Designa Review – An All-Inclusive and Foolproof Design Software App

Designa  Review – An All-Inclusive and Foolproof Design Software App

Official Site:

It comes with a FREE trial too and has countless support features that will guide you
through the process every step of the way.
Okay I think we‟ve covered “Passive Income Recurring Membership Sites” quite
enough now don‟t you think?
Let‟s move onto the FINAL step of this 24/7 ATM Cash System.
STEP #7 - The Consistent BIG TICKET PayDay Method.
Offering BIG Ticket offers in your business allows you to massively re-invest back
into your business by investing into things like:
1. “Paid Traffic” (faster traffic = designa review = More Money)
2. “Out-Sourcing” (So you don‟t need to spend time on things in your business
that other people can do for you) MORE TIME = MORE FREEDOM.
3. Advanced Tools – Plug-ins that allow you to look like a PRO in minutes by
creating professional looking sales funnels, Transcripts and screen recording
tools for your videos so you can easily and swiftly turn them into MP3‟s, PDF‟s
and so on. But not forgetting that offering BIG Ticket items in your business also makes YOU

more profits which is the name of the game in any designa review right?
By now you‟ll be able to really leverage off the back of your BUYERS lists by offering
some form of coaching program or any kind of HIGH Ticket offer to those that may
be looking for something that is a lot more in depth from you.
Of course coaching requires more time from YOU but you can schedule and measure
this by ONLY offering a select few slots per month so that you still have enough time
to work on other things in your business.
How To Create & Construct Your Coaching Program
Well if you took my advice in the previous steps and you ACTUALLY made notes
(either in writing, video, MP3 recordings etc) of what you‟ve been doing and the
results you‟ve been generating in your business; then you‟ll already have a nice
stack of ready made actionable content you can use in your coaching training
Next all you‟ll need to do is construct your designa review (again you could outsource
this step) and then offer this program to your subscribers, buyers, whoever joins
your lists, whoever raises their hand and asks you for any particular help.


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