EmailFindr Review – Get email address in just a minute

EmailFindr Review – Get email address in just a minute

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Exact method that I used when I started to test my emailfindr review I already described a lot inside this guide and I always wrote what I did. To sum everything up here is again the exact way that I earned over $14k in 14 days: 1) I searched for business owners in niches: “Restaurants”, “Churches”, “Personal Coaches”, “Bar” and “Dentists”. 2) I found 10 – 12 businesses for every niche that is a total of 50 – 60 businesses.

50% of them already have a website but those websites are out-of-date. 50% of them do not even have a website. 3) I looked for modern premium themes for every niche, I bought and customized them. 4) I sent an e-mail to all business owners and used exactly the same e-mail template that you can find inside the “Resources” – Folder.

5) I waited 2-3 days for their replies. I replied every customer as soon as I could and I set-up a meeting with all customers that wanted a meeting and which were in my region. 6) I called all other businesses after two days and told them about my e-mail I sent two days ago.

7) I installed and customized every theme for my customers after they told me they want the website. 8) Three weeks later I contacted my new clients again and offered them some additional services. Just copy&paste my method and you will earn money ?! 100% Guaranteed STEP 5 – Repeat your work and sell additional services You will see if you follow my steps than you will make at least a few sales but my method does not end here. Repeat my steps, change niches or regions and you will see my method is endless.

I also detected a nice additional feature of my method. I won a new customer that trust me and after the website is up and running, I tell my new customer about some additional services. For example SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I show my customer his current rankings on Google and tell him that I can improve his ranking for a monthly fee.

As soon as my customer agrees to the monthly fee I start to work on SEO for his website. Well to be honest, I outsource this kind of work. Look at the Warrior Forum and you will find hundreds of good companies that offer SEO services for years. Just look at their rate, double or triple up the rate for your customer and you earn a steady passive income.

Tip: Always tell your customer when you want to sell SEO service to him that SEO is a long-term work and he will see his first results after weeks. Set up a 12 month contract so that you have a steady income for the next months. Everything else will do the SEO Company for you. Another additional service is webhosting. If you have an idea about managing your own server, you can set-up the new website for your customer on your server and he has to pay a small monthly fee.

If you have no idea about webhosting go here: emailfindr review! Bluehost pays $65 for every customer you bring to them and it does not matter which package your customer chooses there. There are endless possibilities. Just think a little bit outside the box and you can earn a steady income from your new customers.

Conclusion I hope you understand my method now and you can follow every step inside my guide! At the end I want to tell you again that I am not a marketing guru. I just wrote down what I did and how I earned that amount of money within 14 days. I told you everything you need to know, I also told you how you can easily outsource the work.

This is not a new method but I changed the way on how contacting potential customers that you do not even know and the method is working. If there is something that you did not understand, please feel free to contact me. I will help you as fast as I can. I am looking forward to your fast income and please contact me as soon as you made your first sale Please only use this guide if you have already read through my main guide! It is important that you understand my method and that you know how you have to use it. This quick guide just sum up what the exact steps are.

But before you use them, you have to understand my method. Quick Summary Guide: 1) Find a niche – use whatever you want Use to find all the businesses you need in a specific niche. This is the best website to find your businesses. If you want to start with the method outside the US, feel free to use any directory you want. You can even use Google to find the businesses you are looking for.

Tip: If you find a business that just started their business and have no website TAKE IT. That is a goldmine!!! 2) Find 10-12businesses It is important that you find more than 10 businesses that you can contact. Why? Because the golden rule is that if you contact 10 businesses you are going to make at least one sale! If possible take care, that your selected businesses do not have a homepage yet, if they already have one than make sure that the homepage is not already a responsive and good looking website because those business owners won´t pay for a new website. Try to find businesses that really need a good looking, modern and responsive website.

3) Find a Theme for your chosen businesses Move over to emailfindr review Look for a theme that fits exactly your selected businesses. For example if you have chosen the niche “Restaurants” than search after “restaurants” at ThemeForest. You will get a few really good looking themes. Select one, buy it, download it, upload it to your server and customize it a little bit so that it does not look exactly as the demo from the Theme you have selected.

You can also use a free theme but I described why I am only using premium themes in the main guide. $60 for a premium theme that you will sell for $1500 to $2500 is a fair price I guess ? 4) (Outsource your work) This is really up to you. If you have no idea how to set-up a wordpress website or how to install a theme than this is okay. Just move over to and find someone who offers wordpress installation and theme customization. If you are not confident with you can also use and you will find someone who can help you within the next 10minutes.

Explain exactly what you need and what you want and the job will be done within the next 3-4 business days. Alternatively you can use my service which I created a few weeks ago on! See here:! For 100$ I build you exactly such a website. 5) Send E-Mail to your selected businesses Now start sending your e-mail to your selected business owner.

I created an e-mail template for you. You can find this e-mail in the folder “Ressources”. Just replace some words and send the e-mail. This e-mail template is proven to work. I also used exactly the same template and I am still using it. Tip: Try to send your e-mail late at night or early in the morning. So your email will be one of the first things a business owner will check.

6) Reply to interested businesses You will get an answer, not from everyone but at least from 1-3 business owners. Answer them as fast as possible and if you want set up a meeting. If the business owner agrees to a meeting you already have your money ?! Trust me, I never met a business owner who said he does not want the website that I have created. 7) Call businesses that did not respond within the 48-72 hours This is really important.

Please wait for 2-3days (NOT LONGER) and if you get no response until then, than try to call the business. Just say that you sent an email 2-3 days ago and you want to know if the business owner is interested. Also say that you have 3-4 other business owners in the same niche that are already interested in your website.

Also explain once again why you sell the website and that you cannot reserve the website for a long time and that you only sell the website to one business owner. 40% of my sales I made are because I called the company 2-3days after I sent them an email. You will see, they need your website ? 8) (Meet with the clients) This is up to you. I also sold websites to business owners and I never met them.

I like personal contact to my customers, but you do not have to do this. 9) Repeat step 1 to 8 for another niche That´s all! You can repeat step 1 to 8 as often as you want. You can also stay in the same niche and sell the same website to another business owner.

I prefer to sell only one website that I have created to one business owner, but I also re-customize a template which I have bought (I use other images, other text and edit the design a little bit) and sell it again in the same niche. But there are so many niches, you can try by yourself how you can generate the most income. Also you can specify on a region and sell your website there to only one business owner and you can still sell the same website in another region. 

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