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As you'll be able to see, it gave US 3 merchandise among that one isn't in English, therefore scrutiny the remaining 2 we tend to undoubtedly like the “Dog Food Secrets” to “Dog Training”, because the latter has terribly low Gravity, that indicates this product sells terribly slow (only two,65 a week) and also the Gravity of the pet food

Secrets satisfies our criteria (less than 25). smart issue is that they even pay generous seventy fifth commission. therefore average earn per sale is $31.86, that is incredibly nice variety for the starter. currently let’s certify this product maintains healthy interest among world pet lovers and quickly cross check it on Google Trends As we will see, the recognition of the term “Dog Food” is sort of stable worldwide, that may be a smart sign. It wouldn’t be, if the Trend graph fell down short or declined over the years. Moreover, elementio offers US a pleasing surprise – connected searches keywords, that we will use in our future video

description and tags! Ok, currently i need to form certain the merchandise is basically smart and has nice stats. I click on the link “Dog food secrets” that came up earlier in CB Engine search and open the page that has all careful knowledge of this product: Yay! Nice stats! We see here gravity goes up (green arrow), seller entirely depends on Affiliates to market his product (99%), smart sale value – you may get $33.13 per sale, on average. And an added nice bonus – it's a Rebill! ($19.44). As you'll be able to see here, the visual graph shows stability in product’s sales. Gravity ascension up indicates that i want to be fast in selling this seller as affiliate. Now, let’s check it on simply copy-paste vendors product uniform resource locator link. If rank is a smaller amount than million its not a unfortunate sign. Rank of this uniform resource locator just for USA is sort of good: 273,854 – which means its quite common (Global rank - 636,633). And it's smart steady variety of visitors: fifty one.0 the concerns Gotcha! Gonna be doing it then It even provides Pine Tree State demographics knowledge, which may be taken into read in making videos tailored for the audience (which in our case seems not too crucial) Guess what I gonna do now? – final check: look it au fait Youtube. I simply need to envision what's the quantity of searches/videos on Youtube for this product. Hmm, not bad: solely two,330 results for keywords in quotes. something on top of 8000-10,000 results is way additional more durable to beat. therefore it's quite smart stats on behalf of me and that i have undoubtedly set to form associate affiliate campaign for this product. Step 2: Gather Keywords for video titles and tags to try and do that we've 3 main sources: 1) Google keyword automotive vehicle complete

(drop down list as you kind in keywords in Google search window), 2)

Google Trends (as in example above) and 3) Free and quality keyword

search resource (which typically incorporates

google recommend knowledge, however has quite that). unremarkably these resources

are enough to create quality tags/titles/description box content. but if you want to travel very professional currently or in a very future, you'll be able to conjointly use additional refined paid keyword search software package, like Market Samurai, or

Longtail professional. In my case tho', I didn’t use them and still, I had fortunate rankings and sales. If you're thinking that well, Google autocomplete itself is that the best keyword tool.

Don’t complicate! Keys here area unit exactitude, Speed & Simplicity. you wish to line your elementio quick. (Note: Paid keyword tools area unit higher

when you build websites/videos with fierce keyword competition, to stand out others in high-paid merchandise and in narrower keyword

combinations.) therefore let’s check Google Autocomplete. simply kind main keyword and see what area unit the foremost actively searched keyword terms in a very change posture list.  Also, if you scroll down the Google search page you may see it provides you a gaggle of steered keywords round the main search keyword. I actually have copy/pasted all of them into my pad of paper. As you'll be able to see the latter ones

slightly disagree from Google Autocomplete change posture list, therefore I simply manually add those who area unit shown in change posture list and area unit absent within the bottom of the page Google recommend keywords cluster (“Searches associated with “dog food secrets”). Consolidating these et al from Google Trends along i'm separation out and gathering the simplest keywords for my campaign. I can’t stress

enough however vital is to urge RIGHT keywords at the start, as

the whole success or failure of your campaigns are going to be for the most part

dependent on it! If you would like to travel into additional careful and deeper search you'll be able to use wonderful

FREE keyword Tool:Why it's smart is that it's search tabs for Google, YouTube, Bing and even

App store! Another cool feature it's is that you just will set the look for any specific country (Google USA, Google, UK, Google Australia, etc.) it's a free version and has additional values displayed in paid version except for our campaigns these area unit quite enough. Click on “Copy All” within the right facet of the page and so paste them into your worksheet at the side of different keywords. Later you'll be able to conjointly use one among these keywords for making associate affiliate link on for your video. In my case I did it like this:- resulting in FREE Report Opt-In

Page, that has embedded Affiliate link resulting in Vendor’s sales page, on

which i'll dwell additional and specifically later during this course. currently consolidate all keywords in your pad of paper, at the side of those you derived from Google search recommend and automotive vehicle complete change posture list. Delete few that area unit similar or not therefore relevant, and keep the remainder. These are going to be the

best keywords for your future Campaign. mistreatment Google suggest/auto complete, G.Trends and you may simply gather best 30-35 keywords for every product to include them into your future video titles, tags and outline box. this is often near scientific approach, once your campaigns success is 

engineered instead of designed.

When you produce a brand new channel for your videos it's after all higher for ranking if the channel name repeats the most keyword on that you're bidding and building the total product campaign. It may be conjointly additional general

channel name, that includes many merchandise within the same niche, for instance “Do It Yourself” named channel will have many alternative merchandise that work into this broad niche. however although you have got a channel with entirely tangential name, or containing a private name, your videos can still rank well and be extremely competitive IF you follow all pointers during this Manual 

concerning title/tags/description building techniques and video creation

rules. If you're aiming to produce say, two channels with around 15-20 videos on every, you’re aiming to would like regarding 30-40 completely different titles total ready earlier (15-20 titles {for every|for every} set of videos on each channel) . once videos are created later (how-to is explained more during this

manual) you may have to be compelled to rename every video file with the elementio. therefore prepare your list of the gathered keywords and begin creating titles for future videos.

Imporant! - the simplest for ranking is once titles repeat the particular

video file name and keyword Tags, that you place underneath the video, yet as if the keyword is recurrent doubly within the title (but don’t build it

sound too awkward!). Therefore, gather best keywords for Tags that contain the foremost common keywords in your list (Youtube permits you to position

15-17 tags max) and so begin making titles for videos, shuffling those keywords in varied mixtures. As you'll be able to understand, mixtures of keywords may be far more in variety then actual keywords.

For example, my tags were: pet food secrets pdf, pet food secrets by

andrew lewis pdf, pet food secrets fourth edition, Apostle lewis high nine dog foods,

andrew lewis pet food list, homemade  pet food, pet food secrets recipes,

dog food secrets book review….etc. (17 total)


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