Easy Bonus Builder Review – A Powerful Tool for Building Bonus Pages

Easy Bonus Builder Review – A Powerful Tool for Building Bonus Pages

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Building an email list is one of the single most effective ways to connectand build a relationship with your easy bonus builder review, promote blog posts, andincrease sales.Quite simply an email subscriber list increases the chances of your blogbeing a success.In fact Direct Marketing Association reports it has a ROI of 4300% (Source)compared to a ROI of just 74% from social media (Source) and 275% fromSEO (Source).Whether you want to notify your audience when you've created a new blogpost, send out an email newsletter or get your sales message in front ofyour customers building a mailing list is essential.Every blogger should be constantly looking for ways to increase theirconversion rate and get more email list subscribers.Although blogs tend to receive much lower opt in rates at around 1% asstandard and 5-10% for more skilled bloggers (Source) compared todedicated landing or 'squeeze' pages (40%+ opt in rate) the quality ofsubscriber is much higher in terms of open, clicks and engagement and canliterally be the difference between a failed blog and a successful one.

Here's 34 ways to get more subscribers for your blogs email list..

1. Have More Than 1 Opt In Box In The Sidebar & Increase

Conversions.Most blogs just have 1 email opt in box at the top right of the sidebar.Adding a second box further down the page can increase sign ups.People scroll down to look at content further down the page and mostsites don't have an opt in form on display.Also some visitors are so used to seeing opt in forms at the top rightthat they've become blind to them.I have 2 on the sidebar of NicheHacks and you should too.

A headline or feature box is one at the top of usually just the homepage. It's the first thing visitors see when they land on your site.Giving your audience a benefit driven reason to enter their email caninstantly add a new subscriber to your list.DIY themes saw email opt ins increase by 51.7% when they added aheadline box (source).

The Genesis Generate theme is designed with the headline box asstandard to increase your email subscribers or you can use the

feature box plugin.“Use the feature box by Derek converts at 7% on my blog

“ - Tung Tran (

3. Use The Hello Bar To Greet Viewers & Encourage Them To Sign

UpYou see that bright green / orange (depending on what split test isrunning) bar at the top of the easy bonus builder review?

That's a Hello Bar.It's a free tool from Neil Patel (Quicksprout / Kissmetrics / Crazy Egg)and a great alternative to the headline bar for themes that don't havethat feature.You can run A/B testing on multiple variations to see which convertsbest and as your audience will see it before they see anything else it'sa fantastic way to boost email opt ins or get them to take action.You can tell them to subscribe for blog updates, to get an incentive(free ebook / course / infoproduct or tools) or even direct them to alanding or high converting page on your site.DIY Themes signed up 1,180 new subscribers in just 30 days byutlizing the hello bar (source).

4. Ask Commentors To Sign Up With Just One ClickWhen someone takes the time to comment on your blog usually it'sbecause you just gave them something really valuable and they wantto thank you.At this point they are aready quite engaged so it doesn't take muchto encourage them to join your list.Add a one click sign up optin in your comments section.If you're using Aweber you can install the Aweber Comment Form

plugin and add a customizeable tick box that will sign them up for

I only recently added this feature to Niche Hacks and already it'sresponsible for 12.20% of my total email sign ups – if all people haveto is tick one extra box after making a comment they do it withouthesitation

5. In Content Opt Ins Can Engage Readers Mid Blog Post WithoutPeople who take the time to read your content rather than just scanthrough it tend to be pretty engaged with your site but that's not tosay they can't get distracted and click off to somewhere else .Add in content opt ins throughout your blog posts encouraging peopleto sign up if they'd like notifications when new posts are added.In content opt ins currently convert at around 1.9% on NicheHacksbut I'm still split testing and figuring out which in content opt inworks best so this number will increase over time.I've not had a single complaint about them disrupting people reading.There are several ways to do this including using the Hybrid

Connect plugin.Or simply creating a basic opt in box using easy bonus builder review (or yourautoresponder of choice) and pasting the code into the code sectionof posts to get an opt in like the one below


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