eCompare Review – World First 7-Platform Price Comparison Store Builder

eCompare Review – World First 7-Platform Price Comparison Store Builder

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 Go to Upwork is a place where to go to find jobs, and people like you can hire them online. There is a massive pool of applicants so for sure you will be able to find someone skilled at a great rate This is where I hired my Virtual Assistant from. She lives in the Philippines and has worked for me for over a year.

You can hire from whatever country you want, I prefer to hire from the Philippines as they speak the best English and are the friendliest and easiest to get along with. The Philippines will have the lowest hourly rate to hire at for someone that can speak the best English pretty much. I’ve been hiring from this country for years.

I am from America, but just spent the past couple years traveling around their country, love it! When I first hired her over a year ago it was to work on other projects, then when I started my first Shopify store she started to work in that for me. So you do not have to have someone with previous experience in ecompare review . What matters to me the most in hiring is they are very dependable, learn fast and communicate very well.

I will take that any day over someone who is a Shopify expert, but then is always late and doesn’t finish everything he’s suppose to etc. I’d rather teach a bright and willing person. You have the manual for the store set up you can give them so hire someone excited to work for you and they will do well for you.

The great thing about upwork is they will track all the hours your VA works for you, take random screenshots of their work so you know they are doing what you hired them for, them pay them automatically weekly for you, so everything is done. Another place you can use is called I’ve used this one many many times, I’ve hired over 10 VA’s just from that place.

You will have to do the pay and tracking of your VA yourself, but a great place to go also. Is this course I’ll be showing you how to hire from Upwork, but can apply this strategy for anywhere you decide to hire. 2. You are going to want to hire a Freelancer, so chose click HIRE The other option is for if you are looking for a job online, and we are building our own business and done working for people so we do NOT want to click that option.

Hire Full or Part time If this is your first time getting a VA and your store is new, it’s fine to go with a part time assistant until your store grows. For myself I have found once you reach about $20-$30,000 monthly your new VA will be working 30-40 hours per week. So once you reach that point in revenue you’ll want to hire another VA to handle the work if you want to expand more that is.

So ya, each person I hire in the Philippines for around $3 an hour brings my ecompare review in $20-30k monthly. Sounds like a bargain Please…..Please give them bonuses. You are hiring someone that can bring you in $300k a year in your store. Do NOT just pay them the base wage of $3 and leave it at that. I pay mine a bonus every single week. The more the store makes, the more I pay her.

When you get someone you can trust and does a great job, you are going to want to keep them. You don’t want to go thru the whole process of this set up again. So what happens when you hit $30,000 monthly and need another assistant? You have your current as - sistant hire them for you and train them. If you already are doing well in your Ecom store and will need someone to go full time right away, select the 2nd option.5.

Select category to hire in From the dropdown box scroll down to ADMIN SUPPORT, then click on VIRTUAL ASSISTANT In your store you will not need a design expert or wordpress, programming expert. You simple need an assistant to do all of this. There isn’t anything super technical involved in this set up with Shopify. 6. Describe the Job Here you are going to talk about the kind of person you are looking for, what the job will consist of etc.

Here is a copy of what is in the example, feel free to use it or modify to fit exactly what you need. Hey guys! I need an Online Assistant to work in my online retail store with me. Prefer someone who has experience in working with an online store (prefer Shopify) before but required as I have a manual on how to do everything that job will consist of. I am looking for someone to start at 10-20 hours per week and increase from there.

+++I always, always take care of people who work with me, so you will be paid weekly and if the store does well you will get bonuses every single week also, this is on top of your base pay Responsibilities. Adding products to the store, so pricing, images, titles etc. Handling customer service via email. Placing orders thru the supplier Advertising Maintaining the store and various tasks related to this.

Only apply if you are a fast learn and extremely dependable and will work hard. ++Must have a computer and internet connection at home++ Any questions send me a message, thanks! Set up You want an ongoing product, don’t hire them for just a one of set up. You need just 1 freelancer, unless your ecompare review is already doing over $30,000 you might need more.

Enter the skills you are looking for, so here you can type things like Virtual assistant, Shopify, E-commerce, Dropshipping etc. 8. Pay and length 1. Pay by the hour, again do not hire for a one time fixed rate. 2. Entry level here. People are going to quote you different rates, for me I pay mine people $3.3 per hour, then bonuses every week They may put something else in the offer, if they look good write them back anyway, tell them you will start them at $3.3

an hour then give bonuses weekly the better the store does, the more they earn. 3. More than 6 months. We are looking for someone to work in the store all year long. ++Note the rate I am quoting is for the Philippines only. If you are hiring from another country your rate will be different+++

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