Elite Video Traffic Review – Why Should You Buy It

Elite Video Traffic Review – Why Should You Buy It?

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YouTube is a great platform for promotion. You’ll need to have a “book trailer”created for your book. This doesn’t have to be extremely complex. A simplevideo with some music, a synopsis of your book, and some images that go alongwith it will work fine.Don’t forget to share your book trailer video on Facebook, Twitter and othersocial sites for more exposure! GoodReads & and are two social networks that focusspecifically on books. These sites are great for promotion.

In addition to holdinggiveaways there, you can visit the various groups and participate. Just be sure toread the rules in each individual group to find out what their rules are regardingauthor participation. Since groups are individually managed, each one hasspecific rules.

Book BlogsOne of the most valuable methods of book promotion is giving free copies tobloggers in exchange for their reviews. Most bloggers will only post the review ontheir blog, butKeep in mind that many book bloggers only review fiction, so if you have a nonfiction title you may not be able to find too many people to review it for you.Bloggers typically review the books they are interested in and nothing else.Another thing to remember is that some book bloggers only review printed books.If your book is only available in eBook format, you may not be able to submit tocertain blogs.Do not send unsolicited eBooks to bloggers! Most of them do not want this, and itwill make some of them mad at you.

Be sure to read their rules carefully beforeyou submit. Most of them want you to send them a message first, usually with asynopsis of your book, and if they want to read it they will ask for it.It may take quite a while before a reviewer can get around to reading andreviewing your elite video traffic review.

Many of them have long queues of people waiting to havetheir books reviewed, so be patient.One last thing to keep in mind about book bloggers is that they are not requiredto give you a specific review. Their review could be good or bad.To find book bloggers in your genre, search for things like “book blog +niche” and“book reviews +niche”.

There are also lists of book review blogs online GiveawaysBook giveaways were mentioned earlier, but they aren’t the only thing you cangive away that will get traffic to your books. If you contact various Facebook fanpage owners and book bloggers, you can offer them “swag” to give away thatfeatures your book. This benefits them, because it gets “shares” of their page,and it benefits you because your elite video traffic review will be brought to the attention of all oftheir fans.Typical swag includes:• Bookmarks• Posters• Cloth bags printed with your book’s title, logo or cover• T-shirts• Printed pencil cases• Jewelry related to your book’s theme• Other items related to your book’s niche or genre• Autographed copies of your book in printYou may want to create a graphic for the fan page to display that tells peoplewhen the giveaway ends, what the prizes are, and to “share” the post to enter thegiveaway.

Be sure to include a picture of your book in the graphic, and ideally apicture of the prizes, too.You may want to include items for several winners in order to increase interest sopeople think they have a better chance of winning Email MarketingAs with any online marketing, you absolutely must build an email list in order tomarket as effectively as possible.

This is especially true if you’ll be releasingmore books in the same niche or genre. However, even if you have only a singlebook, email marketing can be beneficial for you.It takes, on average, three times of seeing an advertisement for somethingbefore someone buys.

Thus, if you manage to get them on your list, you havemore chances to encourage them to buy your book.You can get people to opt-in to your list by simply including an opt-in box on yourblog or website, but if you give something related to your niche or genre away,(such as a book excerpt, a short story or a report) you will get more people tosubscribe.Once people are on your list, you can not only market your own book, but booksby other authors in the same genre as well as related products.

For example, if your elite video traffic review is about weight loss, you could market affiliate products like dietsupplements and exercise equipment.

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