Email Force Review – A comprehensive solution for email marketing

Email Force Review – A comprehensive solution for email marketing
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The “Context Phrase: Headline” Format This headline format is all about placing a statement or email force review or phrase just before using a headline with a colon to break it apart. Here’s an example -
“Tony Hawk: How A Personal Brand Can Build A Business Empire” I really like this style of headline because it allows you to use one or two or three preceding words before a standard how or why or what or any type of headline. The preceding words give context and grab attention.I like to use them to make headlines more specific, talking about a person or event, followed by the headline that explains what the article is actually about. Here’s another example…
“Scam Alert: Don’t Buy Any Internet Marketing Products Until You Read This” The “Scam Alert” part of this headline makes it so much more compelling because of the controversy, while the rest of the headline reveals more about what exactly the article is about (and notice again the open loop?). You can use this headline format to give more zing to bland headlines. You can also use it to link articles on a broad topic together into a series. Here are some more examples from my blog archives –
“Market Saturation: Is It Too Late For You To Make Money Online?”
“Trade Show Checklist: How To Successfully Sell Your Product At Trade 
email force review
“Ego, Passion And Expertise: How To Find Balance And Win Clients”
“From Video Games To Netbooks: How Chris Guthrie Made $150,000 Online After Losing His Job”
“How To Be Creative At Work Part 2: Are You A Director Or Collector?”
The (Brackets) Headline The brackets headline is similar to the above colon separated headline where you aim to highlight or combine elements using the brackets as the separator. Here are some examples…
“What Successful Internet Marketers Know (But You Don’t?)”

“Take Control Of Your Publicity (Or End Up Like Bill Clinton)”
“The Truth (And Myth) About Passive Income”
“How Not To Be Boring (And Why Your Website Will Thank You)”
The List Headline The list headline has always been one of the strongest formats, well used long before the World Wide Web in traditional print media. Like the “How To” format, the list format is often overused and thus becomes less effective, so be careful. Generally speaking the numbers 3, 7 or 10 are my favourites and have proven the most effective. It’s important you use powerful word choice when applying the list format otherwise your headline will look like just another boring top ten list. Here are some examples:
“7 Tips To Super-Charge Your 
email force review
“My Top 10 Methods To Make Money Online”
“7 Blogging Tips You Can Apply Today”
“3 Steps To Avert Disaster When Things Go Wrong”
“3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Business” Notice you can begin headlines with the number, or personalize the headline using a personal pronoun like “my” or pair it with the ever-effective word “steps” if you are teaching something. If you like using “steps” and publish a lot of tutorial style articles, you can use - “A
Step-By-Step Guide To…”. This works well in any niche.
Psychological Triggers For Better Headlines I recommend a healthy dose of good old-fashioned brainstorming to generate a lot of ideas to find that perfect headline. To help you get the final zing into your headlines, here are some psychological
triggers and hot points to apply in your blog headline writing.

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