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You can build cliffhangers into emails that are going to get eato look forward to the next Easy estore builder review

. It’s one of those things I have to perfect over time, but if you write the emails with cliffhangers, you can get them to anticipate the next one. Then your open rate is going to be really good.
LOOKING FORWARD I don’t think email marketing is going anywhere. They say blogging is dead sometimes and they’re always wrong. I’ve heard people say that email is dead. They’re always wrong too. We all are in our email boxes more than we are anywhere else on the Internet. We’re probably in there more than we are on 
Easy estore builder review  and Facebook gets a lot of our time. So I think it’s obviously here to stay.
Rising Trends
Social Networks A lot of people are going to be using social media to build their list. Take Facebook, for example. People will build their custom Facebook page to build up a list. Instead of having the relationship stay on Facebook, they’re going to make that relationship so much stronger by following up with them via email. Combining all of these things is already a big thing. I think it’s just going to become more of a big thing.
Mobile You also need to consider that more and more people are going to be reading your email on little screens. The nice smart phones are pretty good at scaling the email up and down, so it will still look pretty good. But not everybody’s walking around with an iPhone, so you have to just keep things as simple as you can.
Last Words Don’t be scared of it and just do it.

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made with my business was that I went for several years at the beginning without having a list for my tech site. I kind of want to beat myself over the head with a hammer for that one. The email list is one of the biggest assets you can build with your business. The blog itself is kind of small potatoes if you don’t have a way to drive people’s attention to things. And the blog is reactionary. Your list is proactive. So it’s a humongous asset that everybody needs to be developing.
Easy estore builder review. Start by signing up for an email service like AWeber or MailChimp. Even if you don’t have a lead magnet, put an opt-in form on your site. Good places for optin boxes are above the fold, the top of the sidebar, the bottom of the content area, in the footer, and anywhere else where people’s eyes stop. 2. Create your lead magnet. Think of your asking for their email as the first transaction. You need to sell them on why they should give you their email. The best way to do that is to give them something valuable for free. It could be an eBook, an audio, a video, or even an auto-responder series of emails. Whatever it is, you need to solve a pressing problem for the person you want to reach. 3. Nurture your list. Once people are on your list, you need to keep in constant contact with them, otherwise, they’ll forget who you are. You can do that by regularly sending them emails with valuable information. 4. Write informal emails. Create an avatar for your audience. When you sit down and start writing an email, write it to that person, not to everyone. Also, sprinkle in personal details about your life to build a personal connection with your list. 5. Make money from your list. If you communicate from the outset that this is how you make a living, they’ll expect to receive offers and information about different products. Just keep in mind that you’re not doing this to make money, you’re doing it to help an audience that asked for your best advice.


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