use it on the edges of the design so that they look slightly uneven, as they would do on a painting rather than a photograph. You can also combine Illustrator and Corel Paint by bringing in separate parts of your picture into different layers within Photoshop. When you see a design you like that's selling well online, it's a good idea to figure it out and see if you can copy how it's done. Print the picture onto canvas. To finish your design you want to create an additional painterly effect. You can do this by accentuating areas of the design with acrylic paint, applied by hand with paint brushes. I spend about an hour on each picture doing this. You will need to mix the colours exactly and apply the paint carefully to your design. It's a lot different to computer aided design, but of course many artists enjoy painting more. The essential for a mixed 
emailtools review is to generously apply a thick giclee varnish with a thick bristled paint brush. Giclee varnish is white andviscous before application but dries clear. It's much easier than embellishing parts of your design with painting (although I do both). The end result is a picture that looks like a painting - hence the term 'mixed media painting The methods I've given you allow you to quickly and easily create designs. But once you've researched design subjects the more original and impressive your designs the better. Additionally, you don't want to spend days creating each design. So if the process of designing is too slow and difficult for you, why not outsource it? Freelancer, Elance and Guru are amongst the major outsourcing sites.
The one I recommend is Freelancer. On Freelancer it's free to post a job request. You decide on the amount you're willing to pay, post your ad and wait for the replies to come in. Workers are quality rated, so you'll be able to read reviews before you hire. You can interview via Skype if needed. First, I recommend hiring an outworker for one design only, on a trial 
emailtools review. The designer will need to be fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator's Live Trace and Live Paint pallets and preferably Corel Painter. Remember to include these stipulations in your ad post.
Ask to see samples of their previous work. Link to examples of work that you've found online that you like. Or provide examples of your own work. This will give your potential employee guidelines on the kind of work you expect from them. Once the designer has proven him or herself with a trial design, you can employ them to create further designs for you. Is it important to you that the work you sell is seen to be your own? Then you must have an agreement with the designer that the design is your own to sell commercially once you have paid for it, and agree that the work is now your own and can be sold as such. Here are some successful sellers of graphic art on canvas. Look at their
designs and you'll see many examples of artwork created with Illustrator and Corel Painter. Compare them with the design techniques I've shown you and you'll see what I mean. All are trading now on eBay.
modern_art_specialists are the top selling art on canvas suppliers on
eBay UK, with over 16500 feedback. They're Top Rated Sellers who
joined eBay in 2001. The last example is self-adhesive-vector-art. The name is appropriate because these are obviously produced in Illustrator. Illustrator is a vector based program, whereas Photoshop is pixel based as is Corel Painter. There is a subtlety in pixel based programs that can be more difficult to achive in vector based programs. I hope that this guide has inspired you to use your own artistic creativity to make money online. Remember that selling on eBay and Amazon can be just the beginning for you. Some self representing artists with their own websites refuse to sell on eBay or Amazon because they sell their designs for far more on their own websites.
And self representing artists can be the most successful when they sell
offline - not online


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